I will never before forget the initially time I bought a pair of skinny jeans. My daughter was around 6-months-old at the time, and once I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the morning after an especially colicky and also sleepless night, I was horrified at what I witnessed.My hair was limp, my complexion was worse than as soon as I was a teenager,I had dark circles under my eyes, my clothes were 3 seasons out of day, and also I just didn’t feel like myself.

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My initial instinct was to crawl under the covers through a jar of Nutella so I could watchSex and the Cityfor the rest of the day, but anyone that has invested even more than 5 minutes through a baby knows that binge-watching Netflix is totally out of the question throughout those first few months of parenthood, so I determined to seek refuge in retail therapy instead. I figured a couple of new outfits were simply what the medical professional ordered to help me gain my groove earlier, and from the minute I stepped foot right into the mall that afternoon, I began to feel even more like my old self.

Until I made a decision it was time to buy myself some new denim…

Skinny jeans had actually end up being all the rage around a year prior to I became pregnant, and also even though I try to continue to be on trend each seaboy, I never felt comfortable sufficient in my own skin to wear somepoint so form-fitting and also sexy. And since pregnancy stretches your body in ways you never before thought possible, the last thing I wanted to carry out was try to squeeze myself into something that would certainly accentuate the components of my body I’m many insecure around.

But the sales assistant that helped me that day insisted I provide skinny jeans a go, and once I told him I was a lot too old and also un-cool to pull the look off, he discussed that I had nopoint to lose by trying them on.

So I obliged.

I remember feeling fairly smug when I came out of the change room to display him exactly how ridiculous I looked, yet he held up his hand also as if to silence me, looked me straight in the eye, said, ‘you have actually no business buying anything but skinny jeans through a figure like that’, and also then went on his lunch break.

I never witnessed him aget.

I bought 3 pairs of skinny jeans that day, and while it took rather some time before I felt confident sufficient to wear them outside of our residence, skinnies have because come to be a staple in my wardrobe, and also I don’t know how I would survive without them.


Since being fashionable doesn’t need to be difficult!



While numerous celebs have the right to pull off virtually anywash of jean imaginable,experience has actually taught me that light-colored jeanshave a propensity to make you look heavier than you really are, so I tfinish to stick through darker washes. Of course, this isn’t always practical, especially when the weather warms up, however the right pair of shoes deserve to sell a good balance when needed – view listed below for more tips!


Everyone knows that shoes deserve to make or break an outfit (right?), however few people really understandexactly how essential footwear is once it involves skinny jeans. It took me a lengthy time to really understand also what does and does not work, and also I’m still learning, yet here are a few of my finest pointers:

-Knee-high boots can reduced your legs off and also make you look shorter, and considering that dark jeans are much more slimming than light jeans, you must always opt for a dark denim once sportingtall boots.

-Ankle boots look good via all denimcuts and washes,as lengthy as you cuff themcorrectly.

-Flatsneed to be scheduled for taller girls, yet if you absolutely need to wear them, make sure your skinnies have actually an added lengthy inseam to add a bit of size to your legs.

-If you desire to give the illusion that your legs are much longer and also slimmer, opt for high heels. Almethods.


I used to shy amethod from stretchy fabrics as they feel a little too much choose leggings (which I’m still not confident enough to wear), yet after exploring through various products over the years, I’ve involved favor stretch denim asI uncover it’s not just even more comfortable, however it additionally holds and lifts me in methods that make me look and also feel my best. Give it a try and also you’ll watch what I mean!


Jean shopping has constantly been a lengthy and drawn out event for me, and also I’ve been known to spend a whole day shopping for the perfect fit. But when I ran over to Macy’s in Las Vegas last week, I bought the a lot of impressive pair of jeans in…wait for it…much less than 10 minutes.

I’m serious!



And I’m so glad I did.



As you have the right to view, the jeans hug my body in all the ideal locations, and also they are, hands dvery own, the the majority of comfortable pair of skinnies I’ve ever owned.

And at just $40 a pair, they were a genuine steal!

Trust me.

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Check them out next time you’re at Macy’s, or if you’re impatient (like me!), you deserve to likewise purchase a pair (or 3) digital atMacys.com.

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