Original Air Date: February 10, 1961Writer: Rod SerlingDirector: Jack Smight

“This is Miss Liz Powell. She’s a expert dancer and also she’s in the hospital as an outcome of overwork-related and nervous exhaustion. And at this moment we have just finimelted walking with her in a nightmare. In a minute she’ll wake up and we’ll remain at her side. The difficulty right here is that both Miss Powell and you will reach a point wright here it could be hard to decide which is truth and which is nightmare, a problem unwidespread probably yet fairly strange to the Twilight Zone.”

Rod Serling

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In a hospital Miss Liz Powell (played by Barbara Nichols), a previous dancer, has a recurring vision in which she complies with a nurse dvery own to Room 22, which is later revearesulted in be the hospital morgue. The nurse smiles coyly and says, “Room for an additional, honey.” Powell screams and also runs ameans but she proceeds to suffer the same dream night after night.

When she is lastly allowed to leave the hospital she heads to the airport and starts having the exact same sensation as in her dream. She learns that her trip number is Twenty-Two.Trembling, she starts to board the flight yet the trip attendant that greets her is the exact same nurse from her nightmare. She smiles coyly and also claims, “Room for another, honey.” Powell shrieks and runs away from the plane. While she is respanning in the airport outside on the runmeans trip number Twenty-Two bursts right into flames.

“Miss Elizabeth Powell, professional dancer. Hospital diagnosis: acute stress and anxiety lugged on by overwork-related and also exhaustion. Prognosis: through remainder and care, she’ll more than likely recuperate. But the cure to some nightmares is not to be found in known medical journals. You look for it under ‘potions for poor dreams’ – to be found in the Twilight Zone.”

Rod Serling

The Twilight Zone Trivia:

The story was adjusted by Rod Serling from an anecdote in Famous Ghost Stories edited by Bennett Cerf. In the original story a girl from New York visits a Carolina plantation and has actually a disturbing dream via the exact same coachguy. When she retransforms to New York she sees a medical professional who dismisses the dream as a meaningless hallucination however as soon as she leaves the doctor’s office she experiences the very same nightmare via the elevator doorguy.

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This was one if the 6 episdes swarm on videotape as a cost-cutting meacertain.