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Pediatricians are medical professionals who focus on the physical, emotional, and social wellness of babies, youngsters, teenagers, and also young adults.

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Pediatricians are specially trained in assessing, detecting, avoiding, managing, and also treating issues that influence youngsters. This has every little thing from dealing with an ear infection, to talking to paleas about school or behavioral difficulties, to seeing youngsters for well-kid checkups and providing them their boy vaccinations and also immunizations.


When selecting a Pediatrician tbelow are a number of components you must store in mind:

Is the pediatrician"s clinic convenient to your home, work, or your child"s daycare? Is the pediatrician board certified? Is there a pediatrician accessible to watch your son for same-day and also after hours visits? Are there other pediatricians obtainable to watch your child when your pediatrician is not available? Is tbelow a patient portal with the capacity to message your child"s doctor and nurse, book appointments, and check out medical records digital any kind of time? Can you call the clinic after your kid is in bed to book an appointment? What is the doctor"s ideology of caring for infants, youngsters, and teens?

A prenatal pediatric fulfill & greet is a complimentary organization offered by all ARC pediatricians. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to ask pertinent questions about bringing your newborn home and also pediatric care at ARC. We encourage you to attfinish the team teleconference as it allows you to accomplish some of our medical professionals and also helps you select the medical professional who will partner through you in the growth and also advancement of your child. You deserve to start via the questions outlined in the above section about picking a pediatrician and add any kind of others you have actually.You can choose your preferred satisfy & greet:

Group Teleconference: The third Thursday of each month at 5:30pm Individual Visit: One-on-one visit through a pediatrician in-perboy or by televisit

We"ll assist you book the Prenatal Meet and also Greet that works ideal for you. Just answer a few questions listed below to obtain started.

Would you choose a one-on-one visit with an ARC Pediatrician? Tbelow is no charge for this visit and also you can select an in-clinic or telemedicine visit.

Publication a one-on-one visit

Click here to book your appointment in MyChart. You will certainly be redirected to the MyChart log-in web page to finish scheduling your Prenatal Meet and also Greet appointment.

Click here to book your appointment in MyChart. You will certainly be redirected to the MyChart log-in page to complete scheduling your Prenatal Meet and also Greet appointment.

Click here to book your appointment digital.

Please answer the following concerns to aid us schedule you at the area of your choice.

Immunizations & Services

Childhood Immunizations

Austin Regional Clinic Pediatricians share a preventive method to medical care and also support immunizations, agreeing that for the safety of newborns and various other immuno-jeopardized patients, we accept only new patients who have actually been vaccinated.(Read even more about our vaccicountry policy and also schedules)


Lactation Services

If you select to breastfeed, your ARC pediatrician and also treatment team can carry out advice and referrals. We additionally companion with The Breastfeeding Success Company type of (BFS) to support you with specialized educational materials, classes, and also visits via a lactation consultant if crucial. BFS is a regional group of board-certified lactation consultants, NICU registered dietitians, and also childbirth educators. Your pediatrician canrefer you to the servicesyou need.

Services Offered

ADD/ADHD Evaluation Behavioral Evaluation Ear Piercing

Other Information

Appointments & Televisits

Same-Day and also After Hours Appointments & Phone Nurses 24/7

Pediatricians accessible for same-day careWe recognize you can"t schedule as soon as you boy is ill or injured, so we make ourselves available to you eincredibly day, 24/7. If your child"s medical professional cannot see your boy once he or she is ill, one of our partners at any kind of place will see your child for a same-day visit and also have actually accessibility to their medical records.

Available in the evenings or on weekends through AHCWe likewise make it straightforward to discover children urgent treatment in the evening or on weekends through After Hours Clinics equipped with x-ray and also lab.

Have a question in the middle of the night? Call our 24/7 phone nurseIf you are worried in the middle of the night, you deserve to also speak to our all-night phone nurses.

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Locations & Providers

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