Rihanna’s latest hit isn’t prefer her others. You most likely wouldn’t contact “Love On The Brain” a “banger” choose you could with “Work,” “We Found Love,” or “Umbrella”. In spite of this, “Love On The Brain” has a vast appeal because it sounds like a song that can have actually been composed fifty years ago. What renders it sound that way? Keep analysis to find out DUH!


I guess they actually DID have actually her money

Love On The Brain


Tempo: 172 BPM

Key: G Major

You, your paleas, and also probably your grandparental fees have actually all heard songs that are similar to “Love On the Brain.” It is incredibly reminiscent of doo-wop ballads of the 50s and 60s. I feel favor the the majority of recognizable song in this style would certainly need to be The Flamingos’ 1959 recording of “I Only Have Eyes For You.” When listening to it, one will instantly notice that they sound equivalent. “But WHY does it sound that way?” you cry out. Well, there are a few reasons.

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The a lot of evident similarities in between “Love On The Brain” and “I Only Have Eyes For You” address rhythm. Both songs are in a triple meter. This implies that they acquire three beats to a measure and it provides us a “waltz-like” feel. Eextremely song that we’ve checked out prior to this has been in quadruple meter interpretation, you guessed it, eextremely meacertain gets four beats.

Both “Love On The Brain” and also “I Only Have Eyes For You” have pitches repetitively playing in the accompaniment on pretty a lot every beat. This helps to cement that feeling of 3. While The Flamingos have actually consistent piano chords sounding on each beat of their song, Rihanna’s hit uses a guitar to play the individual notes of the chords over each measure. When a chord is broken apart and the pitches are played one by one, we call that an arpeggio. A lot of songs will certainly utilize arpeggios in lots of different ways so this is an essential vocab word to know!



Hard to think of something clever to compose, however wow

If you listen VERY very closely to those guitar arpeggios you have the right to hear a really slight tremolo effect. For those of ya that don’t understand, a tremolo (in regards to digital music effects) is a type of earlier and also forth of volume. It’s one of the earliest one-of-a-kind results offered on guitars and it’s developed right into most incredibly renowned amplifiers.

So yeah, all of these different points add to the ~vibe~ of the song yet what about the THEORY maaaaaan? Well, that adheres to with the 1950s vibe as well. Many of the songs we’ve looked at throughout the year (holy cow, it’s currently March) have actually used the IV chord a lot and I mentioned how they deserve to be offered in cadences. Do your homeoccupational, I did say that. Well, chord progressions were a small different 50 years ago. There’s plenty of songs that you’ve heard a million times currently that emphasis a lot on the partnership between the leading (or V chord) and also tonic (or I). “Love On The Brain” does this exact same point by using the specific chords from those hits but in a various order.



Just imagine that Runroughly Sue is in G significant rather of D

You’ll watch the development for the majority of “Love On The Brain” up top beside the chords of “Runroughly Sue.” Or probably it’s the chords for “All I Have To Do Is Dream.” Or possibly the development for eextremely Frankie Valli song. Or perhaps you notification that all of these songs use the exact same development and also the IV chord isn’t as prevalent.

As a matter of reality, the IV chord, which we generally hear method as well a lot of, is provided hardly ever in “Love On The Brain.” It’s not until the pre-chorus section at 1:06 that we lastly hear the IV. However, the chord that comes before the IV is what really grabs our (or at leastern my) attention. In a prior compose up (that I’ve already attached to) I pointed out how secondary leading chords function: by making the next chord sound choose the tonic. Below you deserve to see exactly how these chords occupational and I gotta be honest, I don’t have an official term to define it. Technically that IV chord acts as a tonic for a 2nd bereason of the chord that sounds before it, but we are automatically ago to G functioning as the tonic once the following chord plays. The great thing is that we don’t really require a particular term for this bereason rules are supposed to be broken and also it sounds cool. It’s always refreshing to hear accidentals used in amazing means on the radio.

That bVII chord can also be composed as a V/IV bereason it attributes as the leading of the IV WHEW

But *clapping emoji* what *clapping emoji* does *clapping emoji* this *clapping emoji* all *clapping emoji* expect *clapping emoji*? Whatever before ya want it to really. Were Rihanna and her producers trying to gain listeners with an older audience, prefer Adele has been doing for years? Could the juxtaplace of 50-year-old compositional methods via a modern-day artist prefer Rihanna recurrent just how we can’t “Make America Great Again” bereason things are actually better now than they have ever been previously? Could I be reaching to uncover interpretation in this? Probably. Does it mean that I have the right to present my mommy a Rihanna song she could actually enjoy? Definitely.

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The peak four songs on the Billboard charts have actually been the height 4 songs for a while now. But number 5. Oh baby look at number 5. It’s The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk with “I Feel It Coming.” Everyone’s already made the MJ comparisons. Look out for it following weekfinish.