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"So, Guys, We Did It" is a memorable quote uttered by YouTuber Pyrocynical in a video celebrating the YouTuber"s getting to 250,000 subscribers. It has because in 2018 become extensively mocked and paropassed away by his fanbase and assorted various other YouTubers. Pryo"s speech in the video has actually additionally become a well-known copypasta among his fanbase.


On March 2first, 2015, YouTuber Pyrocynical publiburned the video entitled "250,000 subscribers." The video opens with the YouTuber saying "So, men, we did it!" Within 3 years, the short article (shown below) has obtained more than 600,000 views.


Two years later on, on April 1fifth, 2017, YouTuber King Fat III posted a remake of the video. The article (displayed listed below, left) obtained even more than 4,600 views in a year and a fifty percent.

On June 4th, 2018, YouTuber apandah posted a remix video of Pyrocynical"s upfill. The article (displayed listed below, right) received even more than 130,000 views in two months.

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On August 16th, Redditor <1> second_ed_3rd posted a variation that was recreated on the video game Minecraft. The short article (presented below) obtained more than 2,100 points (98% upvoted) and 65 comments. Over the next week, Redditors in the /r/pyrocynical subreddit posted different variations.<2><3><4><5>

A promise is a promise, right here you go. cunts. from r/pyrocynical



<1> reddit redevelopment in Minecraft: pyrocynical

<2> reddit I did a thing, Pyrocynical the musical : pyrocynical

<3> reddit sO gUYs wE dID IT We rEAcHEd a qUaRTEr oF A mILLiOn suBscRIbeRS : pyrocynical

<4> reddit Probably been done prior to. : pyrocynical

<5> reddit shrek has actually swag 250000 : pyrocynical

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