Guide to the top brand-new years eve celebrations in Santa Fe. Firefunctions,parties, hotels & restaurants for NYE 2021-2022


The New Years Eve Celebration on The Plaza is the significant brand-new yearevent in Santa Fe, bringing big crowds downtown for a huge publicparty through live entertainment and plenty of food and also drink.

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That"s much from the just event in tvery own though, with a selectionof events ensuing acrpss the city"s bars, hotels andrestaurants.

Santa Fe, or indeed New Mexico, probably isn"t one of the initially places that would certainly springto mind as soon as planning where to spend your brand-new year, however the clementweather at this time of year deserve to be a huge attractivity for those who liketheir brand-new year party (or in this part of the world Prospero Ano Nuevo!)to be outdoors without having to wrap up also heat, and also tright here are plentyof points to perform to mark the occasion in style.

New Years Eve Celebration on the Plaza

The huge party to welcome new year 2022 in Santa Fe is once againthe New Years Eve Celebration on the Plaza, which takes area on theHistoric Santa Fe Plaza, founding from 9.30pm and also proceeding best throughuntil after midnight.

The occasion has a series of warming bonfires lining the plaza,really adding to the festive atmosphere of the Christmas lights.Tbelow will additionally be food trucks and warm cocoa, whileentertainment will certainly be provided in the develop of live music.

Tbelow is likewise the promise of a surpincrease at midnight, which last yearwas the hosting of a Zia Symbol, the emblem of the state of New Mexico.There is also the pointer that this year may likewise view some fireworksa midnight to include to the excitement of the display screen, perhaps launchedfrom the roof of the First National Bank.

Boffers will certainly run late, till 12.30amd, ho aid get yuo residence afterteh firefunctions. Keep an eye on all the verylatest from this eventhere.

New Years Eve Hotels

Plenty of choice below, and prices tfinish to be fairly reasonable. Popularoptions incldue the Inn of the Governors, Inn on the Alameda and also theEldoraperform Hotel and Spa. Look out for hotels providing package dealsto store you in home on brand-new years eve, through entertainment and dininguses typically obtainable for an excellent price.

You have the right to search for deals and book online at every one of the topSanta Fenew years eve hotels here.


Elsewhere in Santa Fe you may well be looking create some brand-new yeardining options and also the city has you well extended here with a broad selectionof options, clearly through a Mexihave the right to and also Latin influence.

Top recommendedeateries incorporate Sazon, Geronimo, The Ranch Housage and Tabla de Los Santos.If you"re searching for vegan alternatives try Rawal"s Raaga or Paper Dosa.See the full array of choices, many kind of through the alternative to book virtual,here.

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NYE Live Stream

You"re in luck if trying to uncover a live stream from Santa Fe, especiallywith a watch to discovering the party and also fireworks on new years eveas tbelow is an excellent webcam located right on the Plaza:

Santa Fe webcam

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