Mode:Lara"s NightmareAction: New GameDifficulty: AdventurerYou have the right to set it to a harder difficulty, however tbelow are no challenge or score connected accomplishments.

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These success are not tied to difficulties, so feel cost-free to pick any challenges.

The cards you will desire are:

Bow VGrants completely upgraded Bow"Bow Master" and also "Bow Mastery" are alternativesTomb RaiderGrants all Brawler, Hunter, Survivor and Codex skills": Master" and also "Expert III" are alternatives without the codex skills"Warrior III", ": Hunter", "Hunter III" approve you level 3 Hunter abilities, however absence other ability trees and also codex skillsEagle EyeNearby enemies and pets glow via obstacles as soon as Survival instinct is activatedToxicityGrants infinite Poikid Arrows

You have 2 missions in the time of the run: kill the Skulls of Rage and uncover the grasp key (so that you deserve to gain to a Skull of Rage and kill it). Everything is randomly discovered in the manor.

Once you find and kill a Skull of Rage, you will unlock:

Go into the NightmareLara"s Nightmare: Destroy a Skull of Rage


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Find and also kill 2 more Skulls of Rage and also the Nightmare will certainly spawn in the facility. After taking some damage, he will spawn enemies and shield himself. Once the adversaries are eliminated, damage him and rinse and repeat until he is eliminated and unlock:

Sweet DreamsLara"s Nightmare: Defeat the Nightmare


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If you haven"t eliminated 100 opponents yet, load an additional game up and also focus on that until you unlock:

Fight the FearLara"s Nightmare: Defeat 100 enemies


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Blood Ties

Note: No video is offered as the manor is nowhere near as open up as the campaign"s map and also actually very straight. If you would certainly like a video clip walkwith, feel cost-free to article in the walkwith forum. If I check out enough civilization want a video here, I"ll make one ASAP.

Go to "Croft Manor" on the major menu and then begin a new game:

COLLECTIBLESRelics: 54Documents: 40Murals: 2

You"ll obtain a little cutscene wbelow Atlas is trying to obtain the manor from Lara. The letter Lara is holding is NOTICE SERVED (DOCUMENT 1/40) (Not pictured). Lara wants a will from her dad to inherit the manor, however the safe, where she believes the will is located, is locked.

On the desk near the safe is PHOTO OF LARA WEARING AN EGYPTIAN CROWN (RELIC 1/54) and also FIRST IMPRESSIONS (DOCUMENT 2/40). Behind the desk, on a small table is LORD CROFT"S DIPLOMA (RELIC 2/54).

Note: While some relics carry out have actually covert information, like those in the campaign, they do not provide any kind of benefits, such as XP, with the exemption of a few forced for a puzzle. As such, they will not be included in the this area of the walkthrough.


On the desk through a flickering light and also spiderinternet is ANCIENT MAP OF NORTHERN SYRIA (RELIC 3/54). Look in the cabinets to the appropriate of the desk via the spiderinternet to uncover TRUTH BEHIND MYTH (RELIC 4/54). In the table in the middle through two cups is NEXT STEPS (DOCUMENT 3/40).


Across the room of the desk via the spiderinternet, BENJAMIN CROFT STATUE BUST (RELIC 5/54) is in front of the home window. To the right of the bust is PHOTO OF LARA, RICHARD, AND ANA (RELIC 6/54). To the left of the bust is a cabinet containing AFRICAN MASK (RELIC 7/54).


Go out into the hallmethod and attempt the door to the library on your left.

Secrets of the Past - Find an alternate route to the Library

It"s locked, so Lara hregarding discover an alternative course. In the exact same hallmethod, EXPEDITION MAP - 1 OF 2 (RELIC 8/54) is on a stack of boxes to your best.

Secrets of the Past - Find the entrance to the Servants" Passages utilizing Lara"s childhood Expedition Map

EGYPTIAN ANKH (RELIC 9/54) is in a case to your left. On the ideal is a secret passage. Open it.

Secrets of the Past - Find a flashlight to light the way right into the Servants" Passages

You"re going to require a flashlight for the Servants" Passages, so go ahead through the doors ahead.


To the left on a chair close to the fireplace is ASKING ABOUT MOM (DOCUMENT 4/40). On the table via the laptop is CLEARANCE (DOCUMENT 5/40). To the ago appropriate is SIR LANCELOT (MURAL 1/2).


Go with the following collection of door and also you"ll end up in the Grand also Hall. Go to the left and also open the cabinet containing PHOENIX FIGURINE (RELIC 10/54). Continue going forward and then take a appropriate wbelow you"ll check out a boarded up section via "Danger" indicators over the boards. ANA"S CIGARETTE CASE (RELIC 11/54) is on the home window sill to the left.

Nearby is a chest that cannot be opened. Follow the route to its right until you get a memory of Lord Croft telling Lara that she can not go right into the West Wing (it"s not a cutscene, just some dialogue). You can not access it yet, so go down the stairs to the lower area of the Grand also Hall.

Once at the bottom, go to the appropriate and also right into a tiny dead finish with UNKNOWN STATUE BUST (RELIC 12/54). Back in the middle, A LIFE OF POSSIBILITIES (DOCUMENT 6/40) is on a table in front of the fireplace. A tiny memory will additionally start where Lara and also Winston, a butler, will talk around the compass on the floor.

Southeast of the compass, A SUBTLE THREAT (DOCUMENT 7/40) is on a home window sill and also OUROBOROUS AMULET (RELIC 13/54) is across from it in a instance. To the southern of the compass is A MESSAGE TO JONAH (DOCUMENT 8/40) and FLASHLIGHT (RELIC 14/54).

Secrets of the Past - Access the Servants" Passage

Go ago to the Servants" Passage and also enter it.

Secrets of the Past - Use the Servants" Passage to reach the Library

Immediately look to your left to uncover A BROTHER"S WARNING (DOCUMENT 9/40). Go dvery own the stairs and collect TRAVELS TOGETHER (DOCUMENT 10/40) on the table. There"s a door to the right of the record that you can not open up. Instead, go to the left of the document and also dvery own these collection of stairs. At the bottom of these stairs is A BROTHER"S PLEA (DOCUMENT 11/40) on a box prior to entering a wine cellar.

Enter the wine cellar and go to the extremely end of the hallway and collect LITTLE ANGEL (DOCUMENT 12/40). Go ago to the middle wright here you deserve to push a wine cart out of the method. Go into the newly-made entrance and also go to the left. Collect OLD CHESSBOARD (RELIC 15/54) on the table and reap a memory of Lara and also Winston playing chess.

Tbelow is a brick pillar in front of the newly-made entrance. On a crate to the right of a brick pillar is DECISIONS (DOCUMENT 13/40). Continue down the right route and take a left in the fork in the road. You"ll need to relocate some even more wine carts. In the middle of the fork in the road is BIRTHDAY EXPEDITION (DOCUMENT 14/40). With the wine carts out of the way, take the appropriate course in the fork.

Once you gain pass the metal gate, CROFT DECANTER (RELIC 16/54) will be on your left. Enter the Basement of Despair and also acquire a memory of Lord Croft and Lara on her birthday expedition. When you acquire to a fork in the road, keep going right and when you gain to a 2nd fork, go appropriate. MUMMY BEAR (RELIC 17/54) will certainly be on a crate surrounded by water through an infinity sign close to it. Go ago to the second fork and also take the other course. Yet one more fork will certainly present itself, yet take the route that has TRAP MECHANISM (RELIC 18/54) in the middle of a rope. Continue relocating forward until you reach the next prompt.

Secrets of the Past - Use the Servants" Passperiods to reach the Library

Make your method through some cprices. There"s a locker to the left, yet it needs a crowbar. Instead, climb the ladder near it. At the optimal of it is RENOVATION PLANS (RELIC 19/54) and CRACKS IN THE FOUNDATION (DOCUMENT 15/40). To the best of record 15 is a hidden entrance to the library.

Secrets of the Past - Search for the combination in the Library

To the left of the entrance, on a table is INVISIBLE INK (DOCUMENT 16/40). CLUES (DOCUMENT 17/40) is on stacked boxes in front of the desk which includes ideas the code:

Lara"s expedition treasureMy (Lord Croft) favorite paint by Amelia (Lara"s mother)The day of our wedding anniversary

Secrets of the Past - Search the Library for staying combination clues: 0/2

An OLD LIGHTER (RELIC 20/54) is below the record. DISCOVERIES (DOCUMENT 18/40) is on the desk and LARA"S CHILDHOOD DRAWING (RELIC 21/54) is behind the desk close to a stuffed dinosaur. Go to the far left of the room (the side via the home window and also couches) and also collect NOTE FROM WINSTON (RELIC 22/54) near the couch and also HIEROGLYPHICS WORKSHEET (RELIC 23/54) across from it.

Secrets of the Past - Search the Library for continuing to be combicountry clues: 1/2

You"ll gain one more memory of Lara helping Lord Croft. Make sure to collect EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS (RELIC 24/54) underneath relic 23.

Turn to your left and also climb the ladder. Collect PHOTOGRAPH OF THE LIBRARY (RELIC 25/54) at the height. Climb dvery own, go to the best side of the library, and collect THE JOURNEY (DOCUMENT 19/40) on a cart. SIR REGINALD (MURAL 2/2) is to the rightmost of the room.

Move the ladder that"s best of the desk, climb it, relocate the cart with the boxes on them, climb dvery own, relocate the ladder earlier, and also then climb it aget. Move along the route until you reach EXPEDITION MAP - 2 OF 2 (RELIC 26/54) on a chest. Collect it.

Secrets of the Past - Find a warmth source large sufficient to revel the map

Climb earlier down the ladder, light the firearea across from the desk, disclose the map (this will certainly provide you EXPEDITION MAP - 2 OF 2 (REVEALED) (RELIC 27/54) automatically) and unlock:

Relic HunterBlood Ties: Collect 50% of the Relics in Croft Manor


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Exit through the surrounding door.

Secrets of the Past - Search for the remaining combination relics in the Atelier & Master Bedroom

Now go earlier to the Grand Hall and open the chest that you couldn"t before (close to relic 11) to collect CROFT FAMILY CREST (RELIC 30/54) (Not pictured). Get in the West Wing.

Take the course to the ideal and also collect CONCERN (DOCUMENT 21/40) in the hallmeans to the right of the door. Then open the door that leads to Lara"s Mother"s atelier (which basically a workshop/studio).

Secrets of the Past - Search the Atelier for continuing to be combination clues: 0/2

Now enter the door and also collect GAMES WE PLAYED (DOCUMENT 22/40) to your instant left.

Look to your ideal to find PICTURE OF AMELIA ADVERTISEMENT LARA PAINTING TOGETHER (RELIC 31/54) and PHOTO OF AMELIA HOLDING LARA (RELIC 32/54) to the left and best of a paint of city. Go the ago appropriate of the room (this will give you AMELIA"S PAINTINGS (DOCUMENT 23/40) automatically).

Secrets of the Past - Search the Atelier for staying combination clues: 1/2

To the left of a painting of guy is MOVING IN (DOCUMENT 24/40).

Secrets of the Past - Search for the continuing to be combination relics in the Master Bedroom

With this we can figure out one more among the clues to open up the safe. The solution is in the spoiler tab.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***The Moving In record claims Richard"s (Lord Croft) favorite painting was the one with blocks of red. If you look in the ago best corner of the Amelia"s atelier, or the document titled Amelia"s Painting, you"ll check out a paint that has 4 red squares on them.

Exit the atelier.

Secrets of the Past - Search for the continuing to be combicountry relics in the Master Bedroom

Take two rights. This hallmeans has actually a cabinet to the left that contains CONSUMED BY GRIEF (DOCUMENT 26/40). Open the door at the end of the hallmeans which leads to the Master Bedroom.

Secrets of the Past - Search the Master Bedroom for the remaining combination clues: 0/2

On a table to the best is POCKET WATCH (RELIC 34/54). You will likewise obtain a memory of Amelia and also Richard saying. On a window sill to the ideal of the room sits BUST OF RICHARD CROFT (RELIC 35/54). In the back of the room on a table through a mirror and also beauty commodities is AMELIA"S PERFUME BOTTLE (RELIC 36/54). To the left of relic 36 is PHOTO OF AMELIA ON HER WEDDING DAY (RELIC 37/54). AMELIA"S NECKLACE (RELIC 38/54) is to the left of relic 37, alongside the bed.

Secrets of the Past - Search the Master Bedroom for the remaining combination clues: 1/2

At the foot of the bed, on a tiny chair is AN UNLIKELY UNION (DOCUMENT 27/40).

Secrets of the Past - Rerotate to the examine and also open Lord Croft"s Safe

With this we have the right to figure out the final clue to open the safe. The solution is in the spoiler tab.

*** Spoiler - click to expose ***An Unmost likely Union document says that Ricdifficult wanted to wait for 4 days to get married so that they wed on Amelia"s birthday, however Amelia didn"t desire to wait. She then defines they married in a chapel as shortly as they discovered one. Amelia"s Necklace relic has the day October 13th on the earlier, which Lara remembers as her mother"s birthday. That makes the date of Amelia"s and Richard"s wedding October 9th.

AMELIA"S WEDDING RING (RELIC 39/54) is on the bed.

The Hidden Truth - Find a way to decipher the Blank Letter

Go to the Grand also Hall, light the firelocation near the compass, and expose the surprise message (this will certainly give you BLANK LETTER (REVEALED) (RELIC 43/54) automatically).

The Hidden Truth - Solve the mystery of the Blank Letter

The empty letter is pointing you to the wine cellar, so enter the Servants" Passage with the entrance closest to the Study Room. At the bottom of the initially collection of stairs is a door that you can open via the grasp crucial. It"s a shortreduced to the library, however we do not need to go via it. Continue down until you reach the wine cellar.

At the bottom go with the first cart and also then take a right. At the fork, take the left and then press the wall via the diamond pattern (it will certainly glow if you use Survival Instincts). That"ll disclose a number pad. The solution to it is in the spoiler tab.

*** Spoiler - click to disclose ***In the Blank Letter (Revealed) relic, 3 hieroglyphics are created on the back which correspond to 142.

Once you enter the correct combicountry, a new course will certainly open. Follow it until you reach Richard"s Secret Vault.

Search Lord Croft"s Secret Vault for Clues

To the prompt left is a cabinet containing KEEPING SECRETS (DOCUMENT 31/40). On the table in the middle lies THE RITUAL (DOCUMENT 32/40), JADE DRAGON STATUE (RELIC 44/54), TIBETAN SCROLL (RELIC 45/54), and also CROWBAR (RELIC 46/54). To the ideal of the entrance is BLAME (DOCUMENT 33/40) and also LORD CROFT"S CODEX (RELIC 47/54).

To the earlier left of the lab is MISSING RENOVATION PAGE (RELIC 48/54) and to its right on the shelf is FACING DEATH (DOCUMENT 34/40). To the back appropriate of the lab is SUN SHAPED PLAQUE (RELIC 49/54).

The Hidden Truth - Find a means out of Lord Croft"s Secret Vault

The wall behind relic 49 is breakable with your crowbar. Break it.

The Hidden Truth - Solve the Riddle of the Sun Shaped Plaque

Go via the hole and open up the locker in front of you which contains A LETTER TO DAD (DOCUMENT 35/40). Turn to your left and also hug the wall. ANCIENT ANUBIS BUST (RELIC 50/54) is covert in a edge.

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Climb up the ladder near the locker, enter the library, take a best from Sir Reginald, a appropriate via a set of doors, left with a single door, down to the wine cellar, and also to the area where the chessboard was. Tright here is a locker below that includes RESPECTFUL DUTY (DOCUMENT 36/40).

Head ago to the Grand also Hall. Place the sun shaped plaque in the compass and also break the wall to the north (it will certainly be highlighted as soon as you usage Survival Instincts).