Become an outregulation of legend by completing all 10 Red Dead Redemption 2 bandit challenges


Unsurprisingly for a collection of jobs named Red Dead Redemption 2 Bandit Challenges, you"re going to have to break the rules and embrace your outregulation side to get via them. Before you"re done you"ll have to rob townsfolk, hijack coaches, amass a high bounty, and even rob trains in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is definitely going to make you stand out from the rest of your gang. In line via the other lists of assignments, you must complete the Red Dead Redemption 2 Bandit Challenges in the order presented, so you can not simply jump to the one you favor the sound of and also any type of prior progress won"t be counted as soon as an obstacle unlocks. However, via our Red Dead Redemption 2 Bandit Challenges guide we"ll attempt to assist streamline this process, so you can come to be the baddest outlaw roughly.

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Valentine or Strawberry are the ideal towns to complete this obstacle, as the regulation enforcement isn’t as considerable or eagle-eyed as those in larger cities like Saint Denis and Blackwater. To hold up someone, aim your gun and also push the rob switch, threatening or beating them if require be till they give you their money. Make sure you wear your mask to proccasion being quickly identified.

Bandit 2 - Rob any 2 coaches or rerevolve any 2 stolen coaches to the Fence

Fences are babsence market sellers in Red Dead Redemption 2, the first of which is found at Emerald Station, east of Valentine, and also you have the right to lug any type of stolen coaches to his secure to earn a quick buck. Either hijack these from visitors out on the road and also rerotate them to him, or rob the lockboxes on the backs of more opulent carriages to finish the challenge.

That’s many cash registers. You have the right to rob money from the general save, physicians, and gunsmith in Valentine (done by aiming your weapon and the cashier and also pushing the rob button), but you’ll to travel to Strawberry the fourth inspect note on this obstacle. To make certain you don’t run out of time, begin the challenge in the morning, as shortly as the shops have actually opened up, and get robbing.

Bandit 4 - Rob any 3 coaches or rerevolve any kind of 3 stolen coaches to the fence in a day

This is basically the exact same challenge as Bandit 2, simply via at time limit. Hold up the courses leading in and out of Emerald City for time-reliable coach robberies that have the right to then be lugged earlier to the fence conveniently and quietly.

If you’ve been pursuing the Bandit Challenges within the exact same location, you must currently have actually a hefty bounty on your head. It’s straightforward really; commit as many kind of crimes as you have the right to without paying off your bounty until the dead or alive fee reaches a cool $250.

Bandit 6 - Steal 5 equines and market them to the Horse Fence at Clemens Cove

Clemens Cove is a few clicks north west of Rhodes on the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, and the horse fence tbelow will buy illegally derived mounts from Arthur for a decent price. You just should discover and also steal 5 of them, either from riders and also carrieras on the trail or from any kind of stables in town, to finish this obstacle.

Bandit 7 - Rob $50 worth of cash and valuables from townspeople and also travellers

This is fundamentally the very same job as the initially Bandit difficulty, in which you have to hold up and steal cash from passers by until you rack up $50 worth of money. Tarobtain much less dodgy looking folk (i.e. anyone who doesn’t look prefer a cowboy) for a much better possibility of receiving dollars quite than the barrel of a gun to the face, and also those who are better dressed (i.e. wealthier), preferably in Saint Denis, for the likelihood of more money.

Bandit 8 - Steal 7 wagons and also market them to the Fence at Emerald Ranch

Again, this is extremely comparable to Bandit Challenge 2, however you’ll have to target wagons fairly than coaches for it to count as soon as you offer them at Emerald Ranch’s Fence. You can discover these out on the road pretty much everywhere in Red Dead Redemption 2, yet it’s most basic to hang around Emerald Ranch to shorten the distance forced to bring them ago.

Bandit 9 - Hogtie someone and leave them on the railroad 3 times

To hogtie someone, aim your lasso at them from a cshed distance and also reel them in, prior to pushing the hogtie switch to wrangle them right into entry. You deserve to then pick them up, stow them on your steed, and also find the nearest railroad tracks to area them neatly dvery own. Then, it’s simply a issue of waiting for the train.

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Bandit 10 - Complete 5 train robberies without dying or being caught

You can rob trains by boarding them and aiming your gun at any of its passengers or guards and pushing the rob switch. The easiest way to uncover a train is to buy a ticket at a adjacent terminal, and also one will magically deliver to you using the rapid travel device, at which suggest you deserve to start the theft, though I’d wait till it’s relocating and ameans from any kind of civilisation to reduce the opportunity of being eliminated or captured.

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