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Basic information and concept

Smartest Guy in the room is an Amerihave the right to original documentary and competition series airing on the History Channel. The game show premiered on January 1, 2016. It is produced by Authentic Entertainment and executive developed by Michael A. Miller.

Each episode of the half-hour series tests three males that might be continuous in many ways, other than their 140+ IQs. They have actually blue-collar work, yet their intellectual abilities go far past the usual. In the premiere episode Guy Messenger, Terry Myers and Randy Myers, smart and also competitive “certified geniuses”, will undertake a collection of difficulties that will test their aptitude in different areas and recognize who exactly the smartest male in the room is. The series" debuts as the guys competition against one one more entails a memory test, a logical and physics-associated difficulty of stacking a hundred pounds on an egg without cracking its shell, and a helium-powered “reverse” race obstacle under the name of “How to win by finishing last”, and also a packing task.

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#NameAir Dates
1How to Not Crack an Egg Jan 1, 2016
2How to Victory by Finishing Last Jan 1, 2016
3How to Have the Last Word Jan 8, 2016
4How to Face the Music Jan 8, 2016
5How to Float Your Boat Jan 15, 2016
6How to Know When to Fold "Em Jan 15, 2016
7How to be a Ballbuster Jan 29, 2016
8How to Stack the Deck Jan 29, 2016
9How to Chute the Breeze Feb 5, 2016
10How to Miss a Hole in One Feb 5, 2016
11How to Launch a Rocket Feb 16, 2016
12How to Get on the Fast Track Feb 16, 2016

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