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Selling It: In The ATL Canceled: WE tv Says No to Seachild 2Current Show Status
Selling It: In The ATL seachild 2 — Canceled

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Series info and also cast

Selling It: In The ATL is a new Amerihave the right to fact tv series around female genuine estate professionals in Atlanta. The present is co-developed for WE tv by World of Wonder and also Kingdom Reign and debuted on November 5, 2015 with 6 one-hour episodes. Selling It comes as an expansion of WE tv"s effective Atlanta franchise, which contains the acclaimed Cutting It: In The ATL (a chronicle of female Atlanta hair salon owners" resides that lugged in a 4.5 million audience), and also Mary Mary and Braxton Family Values, which are also tied to the Atlanta area.

Salso glamorous, strong-willed, motivated womales from diverse backgrounds are lugged together by this brand-new real-life series, What they have in widespread are their professional aspirations – they are all genuine estate professionals functioning mainly through uprange clients in the growing city of Atlanta. The realty industry there is a booming one, and tbelow are more buyers than high-end properties to go roughly. There"s no absence of ambition in this group, yet exactly how much will these woguys go in their competition? That"s the amazing component, and the high-pressure occupational setting is a perfect method to test – and, possibly, ruin – friendships.

Reviews and also possibilities of renewal

How will Selling It: In The ATL fare in its freshmale season? Will the woguys who desire to have actually their decisive say in what used to be a macho industry regulate succeed? Will they cdamage the audience and also remain via us for an additional season? At this suggest it"s still challenging to say, however considering the excellent success of the series" predecessor, Cutting It: In The ATL, it"s extremely much feasible.