* Resides at the Buchanan Mansion.* Former Madam.* Had a connection via Carlo Hesser.* Spencer Truman"s mother was one of "her girls."* Gave up her son Ben Davidboy at birth.* Slapped Max Holden resulting in his aneurysm to erupt.* Caught Rex Balsom stealing from the Palace.

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A Madam in a classy brothel, Renee Divine left that life behind and also pertained to Llancheck out in 1987. Running right into her ex-lover, Asa Buchanan turned out to be the primary reason Renee chose to put down roots in Llanwatch, as Asa was simply as happy to watch Renee, also. However, her timing couldn"t have actually been worse. At the moment, an impostor to Bo Buchanan was trying to acquire cshed to Asa and rob him blind. Patrick London experienced Renee as a risk and made it look as though she was poisoning Asa! Asa dropped for it and carried charges against Renee, yet quickly found out the truth and dropped them.

The complying with year, Renee married Asa throughout a dual ceremony via Corde and also Tina Roberts. While the 2 showed up to be a complement made in heaven, their marital relationship shortly finished after Asa couldn"t refuse the sex appeal of vixen Blair Cramer! Asa finally involved his senses and also realized that Blair was only after his money, and also began privately dating Renee aobtain.

In 1999, a secret from Renee"s previous started to eat amethod at her, bring about her to open up up to Nora Buchanan about a child who she provided amethod at birth. Although Nora tried to situate Renee"s estranged kid, her efforts went unnoticed. That same year, Asa and also Renee were set to be married for a 2nd time. She little bit the bullet and told Asa the reality. Asa forprovided her and together they set out to situate their kid.

Max Holden came forward and asserted to be her and Asa"s boy. Renee couldn"t have been happier seeing as she"d always looked to Max as her very own, anyway. With guilt haunting him, Max wasn"t able to keep up the charade and admitted that he wasn"t Renee"s child and only did it as a method to prosper from Asa"s fortune. Renee slapped Max throughout the confront so tough that an unwell-known aneurysm exploded in Max"s head! Asa was devastated, and also Renee didn"t have the heart to tell him that Max was a fake.

Privately, Renee collection out to find her child and also inevitably left Asa after finding out about his shady service dealings and vendetta"s versus the Davidkid - Rappaport families. However before, in 2001, Renee"s search came to an end as soon as Todd Manning announced to Llanwatch that Max Holden had been taking Asa for a ride and his real boy was Ben Davidson! Asa was furious that Renee had actually deceived him, but later on forgave her. Just when Renee found her kid, he was taken amethod from her after Ben was swarm by a crazed womale, lost in a coma for years, then inevitably taken off life support. Renee left Llanview for a while to mend her damaged heart.

In 2004, Renee married Asa for a third time and also managed to reprimary happy till December 2006 as soon as Spencer Truguy came forward and also declared that he was Asa"s son! Although a DNA test confirmed that Spencer wasn"t a Buchanan, the truth that Asa had actually slept through Emma Bradley, among Renee"s "girls," while he was connected through Renee, hurt her deeply. In the end, through Asa"s ailing health, Renee ongoing to stand by the side of her Texas Cowboy - till his passing in November 2007...

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Though we do not see her much, Renee still runs The Palace Hotel and has actually promoted the planning for Nora, Clint, Viki and Charlie"s double wedding.