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You have the right to hear this line at 01:20:51 in the Blu-ray variation of the movie.

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- To be loved, to be loved... Wow! What a feeling! To be loved...

- Be quiet down here! People are trying to sleep.

- Some wish to be a king or a queen, some wish for fortune and fame.

- Shut up!

- But to be truly, truly, truly, truly loved, it should intend every one of these things.

- Someone to treatment, someone to share.

- Lonely hours and also moments of despair.

- To be loved, to be loved... Wow! What a feeling.

- Semmi, I simply had the a lot of wonderful...

- Hi, Akeem. Semmi told me whatever.

- Sorry things didn"t work out in between you and me, however you understand also.


And.. While you are in the clapping mood, I"d like you to give a huge round of applausage to my band, Sexual Chocolate.
Time does fly quick, my child. It seems only yesterday I ordered your initially diaper readjusted, and also currently you"re a man who"s around to be married.


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Actors: Eddie Murphy (Prince Akeem / Randy Watchild / Saul / Clarence), Arsenio Hall (Semmi / Reverfinish Brvery own / Morris the barber), James Earl Jones (King Jaffe Joffer), John Amos (Cleo McDowell)

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