The Fosters Seakid 4 Episode 1 Review: Potential Energy

The premiere pickes up appropriate wbelow the finale left off, via Nick in the School parking lot reeling over Mariana and also Matt. Even though he"s plainly distraught, it"s no much less surpincreasing once he tucks the gun away in his backfill prior to heading right into institution.

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Up until that minute tright here is hope that he perhaps will back out and also not pursue whatever he planned any better, however eincredibly minute via Nick after that is chilling. The display wastes no time building the suspense and making eextremely time he shows up onscreen even more terrifying than the last. 

You said you weren"t going to surprise me.


When Nick briefly sits behind Matt in class, the malice he directs in the direction of him is palpable. His exchange via Jesus, wbelow he many thanks him for being a great friend, is so hefty and also ominous that also Jesus, that typically comes throughout aloof, takes notice. By the moment Nick confronts Mariana, he comes across unhinged.

Mariana""s explanation is usemuch less as he paces around her choose a predator ready to pounce on his prey. I genuinely are afraid for Mariana"s life once he raises his voice and reaches for the gun.

Fortunately, a janitor interrupts them and tells them to gain earlier to course, but then Nick disappears aacquire and his lack is simply as nerve-wracking as his visibility.

Stef and also Lena bacount have the opportunity to process Callie confessing that she had sex through Brandon, and that everyone is on the brink of discovering about it, as soon as the instance via Nick escalates.

In a matter of minutes, Stef and also Mike go from suspecting him of burning down his father"s wareresidence, to figuring out that he stole his father"s gun, a lot to his father"s dismight, and also is equipped and dangerous and somewbelow in the school!

The "Code Blue" announcement and also the sirens are absolutely terrifying and yet remind me of the drills the majority of institutions have post-Columbine.

It"s one thing knowing something is a drill. It"s an additional discovering that it is actually happening. It is gut-wrenching seeing all of those adolescents barricading doors and also huddling together on the floor.

Brandon and Callie are stuck with a substitute teacher who does not recognize any kind of of the protocol and is incapable of taking charge. Thankfully Brandon is acquainted with taking the lead.

He is able to do the mandatory roll contact, communicate with Stef in one more room, save a girl going right into diabetic shock, and have a nice heart to heart through Callie around their secret being out. 

The minute that made my heart speak is once the sole gunshot rang out.

It was straightforward to assume that Mariana could have actually been on the receiving finish of a bullet, through Nick being so upset with her and also her being all alone, seeking cover in a bathroom stall. Stef assumes the worst too, as she defies orders and also runs into the structure in wishes of finding her daughter.

I didn"t suppose the gunshot to come from the inefficient substitute teacher. Wright here did he even get a gun? Why would he be wielding a gun in front of kids? I was so grateful as soon as the S.W.A.T. come in and escort everyone out safely.

The reunion that takes place amongst the Foster family is so satisfying, bereason the fear that one of them can perish is real. I simply didn"t expect it to be so short-lived.

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When we learn that Nick not only eluded the authorities at the school, but he also eluded Stef"s sweeping her residence after he was eerily wandering approximately Mariana"s room, it is unsettling.

Nick is out tright here somewbelow, and he is unhinged and holding a grudge. I"m genuinely afrassist of what this can mean for the Fosters. I cannot wait to check out what happens next!

What did you think of the premiere? Am I the just one that thinks Jude could relocate on from Connor to the girl in his class? How will certainly Stef and Lena attend to the Brallie revelation? 

Don"t forgain, you deserve to catch up on the present and watch The Fosters online! We"d love to hear what your thoughts were on this timely and intense episode!