Because 2015, some of the greatest pieces of art have changed hands for incredible prices. Read on to uncover eleven Old Master artfunctions that set brand-new documents in auction results.

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Portrait of John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony (1503-1554), half-size by Lucas Cranach I, 1530s (left); through An old male at a casement by Govaert Flinck, 1646 (center); and also Salvator Mundi by Leonarperform da Vinci, 1500 (right)

Centuries after they were created, the masterpieces of the Old Masters continue to entice the attention and also admiration of an international audience. The desire to possess artwork of such top quality and status, through so long and wealthy a tradition behind it, has actually led many collectors to part through millions at auction. This short article reveals the the majority of expensive auction outcomes of Old Master art purchased in this means throughout the last 5 years. 


Representing a large category of artists, the term ‘Old Master’ has actually its origins in the guilds that governed the imaginative sector in Europe since the urban growth of the Center Ages. Each profession, such as silk-workers or goldsmiths, had its very own guild that regulated profession, competition, and quality; it was frequently compulsory to be a member of among these guilds to practice one’s profession within a city. Recognized as Masters, members of the guilds were held to strict criteria and also expected to create fine work-related. 

It is from this precedent that the exceptional artists who climbed to prestige from the 14th to the 18th centuries have actually concerned be well-known as the Old Masters. Although much of their work-related has actually been shed over the years, that which stays constitutes some of the a lot of magnificent art ever produced, not just in paint but also in sculpture, drawing, engraving, and also style. The complying with eleven pieces represent the highest prices auction results of Old Master artoccupational in the past five years.


11. Lucas Cranach I, 1530s, Portrait Of John Frederick I, Elector Of Saxony (1503-1554)

Realized Price: USD 7,737,500


Portrait of John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony (1503-1554), half-size by Lucas Cranach I, 1530s, via Christie’s

Estimate: USD 1,000,000-2,000,000Realized Price: USD 7,737,500Venue & Date: Christie’s, New York, 19 April 2018, Lot 7Knvery own Seller: The heirs of Fritz Gutmann

About the Artwork

Depicting John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony, Lucas Cranach the Elder’s portrait represents the pinnacle of power dressing. Throughout the Renaissance, portraits ended up being an important tool via which the elite signaled their standing, and John Frederick’s good feathered hat, sumptuous velvet robes, and significant gold jewelry is plainly designed to present that he is a man of excellent prominence. 

The painting is made even even more exciting by its very own mysterious history. It was component of a personal Germale arsenal in which the Nazis took a certain interemainder, and was thought to have been stolen or damaged in the time of their time in power. Eighty years later, however, it was reuncovered in America and also finally returned to its rightful owners. The same year, it was put up for sale and succumbed among the largest auction results of the 21st century, the astronomical sum of $7.7 million. 


10. Hugo Van Der Goes, 1440-82, The Virgin And Child With Saints Thomas, John The Baptist, Jerome And Louis


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The Virgin and also Child via Saints Thomas, John the Baptist, Jerome and Louis attributed to Hugo van der Goes, 1440-82, through Christie’s