I heard this quote by Alexander Hamilton quoted often by Christians, especially in their testimonies. But it's untrue.

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This quote caused me to panic and rush into holding strong, controversial Christian beliefs. I was controlled by fear.

Nowadays I know it's okay to stand for "nothing". I don't accept any belief until it is backed by evidence.

"Those who don't apply reason, logic and critical thinking will fall for anything" is a statement I can get behind.


"Those who don't apply reason, logic and critical thinking will fall for anything" is a statement I can get behind.

Me too. You could call it standing for reason, logic and critical thinking, which isn't nothing. But I agree, you don't have to believe we're here for any higher purpose.

The quotation has nothing to do with the famous Hamilton anyways.


There was a Brit named Alex Hamilton who said something similar in 1978.

''Those who don't apply reason will fall for anything''.

Shorter and sweeter way of saying the same thing. I myself tend not to be too affiliated with certain movements and such.

Hamilton very likely was referring to people who take no interest in politics and don't bother to be informed about the issues of the day. Such people very often declare themselves non-political and will offer no opinion about important issues. And just as often they will be fooled by the sloppy arguments offered by ill-informed people. Trump supporters come to mind here.

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I found the reverse to be true in my experience: I didn't know what I stood for yet, so I fell for Christian indoctrination. Only after "diving in" and seeing the many things about it that I disagree with did I then find what I stood for: inclusion of different cultures and walks of life; not separation from them.


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