A spokesperson for Bravo said that four episodes of “Southern Charm” were taken dvery own from the channel’s video-on-demand also solutions because of racially charged moments within them. Three of them have actually been put ago up on BravoTV.com and to the Bravo application, and will quickly return to VOD. (Re-loading something onto cable and satellite on-demand solutions takes longer.) The fourth episode will also rerevolve, but via a scene set at a plantation rerelocated from it.

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TikTok user
thetalkofshame initially noticed the missing episodes of the Bravo docusoap, which premiered in 2014, and complies with the resides of socialites in Charleston, South Carolina. On Aug. 11, in a three-component TikTok series, she mentioned that an episode of “Southern Charm” — Seakid 1, Episode 2 — was absent from Bravo’s on-demand also solutions. She had actually wanted to rewatch the episode, and also found it wasn’t there. In it, former cast member Thomas Ravenel has actually lunch with his father, ex-Congressguy Arthur Ravenel Jr. In the scene — which she plays in Part 2 — Arthur tells Thomas he likes to get rid of $5 bills because Abraham Lincoln is pictured on them, smirking wryly at the camera.

thetalkofshame discovered that even more “Southern Charm” episodes were absent from Bravo’s VOD services: Episode 1 from Seachild 3, Episode 1 from Seakid 4, and Episode 8 from Seaboy 4.

The Bravo spokesperson shown that the episodes had actually been taken down as component of a review the network-related is doing to flag perhaps offensive content. The Black Lives Matter protests that arose earlier in June led to a social reckoning that has actually resulted in media service providers to study techniques that were as soon as traditional. In the wake of this recontextualization in June, Bravo fired “Vanderpump Rules” original cast members Stassi Schroeder and also Kristen Doute, along with 2 other members of the actors. Bravo also fired a “Below Deck: Mediterranean” actors member for a racist and misogynistic Instagram write-up.

It’s not the first time Bravo has actually taken down an episode because it’s offensive. A transphobic first-season episode of “Below Deck” was not only taken dvery own from its VOD services, but has actually been disshowed up from Amazon and iTunes too.

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Bravo’s spokesperchild sassist many shows have actually been under recent testimonial, however these “Southern Charm” episodes are the only ones so far that have been taken dvery own for even more examination. Though 3 of the episodes were considered to be OK, Seakid 3, Episode 1 of the present will be edited as a result, and also a scene as soon as “Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis provides a tour of her family’s plantation to occasional guest star K. Cooper Ray will certainly be excised.

It was this scene, in which the 2 of them casually discuss the slave cemetery on the residential property, that
thetalkofshame highlighted in her TikTok, asking: “Is it the casual recommendation to you living on a plantation on top of a servant cemetery, before you sit down to drink mint juleps via your friend? Is it that eextremely plantation really is simply a large slave cemetery?”