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- Well, tomorrow evening they will certainly light the night skies, through these lanterns.

- You will act as my guide, take me to these lanterns, and rerevolve me residence safely.

- Then, and only then, will certainly I return your satchel to you.

- That is my deal.

- Yeah, no deserve to do. Unfortunately, the kingdom and I aren"t precisely, simpatico, at the moment. So I won"t be taking you almost everywhere.

- Somepoint carried you here. Call it what you will, fate, destiny...

- A equine.

- So I have made the decision to trust you.

- A horrible decision, really.

- But trust me, when I tell you this.

- You can tear this tower acomponent, brick by brick. But without my assist, you will never before find your precious satchel.

- Let me just get this directly. I take you to see the lanterns. Bring you ago residence, and also you"ll offer me ago my satchel?

- I promise. And as soon as I promise somepoint, I never before ever break that promise. Ever!


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Funny quotes from Tangled, featuring short sound clips and also sfx.

Actors: Mandy Moore (Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider), Donna Murphy (Mvarious other Gothel)

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