JACKSON, MI - State officials claim a Jackchild medical professional has been over-prescribing controlled substances and have actually suspfinished his clinical license.

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The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, LARA, suspended Dr. Dana DeWitt's license to practice medicine after a state investigation alleged he was over-prescribing controlled substances, according to a statement from LARA on Tuesday, May 15.

DeWitt, a medical professional at Rose City Family Practice, is a Michigan State College College of Osteopathic Medicine graduate who has specialized in household medication for more than two decades, according to his biography through the clinic.

A representative of the clinic shelp DeWitt quit seeing patients after being educated of the suspension.

LARA alleges DeWitt faicaused concreate to minimal standards of acceptable exercise in prescribing controlled substances.

A 2017 review of the Michigan Automated Prescription System, or MAPS, showed DeWitt issued even more prescriptions for Carisoprodol, a muscle relaxer, and promethazine via codeine syrup, than any other medical professional in Jackchild County, records show.

Both drugs are generally aboffered and diverted regulated substances, the firm alleged. Furthermore, the firm alleged DeWitt prescribed dangerous combinations and doseras that put his patients at better risk of overdose and death.

Prescribing of various other drugs, such as methadone and Oxycodone, are pointed out in the bureaucratic complaint. One instance alleges DeWitt prescribed 27 methadone 10 mg tablets per day to one patient, an amount an skilled said was dangerous and "past ridiculous."

In a Dec. 14, 2017, interview through LARA investigators, DeWitt sassist he was unfamiliar through state guidelines for prescribing controlled substances.

After the interview, DeWitt started to attain drug screenings, pain contracts and MAPS reports on his patients to adright here to the state standards, records present.

But a request for DeWitt's license to be suspfinished was submitted to the state clinical board after officials allege DeWitt was continuing to problem prescriptions for managed substances improperly, records display.

An order of summary suspension is a short-term meacertain to safeguard the public and also not a last determination that a licencheck out has actually violated public wellness code.

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