Aside from features favor partioning, indexed views and also parallel indexing, are tright here any type of actual performance differences in between the Standard and also Enterprise editions of SQL Server 2008?

Also, is the limitation of 4 CPUs relate to 4 cores or 4 physical CPUs?

In our environment we organize a number of databases (exact same schema, different sizes) varying as much as 100GB. We organize between 50 to 100 instances on a fail-over cluster.

Our style uses NHibernate in between our application and the database.

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I incredibly much doubt any kind of single database will flourish even more than 1000GB for the next few years.

The factor I ask is we around to range out to a 2nd cluster and I desire to recognize whether it is worth the additional money for Enterpincrease (it is around 5 times more expensive). We currently are able to execute all of the maintenance we must on the previous version.

The just function I can view that could be helpful is the Resource Governor to ensure some queries do not take as well a lot reresource.

sql-server-2008 performance
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In addition to the added CPU / Memory support, tright here are a number of features that would boost performance on SQL Enterprise:

1) "Shared" table scans (if one connection is doing a table sdeserve to, and also then a 2nd table scan comes in for that table, the second one deserve to use the results of what the first one is reading, and also then just re-read the components that were missed)

2) Considering indexed views to fulfill various other queries

3) Lock pages in memory: note this is supported in SQL Standard x64 2008 SP1 / 2005 SP3 CU4 and also later on, but calls for a trace flag before SQL 2012

4) More prefetching/read-ahead

5) Parallel / online index operations

However, this stuff is fairly advanced; settle your queries and also your schema first.

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answered Nov 24 "13 at 0:56

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Maximum Number of Processors Supported by the Editions of SQL Server(then select the drop dvery own box to go from R2 to 2008)

SQL Server supports the stated variety of processor sockets multiplied by the number of logical CPUs in each socket. For example, the following is thought about a solitary processor for objectives of this table:

A single-core, hyper-threaded processor with 2 logical CPUs per socket.

A dual-core processor through 2 logical CPUs.

A quad-core processor with 4 logical CPUs.

SQL Server is licensed per processor socket, and also not per logical CPU basis.

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answered Jun 22 "11 at 18:01

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