b. carbohydprices diffusage throughout the villus epithelium and are then passively transported into blood capillaries.

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c. if undamaged fats are transported across the villus epithelium, an immune response might be created.

d. Amino acid move is connected to sodium transport.

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Small Intestine:

The tiny intestine is an body organ of the alimentary canal defined by the existence of microvilli alengthy the mucosal layer. Microvilli aid in enhancing the surface area of the little intestine for reliable absorption of nutrients from digested food.

Answer and also Explanation:1

The statement which properly describes absorption is option (d). Amino acid transfer is connected to sodium carry.

Amino acids are absorbed by means of...

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The little intestine is part of the digestive mechanism and is mostly responsible for the absorption of nutrients. Find Out around the framework of the small intestine and exactly how microscopic cells such as the microvilli assist in nutrient digestion.

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