The editor of Candyman‘s viral trailer defines just how a lot of a collaborative initiative it wregarding make. He additionally talked around making the trailers for Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Us.

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On Thursday (February 27), the first trailer for Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta’s highly-anticipated Candyman remake was released. There were many type of significant moments that came from the trailer: an development to some of the film’s personalities who are shown by a whos-that of talented babsence actors (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, and even Vanessa Estelle Williams, who reprises her role as Anne-Marie McCoy); a group of presumably teenage girls naively uttering Candyman’s name together in a college bathroom; and also, of course, Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” paired via music from the original Candyman soundtrack made by Philip Glass.

Hearing “Say My Name” transdeveloped right into a horror movie anthem offered to remind viewers that DaCosta’s second attribute film (the first was her 2018 breakout Little Woods) exists in the world of Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions, the exact same manufacturing firm that provided us 2017’s brilliant Get Out and also last year’s Us. Candyman‘s use of “Say My Name” complies with in suit with Us‘ usage of Oakland duo Luniz’s “I Got 5 on it.” The latter transformed an currently ominous rap timeless right into a creepy horror theme, and its appearance in both the film and trailers were well-received by fans. (So a lot so, that the track — recognized as the “Tethered Mix” — was put on the movie’s main soundtrack.)

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With “Say My Name” in the Candymale trailer, fans are already jokingly speculating what rap or R&B classical Peele is going to fuck up for us following. But it’s a collaborative undertaking to transcreate nostalgic Babsence hits right into horror layout songs — simply ask John Cantú, the trailer editor that assisted bring the Candyman trailer, as well as the trailers for Get Out and Us, to life.

Cantú pertained to Hollytimber in 2006, as soon as he remained in his early 20s, in hopes of being a writer and director, yet rather discovered himself as a trailer editor after being motivated by peers. A ’90s hip-hop fan, the initially trailer Cantú ever before reduced was for an activity film (he doesn’t reveal which one) wbelow he mashed up a remix of Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold” with Gangstarr’s “Tonz ‘O’ Gunz.”

“I offered to — and also still perform occasionally — make beats, and that’s type of my strategy to editing,” Cantú told me over the phone. “To structure it like a beat.” From tright here, Cantú went on to edit trailers for Nightcrawler and Silver Linings Playbook, as well as a trailer for the 1fifth anniversary of the Fast & Furious franchise. That was his initially trailer for Universal Pictures, prior to being swept up in Peele’s world (although he also did the trailers for Pacific Rim: Uprising, which mashed up Vince Staples and also Tupac, and Hobbs & Shaw, which used Jay-Z’s “PSA”).

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In an intersee with, Cantú explained the somewhat competitive procedure of making film trailers, helping to develop the “Tethered Mix,” and just how the Candyman trailer was a collaborative effort that wasn’t simply the brainboy of him, Peele and also DaCosta, however a lot of people whose input assisted it pertained to fruition.

You did Get OutUs, and also now Candyman. How did that partnership through Jordan Peele start? 

I wish it was a matter of me sitting down via Jordan, but the truth is that I occupational with our marketing team. So, the method it functions in the trailer industry, there’s all these third-party vendors that kind of contend to complete a trailer. And some of these merchants actually work-related in-house exclusively on the studio’s tasks. Disney has a area referred to as The Hive; Warner Bros. has actually some place referred to as Treehouse; and I occupational at Universal at the in-house imaginative operations dubbed Inside Job. So, we work-related via upstairs and also the industry team. So, the vice president who’s handling every one of Jordan’s movies — he’s the one liaisoning via Jordan — and also I basically job-related for the marketing team. Now, I’ve been fortunate sufficient that what I’ve been able to cut has actually won out 3 times on Jordan projects. But I don’t directly job-related via Jordan, per se, although I’ve met him and also sometimes I’ve been on phone calls where he’s stating his wishes and also passions for trailers. But I’m the man in the bay while various other folks interchallenge via the filmmachines. Which is type of cool because I don’t think there’s this bias of “Well, this is the guy who did Get Out, this is the guy that did Us.” Your occupational eexceptionally single time out has to stand also versus various other folks’ vision.

JordanPeele to make “Back That Ass Up” into a horror design template. idk how…but he’s gonna perform it.

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The truth that you’ve been the one liked just mirrors like, “This is the one who gets it and also understands.” I feel choose currently a component of the “Jordan Peele cinematic experience” is going to be the trailers and wondering what old school rap or R&B song is he going to flip into a horror movie anthem next.

Yeah. I saw that impressive tweet — somebody sassist that Jordan is gonna do “Back That Azz Up” following.” I thrived up on Cash Money, so if it was ever before asked for I would be more than happy to oblige. But what I will say about it — specifically in the case of Us and Candyman — the songs have been baked right into the script in some create or fashion from the jump. Like, when I review the Us manuscript, it constantly had actually that van scene via them singing “I Got 5 on it.” I think on Instagram, once crew were posting about and they were shooting Candyman in Chicback, it was being swarm under the code name “say my name.” So, it’s always something that’s kind of in the ether, and then your trick as a trailer editor and also as a marketer is, “exactly how perform you actually make this concept work?” If you say, “well, exactly how do we make ‘Say My Name’ work?” you’re gonna have actually the majority of versions and iterations of what that would look prefer especially coming off Us, wbelow everybody has actually an concept of what the Jordan Peele sound is.

Somepoint that was incredibly exciting that we discovered was, if you listen to the trailer it’s actually a mashup. It’s not simply “Say My Name.” It’s the original Candyman score by Philip Glass. And what was even crazier is that, if you pull up “It Was Almeans You, Helen” Candymale soundtrack> and then uncover a “Say My Name” acapella, both songs are in C minor. When you obtain under the hood you’re favor, “Oh man.” Then, on top of it, you know, as Candyguy says, “I am the creating on the wall.” (Edit note: “Say My Name” originates from Destiny’s Child second album, The Writing’s on the Wall.) Then on top of it, what execute they call Beyoncé’s fanbase? (Edit note: The Beyhive. In the Candyman series, the titular character was had honey smeared on his confront and was fed to bees as punishment for having actually a forbidden interracial love affair.)

Oh my god.

When you’re a trailer editor that’s all you do. Just figuring out, “What’s the most amazing, resonant thing?” It’s been wild to check out Twitter light up with all those points you were thinking all alengthy. Like, “Oh, wow. They gain it.”

How was it bridging Philip Glass’ occupational with “Say My Name?” Did you need to get Philip Glass’ blessing for this or did he find out when the trailer dropped favor the remainder of us?

I don’t deal with the licensing part of this. We have a whole music team at Universal that goes out to these folks — goes out to Destiny Child’s human being, goes out to Philip Glass’ human being, gets what their quote is, just how much of the song we can usage, how much we can’t use. Then, they either say, “Yup, you’re a go, these are the rules of utilizing this song,” or — there’s other trailers wbelow the artist will say, “Nah, you don’t have actually enough money” or “I just don’t desire it in this movie.” But in regards to bridging, the score that we have is not the original Philip Glass-created variation of “It Was Always You, Helen.” We actually worked with this music agency referred to as Pitch Hammer that simply did the Stranger Things seakid four teaser, and just said, “This is what we want to execute.” And they scored a new theatrical type variation of “It Was Always You, Helen.” And then I had an acapella variation of “Say My Name” that I slowed down and also reverbed out.

You shelp you make your trailers as if you were making a beat. Did producing the mashup come first?

Every editor functions differently. I favor to layout how I think the composition will play in the trailer and also then I look to begin placing in story beats — what lands wbelow. Even before all of that, I’ll lay out the whole score and number out locations wbelow “Say My Name” lyrics will certainly accentuate, because then I have a road map of where, prefer, “OK, I’ve obtained to hit this lyric at this particular component of the song, and I’ve got this a lot story to tell by then.” It’s a balancing act.


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When doing this do you have the lightbulb moment? 

It’s not until I watch a rough full variation that I have the right to be confident that it’s gonna work-related. And even then, I’ve had plenty of principles eliminated extremely early on, so I do my finest not to loss in love through anypoint. I don’t truly have actually that lightbulb moment till they’re prefer, “Yeah, this one is gonna be the trailer.” The lightbulb minute really isn’t my contact — that’s on the marketing team, and also that’s on the filmmakers saying this is the one.

Did you take place to be around Nia or Jordan as soon as they observed the last cut?

I certainly heard ago from Joe. He’ll tell us, “Jordan loves your cut, Nia loves your reduced.” I’m not necessarily in the room constantly — I did have the pleasure of meeting Nia throughout the mix of this trailer and she’s super cool. But I’m not necessarily tright here once Jordan or Nia or any type of of the the creatives are seeing points for the initially time.

It’s wild to see things on Twitter once everyone’s choose, “Woah,” and simply blown earlier. It’s not favor once you’re in the bay. It’s a lengthy process of figuring it out and also obtaining it there. It’s a long earlier and forth — I’ve had actually trailers that go approximately not just 10, 12 versions, yet all the means approximately 50 and also 60 versions. Depfinishing on the dimension of the movie this deserve to be a weeks-long process, it deserve to be a years-lengthy process, especially if it’s a large movie choose one of our franchise movies: Jurassic <Park> or <Rapid and the Furious> or Minions. Tbelow are a lot of relocating components and also you need to obtain everybody on the very same web page of “this is the best means to place this huge entertainment investment right into the marketlocation.”

That makes me want to go earlier to Us, and also the fact that what you and Joe did in making the “Tethered Mix,” and also that it ended up being so famous in the trailer that it ended up ending up being a component of the soundtrack —

That was wild. Just to be a part of that totality procedure. You’re functioning through a genius prefer Michael Abels, and also to also be through these filmdevices that are cultural gamechangers, and also they’re prefer, “Oh, by the method. That point you did, it’s certainly getting here in the movie.” It’s really, really wild.

I wanna reiteprice that it truly is a collaborative procedure, and it really all sparks from their original idea and their genius. What I’m just trying to execute in two-and-a-fifty percent minutes is attempt and facilitate that in a method that speaks to my passion and also in a way that, hopecompletely, speaks to the marketarea.

The thing that I’m happiest with functioning at Universal, is that I get to job-related on these projects. I’m a young Chicano part-time filmmaker and I’m extremely concerned about depiction, and to be component of a change via just how Jordan is putting product up there…I feel very fortunate that my career has actually led me in this direction to work-related via genioffers choose Jordan and also Nia and also all the folks that I acquire to job-related with at Universal.

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Another factor these trailers resonate so much via human being is that representation, especially in regards to the music. Black world rarely watch ourselves in horror movies that we have the right to relate to. Then, on optimal of that, we never before hear Black music that we prospered up via offered in this context. 

Yeah. I flourished up in Dallas, Fort Worth, and I remember where I was the first time I watched “No, No, No” video, and I was prefer, “Who are these goddesses?” And then to be hearing “I Got 5 on it” and also “California Love” on the bus eincredibly day…it sticks with you in a means. I was once told by someone in the industry that hip-hop doesn’t market. They were favor, “It does great via particular jobs, yet on the entirety it doesn’t offer.” And I was favor, “OK. But simply so you recognize, this is our classical rock.” and Kendrick and all these folks, these are our . You’ve heard “Gimme Shelter” 20 billion times in a trailer. These certain songs are our “Gimme Shelter.” They’re our “Layla” — they’re the songs that take us back to a certain location and also time. And the trick…is you need to number out “just how do you put it right into conmessage of a cinematic experience?” Due to the fact that you and also I have actually that cinematic meta-line where we go ago to wbelow we were when we initially had actually that. But for folks that didn’t have that suffer, we have to twist it to be choose, “Yo, there’s so many kind of layers to exactly how this song can be understood.” And that’s what makes Jordan such an tremendous filmmaker. That’s what he constantly does in his job-related — he’ll take points you think you understand, and also then he shifts it 45 degrees to the suggest that it’s simply somepoint you’ve never seen before.