The following shows and also series will certainly appeal to fans of Orange is the New Black’s mix of grim realism and also offbeat humor.

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One of Netflix’s many beloved reflects, Stranger Things, ended its run this summer to a bereaved audience of millions.

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On the 25th of July, 2019, Orange is the New Black’s seven-seachild run of 91 episodes pertained to an finish. Those that adored the present were heartdamaged as soon as it finished, and they currently had actually a void to fill. What can be on the horizon for them now?

But fortunately, we’re presently enduring what many civilization refer to as the “Golden Era of Television.”. Ovariety is the New Babsence has concluded, but tright here are plenty of excellent reflects to rearea it.

Matthew Wilkinson made the following upday on May 26th: Despite the truth that Ovariety is the New Babsence has been on the air for practically a year, it continues to be a fan favorite. However before, through so many kind of other mirrors now accessible, fans of this series can pick up on a lot of content.

Even though they aren’t the same, there are clues of similarity in whatever from personalities to the show’s plot that will fulfill fans. We’ve narrowed it dvery own to 15 mirrors based upon what made Ovariety is the New Black so effective.

15. Shameless



Piper Chapman was the main emphasis of Oarray is the New Babsence when it first debuted. This became more of an ensemble piece as the story developed because the focus broadened and the personalities from miscellaneous prisons obtained more depth. The hit seriesShameless on Showtime likewise features a big actors of flawed people.

To be fair, the cast of Shamemuch less is substantially less varied than that of OITNB, with the show concentrating on a mostly white family. It’s the people involved in criminal tasks and the results of their sometimes devastating actions that make this resemble a Netflix prison present. Fans of OITNB will gain the suspenseful and entertaining nature of this episode.

14. Hollywood

Hollywood’s tone and cast are worlds apart from Litchfield’s, but the 2 shows share many kind of elements. Aside from concentrating on old Hollylumber glitz and glamour rather than troubled personalities with criminal pasts, it touches on many comparable themes.

Hollytimber places the majority of emphasis on problems prefer racism, sex ehigh quality, and homophobia, every one of which are common in OITNB. As an outcome, despite their large distinctions, the stories address similar product in a unique way.

13. Jessica Jones


Of the many type of Netflix original series via solid female protagonists, OITNB is by no suggests the only one. Jessica Jones is the strongest womale on Netflix’s juggernaut present. Jessica is a genetically modified human being endowed with plenty of superhuman abilities, such as superhuman strength and also speed.

Jessica Jones, a Netflix series based upon the Marvel Cinematic Universe character, aired for a full of 3 seasons. This wasn’t your typical superhero present, many thanks to a stellar performance from Krysten Ritter. A gloomy undertone pervaded Jessica, as the story tackled challenging subjects prefer alcoholism, rape, and drug abusage.

12. Arrested Development

Arrested Growth, like OITNB, is a comedy that attributes a diverse cast of characters through unique characters.. While this show does not place as a lot focus on genuine emotional drama, there are still lessons to be learned and a actual link in between the audience and also the personalities.

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The display centers on a single family members, through several members finishing up in prison because of mistakes they made alengthy the method. The humor and delighttotally eccentric characters will still entertain fans in a comparable means to OITNB, despite its lighter tone.

11. Ozark

Piper Chapguy was sentenced to life in prikid for her involvement in a drug trafficking ring that was busted. A long-running series was began by somepoint so simple. So, what if the display had actually started prior to she was imprisoned? Comparable situations have the right to be uncovered with the Netflix series Ozark.

A financial planner called Marry Byrde becomes embroiled in the human being of money laundering in Ozark, a story told by the character Ozark. The reality that he’s totally out of his league adds intrigue to the present. Byrde spends the whole series on the run from the police and also drug traffickers. Both Jachild Bateguy and Julia Garner were honored via Emmys this year for their impressive performances.

10. Better Call Saul


Don’t be deterred by the fact that this display has Breaking Bad connections; this is actually a prequel to the popular series, so anyone who hasn’t checked out Breaking Bad will be simply fine jumping right into this one. Much favor in OITNB, the focus of this present is on a negative male who tries to make points best in the lengthy run.

A good lawyer favor Saul Goodmale will certainly carry out everything in his power not to break the legislation in order to succeed and make money, but he can’t assist himself. Inmates at Litcharea Correctional Facility are not all poor human being, however they do points for others that land also them in jail rather of out on the street. OITNB fans will certainly enjoy the show’s terrific sense of humour also.

9. Orphan Black

You’ll notification a pattern on this list: shows via diverse casts that we think Orange is the New Babsence fans will certainly reap.

Orphan Babsence is based on the exact same premise, yet via a much smaller actors. The factor for this is that the present Orphan Black is around clones, and all of the clones are played by Tatiana Maslany kind of.

This show has a crazy hook that immediately draws in viewers, and the plot twists keep them interested. The job-related of Tatiana Maslany is the genuine deal breaker. Having five different primary personalities to choose from, she earned every single Emmy nomicountry. That does not incorporate any kind of of the smaller sized functions she has actually played in the past. It’s easy to tell which womale is which despite the fact that they’re all similar. That’s many thanks to Tatiana Maslany’s brilliant performance.

8. Killing Eve

However before, Killing Eve has a a lot larger fan base and is a display around female empowerment despite having a darker tone and also plot than OITNB. Tbelow was many interest in OITNB because of the focus on solid female protagonists, and this display proceeds that trfinish.

The story revolves approximately the intertwining lives of two very skilled women: an MI6 operative and an assassin. A lot of amazing and also thrilling points occur in this present, and also that keeps the audience captivated.

7. The L Word


OITNB and also The L Word both resolve hefty and intense drama, yet The L Word has some vital facets in prevalent with OITNB. For starters, it’s yet one more display through a big female cast. Anvarious other crucial facet is that it addresses many worries pertaining to world who determine as LGBTQ+.

The L Word focused on a group of lesbian women friends in Los Angeles. For the first time, a major network display featured openly gay characters. It was well-obtained and has actually left a lasting note on renowned culture. A female priboy was the setting for a formerly unaired spin-off of OITNB. The L Word: Generation Q, a follow-up series, will premiere in December 2019, making this an excellent time to catch up on the original series.

6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Similar to Ovariety Is The New Black, Brooklyn Nine-main Nine’s emphasis is on comedy. The actors of personalities in this present is fantastic, and also the humor is continuously top-notch. The show’s running gags save audiences in stitches, and it’s no wonder why it’s so renowned.

OITNB fans will gain seeing the various other side of the criminal people in a comedic method favor this, even though it adheres to detectives rather than inmates. OITNB excelled at showing solid LGBTQ+ characters, and the very same can be said for this present.

5. Sense8

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Shows choose Sense8 have a opportunity to succeed now that The L Word has done so a lot for the visibility of LGBTQ+ human being. Sense8 was a Netflix original series around eight strangers from around the people that discover they are emotionally and also mentally connected. A lot of the themes explored in Oarray is the New Black were equivalent to those discovered in that display.

Despite its brief run of just 2 periods, Sense8 was a substantial hit through both critics and viewers.

For its handling of the topic issue, the display was nominated for the Dorian Awards’ LGBTQ TV Sexactly how of the Year award. Due to the fact that of the loss of these well-loved personalities, fans required to social media to express their displeasure when Sense8 was canceled.

4. Jailbirds

Even if you loved Oarray is the New Babsence, you can want something a little more grounded. Jailbirds is the ideal display for you if that explains you. Documentary style series on Netflix around woguys in Sacramento County Jail tells the real story of their incarceration.

Jailbirds has actually been compared to a real-life variation of the Netflix series Ovariety is the New Black. The audience learns what the women have planned, which consists of robberies, attacks, and also even murders in excessive situations. It’s not all doom and also gimpend, though; the present additionally takes a look at the ladies’ everyday stays and also individual relationships.

3. Weeds

Previously, Jenji Kohan was a showrunner and writer on 2 hit TV series. Her a lot of renowned duty is onOITNB, but she made her tv debut on Showtime’sWeeds in 2005. The story focused on a widowed mommy of 2 who turns to selling marijuana in order to provide for her children and also grandyoungsters. As the present progresses, she realizes she’s in over her head and also continues down the rablittle hole of crime.

It’s a Jenji Kohan thing. Weeds will appeal to fans ofOITNB’s blend of bleak cases, intense drama, and biting babsence humor. There’s a basic agreement among fans that Weeds’ high quality has dipped in current periods, however the display was at its height when whatever was clicking.

2. Glow


However, Jenji Kohan is an executive producer on Netflix’sGLOW in addition to her job-related on Weeds and Ovariety is the New Babsence. In this show, a team of solid women are thrown together versus their will and should occupational as a unit. Is there anything acquainted around this? It’s set in the 1980s, and also the womales on GLOW are all part of a wrestling television present.

The composing style in GLOW is equivalent to that of OITNB. Throughout the film, tbelow are many type of funny and also awkward scenes. A lot of leeway is offered to each character, bring about a vulnerable act of balancing that appears to be extraordinarily tough. On optimal of that, they’ve had actually to deal with the majority of difficult worries favor sex-related harassment, eating disorders, racism, and homophobia, and also at least two of them have been openly gay. GLOW has somepoint for everyone, no issue what your interests are.

1. Wentworth

It’s impossible to watchWentworth without being reminded of Orange is the New Babsence. It’s like the Netflix show’s Australian equivalent. Even the means the present was arranged complied with a comparable pattern. Wentworth began through a solitary female lead before evolving right into a drama starring a large ensemble.

If there’s one thing these two mirrors have actually in prevalent, it’s a completely different vibe.

OITNB has actually had actually its share of heartbreaking scenes, yet tbelow is also humor sprinkled throughout the present.

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Wentworth, on the other hand, is a lot grittier and darker. As an outcome, it comes across as a much more precise portrayal of life in prison.