Lori Mitchell (left) and Regina Byerly of 12 Stones Fellowship, Indianapolis, on Saturday inventory items being shipped to orphans in Africa.

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Joel Smith of Angels of East Africa mirrors off damaged boxes of shoes needing to be repackaged for orphans in Africa.

CENTRAL CITY – A seemingly endmuch less mound of cardboard boxes fills a storge structure on Childers Lane.

The boxes, filled with shoes, clothes and also clinical supplies, were to be shipped to orphans in South Sudan – courtesy of the Angels of East Africa.

All that changed months earlier.

A few weeks before the 48-foot-lengthy metal storage container was ready to be shipped to Africa, federal investigators raided the storage structure, the main office adjacent and the house of one of its members.

“The FBI came in in February,” shelp Joel Smith, an company member.

“They had actually pulled all the boxes off the container in search of firearms or whatever.

“I was right here for the raid, however I didn’t view the damages until the day after,” Smith said. “It was damaging.”

The rhelp came after state police in Somercollection charged Justin Michael Wirick, 28, via the stealing even more than $60,000 from the charity between December 2010 and also December 2012.

Wirick pleaded guilty last week in Somerset County Court to one felony count of theft by unlawful taking. He will be sentenced Dec. 2.

Smith believes Wirick tried to reduced a attend to federal investigators by trying to convince them the charity was shipping tools overseas.

But all they discovered was publications, shoes, apparel, bandperiods, shampoo and toothpaste.

“Not just did (Wirick) hurt the organization, yet he hurt the kids,” Smith shelp.

Wirick obtained access to the company as a relative of Sam Childers, founder of Angels of East Africa. Childers is much better well-known as the “Machine Gun Preacher.”

Volunteers for the charity, Shekinah Fellowship Church, close to Central City, and also its sister church, 12 Stones Fellowship of Indianapolis, gathered Saturday to unload a couple of thousand also damaged boxes and repackage them in preparation for shipping.

Volunteers hoped to have actually the packaging completed by the end of the day on Saturday. The items will then be shipped in around 2 weeks.

“We’re here to serve God and also aid those children out. Man, they need it,” shelp 12 Stones member Dan Brown.

Shekinah church member Eilleen Campbell, that has visited Africa, sassist the group is established to store the pipeline of assistance open for some of the the majority of needy youngsters in the world.

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“We don’t want world to think that this will soptimal us from helping the youngsters in Africa,” she sassist.