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I remain in my lane human being, I stay in my financial lane.Now lemme explain what I expect once I say this, okay?Here's what I mean what I intend once I say financial lane, here's what happens.You begin to make money.When you make money, you fulfill other world that make money.When you fulfill various other civilization that make money, you wanna hang out with these civilization.But normally, you wanna spend money the way they spfinish money however then you realize that you don't make the very same form of money that these fuckin human being make, okay?It's incredibly true, that's why you gotta remain in your lane, alright?Certain world I don't hang out through.Athletes?I don't hang out via athletes.I provided to.I stopped.Lemme tell you why I quit.Athletes don't respect money.How perform I understand this?From experiences.This is not a joke this is a true story.I'm in Vegas via a athlete frifinish of mine.Keep in mind, he's doing a lot much better than me in life, okay?Naturally, I want to keep up via before we go out he shelp "Kev, don't worry bout nothin, I acquired you.Everything is on me."I sassist "Hey bitch, I'm a man, I'll pay for my fuckin stuff.Okay?"So we go out, he gain a table, I got a table.He obtained bottles, I acquired bottles.He had bitches come to the table, I didn't have actually no bitches.I had actually my aunt, my aunt was via me.I'm not gon call my aunt no bitch, I love her also a lot.But regardless, we havin a good time, okay?Now I'm not gon lie, I acquired the bill.I didn't like it.Uhhh, you ever, you ever before get a bill so high you try to put it in the light prefer it's gon change?Hold up, wait a minute, host on, okay.But I can't bitch about the bill, reason I can't bitch around the bill, cause he didn't bitch about the bill.So I sassist you understand what, I began talking to myself.I said "Kev, just pay the bill.Pay it!"So that's what I did.I payed the bill, I go to my room, I go to sleep.Here's why I don't mess via athletes.Next morning, I wake up, my boy that I was with he dubbed me.He said "Kev, yo, last night was crazy, wasn't it?" I said "Man, I had actually a sphere." He shelp "Well guess what, we gon execute the exact same shit again tonight."I say "I'm not gon carry out it.I can't, I can't do it 2 nights in a row, because, the method that my financial institution account is put up." You ever, you, you ever start explaining your financial situation for no factor at all?I said "I would certainly, however the method that my bank account is put up, the point is, I obtained a checking and also a savings, but all the money is in my savings.So I gotta switch it to my checkin, but it's gon take 3 buisness days.I don't, I don't think it's gon go with.I don't think it's gon go via."Athletes 'll mess your life up guy, they will certainly.I'm tellin ya I know this from experience, okay?Dwayne Wade, thats a good frifinish of mine, I love Dwayne too fatality.Here's the thing, I can't hang out with Dwayne no even more, I'll tell you why.Dwayne tried to fuck my life up.He did!Dwayne tried to make me buy a boat.I don't even have actually a fuckin residence, I sassist "Hey man." I sassist "I don't think this is a great investment." He shelp "Speak being a bitch, you gained it sphere out." I sassist "No, no, no.I would, yet here's the thing.The way my financial institution account is erected, the point is, I acquired a, I gained a checkin and also a savings.So I gotta switch it, it's gon take to lengthy, the boat could not be there when I acquire back."You can't hang out via everybody.I'll be hocolony, another poblem of mine, I gained to many financial fears.I get scared quick.I'll tell ya my greatest fear once it involved finances, my greatest fear is my crmodify card gettin decreased in front of world.Imma tell you why, here's the thing, It's not that I'm scared of my card gettin decreased, I just don't choose it as soon as you announce it.Like bitch, tell me, It's my card.Don't, don't put on a present.Don't come out favor "Mr.Hart, uh uh, didn't go via.I tried it 3 times.I even wiped on my pants." Bitch, gimme the card, don't say all that, they don't need to understand what you tried to perform to make it happen, gimme the god damn card fo I punch you in the fuckin throat lady.I'm not gon do this.That's as well much, as well much.I remember one time I gained scared cause I though my card wasn't gon go through so I reduced the waitress off prior to she also sassist anypoint. "Mr.Hart" Uhhh uh uh uh, come below, lemme talk to ya.No, come in this side, lemme tell you somethin.Listen, the method my financial institution account is erected, the thing is, I got a checkin and also a savings, but all the money is in my savings so I don't think it's gon go through.Just gimme a 2nd.