Aubrey and I woke up on Saturday morning practically already packed. It was definitely a bittersweet feeling; lacking residence and also our loved ones but understanding we would be leaving. I will miss the warmth, the smell of spices and also banana, and the smooth sounds of reggae. Ms. Brenda was serving breakrapid at 7:30 AM; on the menu was Cream of Corn (a variation of cream of wheat) and fresh pineapple, watermelon, and also papaya. Don’t worry, in enhancement to that were the waffles, and also chicken saconsumption. Our bus was scheduresulted in pick us up at 8:00 AM, so Aubrey and I invested the last few minutes saying our goodbyes to the bit one-month old puppies living at Ms. Brenda’s residence. Jamaica is truly run on Island Time, so the bus didn’t come till 8:30 AM. Both Aubrey and also I provided Ms. Brenda a large hug and we loaded our stuff on the bus. We were the last picked up, so we headed best to the airport.

(Goodbye puppies!)

Our trek back to Montego Bay was about 1 hour lengthy – we withstood the bumpy roadways and also regulated to not acquire movement sickness! We spoke through our driver for a little all sharing our favorite parts of the trip. We acquired to the airport and headed directly to the kiosks to obtain our boarding passes and check our luggage. Trent obtained to readjust his seat to a home window – lucky guy! We passed with protection and also acquired to our gate. We passed a couple of shops in the airport (including food) and killed a few minutes shopping and grabbing a bite to eat for lunch. Our trip started to board at 12:05 and before we kbrand-new it, we were in the air. I obtained to watch A Star is Born on the flight; it was hard to capture some Zzz’s.

(Driving in Jamaica)

(Car selfies: Angie, Trent, Emily, Jenna, Genesis, Valeria, and also Lisa)

Finally the planed touched down in Philadelphia; it was such a wonderful sight to check out the city line. It took us quite a while to get with personalizeds, yet once we were done, Ms. Autumn and also her husband also, Cody picked us up and we headed residence. Our drive ride residence was pretty quiet; I think it was safe to say that we all did some mirroring and also we were all pretty exhausted. My favorite part had actually to a lot of absolutely be sharing this experience via Emily, Genesis, Jenna, Lisa, Trent, Valeria, and Aubrey. Thank you for being such an excellent team via occupational and also thrive through. You all represented Penn State Berks in the best means possible. I am proud to say I was your adviser. It has actually been such a joy to be “mom” while on the trip too. Big many thanks to Ms.

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Autumn Fritz for organizing such an impressive journey for us. I wish you might have actually joined us; following year!