Your partner can not also notice that they’re argumentative, or that when they think you’re having actually a conversation, you feel prefer you’re having actually a fight. They may have actually learned this communication style as a kid, or they might have insecurities or fears that make them feel defensive or shameful — everyone has actually something that provides them feel this way.

Your companion might have an argumentative personality, which renders them feel the must argue their allude of watch, no issue how trivial the topic issue seems to you. Argumentative characters frequently feel they’re being direct and hoswarm around their feeling, but their communication formats are viewed as combative or aggressive.

What is an argumentative personality

Some world are just argumentative and also have actually numerous strong opinions. But there’s a big distinction in between a spirited controversy and also an debate. Argumentative characters could stem from a large array of factors including:

Communication actions learned in childhoodUnhappinessIndefense or shameDefensiveness History of emotional abuseClinical personality disorder (narcissist, borderline, etc)

It’s also feasible they’ve lost their curiosity or have end up being jaded. People that are curious about others are regularly better listeners and also able to debate a topic without aggression. However, if your companion has actually lost their curiosity or aren’t interested in various other people’s allude of view, they might not treatment what you or anyone else hregarding say around anything or not have actually respect for the opinions of others.

Signs of an argumentative personality

People through argumentative characters are commonly self-absorbed. They frequently find fault with every little thing or don’t agree with anything you say. Their favorite phrases are:

You’re wrongNo offense, butIt’s your fault

They regularly have little bit understanding into their own habits and also exactly how it effects others. Even if they’re not necessarily suggesting via you, they most likely have actually bigger, much better, or more famous stories than you, to make themselves show up even more knowledgeable or powerful. An regularly, if you contact them out on their behavior, they’ll discover a method to make the discussion your fault or blame you for getting upcollection while they’re just “having a conversation” with you. Often, they’re defensive, specifically once they connect through someone whose opinions differ from their own.

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Spfinishing time through an argumentative perchild isn’t all bad

While spfinishing time via an argumentative person deserve to be exceptionally frustrating and exhausting, you might likewise find that you construct your abilities to stand up for yourself and also articulate your thoughts clearly and logically. You’ll hone your skills and also fine tune your abiltiy to dispute a topic.

How to live with an argumentative personality

First, in many kind of cases, argumentative personalities stem from insecurity and also their protective interactions might stem from their perception that they have to protect themselves. You may uncover that you are even more patient and empathetic to argumentative world and also their immature communication methods once you realize that their nature stems from inprotection and also fears.


You deserve to additionally minimize the hazard of disagreements by changing the method you make repursuits or ask questions. For example, you might uncover that you acquire a more positive response through statements such as “I require you to pick up breview and also milk on your way residence from work” instead of inquiries like “Do you think you deserve to stop at the grocery save on your method house.”

You may likewise uncover that statements that are intended to calm the instance such as “Let’s comment on this peacefully” or “I don’t want to argue” are more like red flags to a bull than soopoint phrases. The argumentative perchild in your life might perceive these phrases as criticism or even bait for a fight.

Remind yourself that their argumentative nature is usually a learned habits that deserve to adjust with assistance and practice. You deserve to talk to the licensed counselors at North Brooklyn Therapy about how to improve your communication skills and support your partner. The team deserve to also provide customized treatment such as cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT), to help your companion learn to acknowledge and modify their negative thoughts and also habits.

Tips to manage your arguments

Obviously, shedding your temper, elevating your voice, or obtaining emotional isn’t going to make your communication any type of clearer. However before, you deserve to take a few steps to slow-moving your disagreements without offering in or withdrawing from the conversation.

Try phrases such as “Let me think around that” to buy a small time to consider how you desire to respond to a comment. Taking your time to articulate an answer have the right to aid you be as clear as feasible.

You might also say something such as “You might be right” or “I understand also what you’re saying.” These phrases display a willingness to weaken and also empathy. If your companion is saying or acting defensively, these phrases may assist them feel like you are hearing what they’re saying.

If you’re constantly arguing through your companion, or a friend or family members member, you can be supportive of them and encourage them to talk to a counselor. Eventually, you can’t make them perform anything, and also you deserve to just readjust your very own allude of see and habits. You don’t need to offer in or stop the argumentative person in your life, but you deserve to enhance your very own communication skills and determine the topics that you’re willing to damage on or agree to disagree.

The experienced licensed counselors at North Brooklyn Therapy deserve to help you enhance your interaction and also regulate your own negative thoughts and feelings.

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Or, if you think that you’re argumentative, they have the right to aid you discover and resolve the problems that add to your actions and repair and also strengthen your relationships through friends, household, and also various other loved ones.