Shea Moisture’s height product from their Coconut Hisbiscus line is the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and all natural, organic and also creamy moisturizer where a little goes a lengthy means. We can’t tension exactly how bit you need to gain this product to work best. You either love it, like can’t live without, or you hate it, most likely bereason you used too a lot of it.

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Great if you’re trying to achieve the BIG hair look. High on the glycerin, the smoothie is good for twists and twist outs. Not so great for curly hair layouts, particularly if you desire them to last via the day. Even the passing assumed of humidity will certainly reason your hair to poof up. Some folks reap this (the substantial hair don’t care crew), particularly since it’s a product that you have the right to go 2-3 days without having to remoisturize your hair, even as soon as you have coarse hair.

Not the ideal product for the winter time, as the high glycerin content can have the reverse effect in cold, frigid air by drying your hair out. If you rock mostly protective hairlayouts during the winter, then the Curl Enhancing Smoothie can still have actually a location in your hair care regimen. If you wear your hair out year round, the Smoothie might need to hit the shelf for a couple of months.

For curly textures simply a dab of this product and also you’ll be good for whatever style you’re trying to acheive (wash & go or twist out). For coarser textures, this product is excellent for a mid-week style adjust, to revive old hair; freshly waburned hair usage via a light water-based leave in conditioner, seal w/ oil. Not for the heavy handed.

Great for significant hair formats, twists, twist & brassist outs. Can also be offered as a deep conditioner. Added reminder, good for males – apply to hair appropriate out of the shower and also go.

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Shea Moisture commodities are easily accessible EVERYWHERE! Tarobtain, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, The Christmas Tree Shoppe….

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Hello Jouelzy,I am interested in understanding whether or not the shea moisture curl improving smoothie have the right to be provided on tranquil hair. I am short article relaxer going on ten weeks and searching for a great product to usage during relax extending. My goal is to go till September before obtaining a relaxer. At the present time I an using Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, which has been great on my hair. Believe it or not I usage the conditioner combined via water to collection my hair. It comes out GREAT! What advice can you offer someone who is doing the stretch relaxing approach. Thank you!