star trek timelines crew This is a topic that many kind of civilization are in search of. is a channel giving advantageous indevelopment around discovering, life, digital marketing and virtual courses …. it will certainly assist you have an overview and also solid multi-faceted expertise . Today, would certainly choose to introduce to you Star Trek Timelines Arena. What ships and also crews perform you use?. Following alengthy are instructions in the video below: “There this is universal missionary in the time of the 3rd of final videos today on star trek trek timelines. This one is going to more than a couple of assorted points and then ssuggest going to be over our over our arena battles. And i think that at the end of the day arena battles are still as an extremely amazing occasion and also i d choose to sort of simply post discussions. See what you think about just how the arena battles are going.You are watching: Star trek timelines ideal ship crew

If you think anything should be adjusted. How you re liking the brand-new ships. And what you think is your favorite ship. What sort of ship you favor to usage for arena battles.

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And i have actually switched over and also so let me go ahead and begin a little little bit on my finish on my end originally once i began battling in the arena. I was functioning on the hms bounty. Which is the ship that i presently have actually noted here on the video. This one you recognize is a great ship in its entirety.

It s still a good ship in its entirety if you recognize just how to usage it if you know just how to fight if you have the ideal personalities and also crew in your team. This is an excellent ship to still have actually however i have actually exchanged it for a much more even more powerful ship. I think in my opinion. However before i believe every ship does have actually its drawbacks and so i have not totally worn down.

The abilities and combicountries that you have the right to have actually simply because the ships that are waiting that you have to have they haven t really come out yet in regards to i haven t really obtained the other ships maximized at the high level. So let s go ahead and simply kind of go over really quick on the sort of ships that i have and also sort of look at their stats and also abilities. And you understand simply i m just sort of doing this doing this for fun. And so it looks choose i finished up acquiring some schematics for the nx.

So one on some of the polls. I acquired previously now. But not enough to get the nx o. One approximately a level nine presently the ship that i have or for continuous battles for the events and also everything choose that it s gonna be the hms bounty.

I the shield s plus. The hull at 7 05. And 360 make for a complete amount of ten sixty five complete it has actually struck accuracy. And invasion it has assault power of.

13500 attack rate of 104. I krissy power 12750 evasion 12750. Shield renewal 4500 instrumental rating 400 and also important bonus of 20000. It likewise has actually coking abilities.

And it likewise has some hall regeneration reparation abilities and also of course a tiny little bit of assault power for strike. I think that the hmi the hms bounty greatest weakness is its capability to assault it has actually a you understand good attack rate yet its strike abilities are not as strong as some of the other ones like the borg cube ship or the stone or also the the iss 1701 and also of course. I think in my opinion probably the the majority of dangerous ship of all of the ships is the uss discovery that ship in my opinion has a unique benefit over every one of the other ones and eats klingon ships for breakrapid let s talk about some of the stats below in terms of you recognize what what these stats really expect for you its assault power in regards to its abilities against other civilization it looks excellent right here. But i expect as soon as you re actually fighting it s not all that.

Great yet let me allude out the strike. Speed at 104. Is significantly much better than many kind of of the other ones. Its accuracy power is actually really good it s it s evasion power is excellent.

But it s instrumental rating is not great an essential rating of 4 hundred implies 4 percent critical rating. That indicates that you have a four percent chance of hitting a higher number and i think the crit bonus corresponds to the damages. The added damage that you ll acquire when you actually execute an important hit. I don t understand whether that means that you hit twenty thousand more points damage or whether it simply simply is this it s a rating or a scale.

So that s the sort of abilities. This certain ship has and then obviously some of the various other ones below you look at it the shinzou. The schenzels okay i mean i m not especially excited about the sensor. But it s unfair for me to judge the shinzou at this certain level ssuggest because its ability is not maximized yet obviously.

It s raining zar lower than then you recognize then some of the various other ones are yet this one right here this ship right here this one right below just to look on this particular ship is really scary it look sort of looks choose a scorpion you understand through 2 if you desire to look at it with 2 you recognize it looks like the horns on a scorpion. It just ssuggest lacks the stingers..


But this ship best below as soon as i fight versus world that have actually a uss discovery you gain the best crew on this specific ship. This is the deadliest ship and i think this is a ship that i dreview fighting in the arena. Simply because it s been incredibly tough to beat. I have beat it possibly a couple of times on the bounty.

I don t think i have yet bconsumed it on the egg song and also so this ship is a really powerful. One so let s look at it. You know. It states right here.

Pioneering scientific research vessel. Uss crew assist discovery developed a method to safely traverse excellent distances okay. So that doesn t really have actually anypoint. But you look at the assault power.

I think the assault power on this certain ship at this level. At seven is higher than the bounty strike speed is actually a little bit much less than the bounty. But as soon as you have actually the right personalities. I think that really does make for difference evasion power is much less the shield rebirth okay.

But it s instrumental rating is dramatically greater than the than the bounty. So that suggests that you will have actually an 11 possibility of actually doing a vital hit. If you have actually the personalities such as personalities sound that have a 400 immediate hit then that implies you understand that s really gonna be awesome right here this one look at this this is an additional this is one more one that people really usage a lot. Opportune barrage instantly deals three hundred and also fifty percent damages.

If you gain even more than one character that has actually that ability then what s gonna happen is obviously you re gonna gain cut dvery own really quick most these personalities really take advantage of this one this one is babsence alert grants position status this specific ship has better place. Which means that you re gonna have actually better present rating abilities and also then this one automatically repairs their shields by 15. Not as excellent you know when it involves you know most world have the you know would certainly prefer repairing their hulls. But the shields are simply as important you understand and also so this one favor i shelp.

It s gonna promise to be a really amazing ship once i acquire it to level 10 klingon sarcophagus not that tough you know these are some of the other ones to uncover and for this for the you know for the function of this certain video. I m really more interested in concentrating on many likely gonna emphasis on just ssuggest the li admiral the admiral tier. I m also functioning of course on gaining the borg spright here up this one is going to revolve out to be a really good ship for fundamental combat for the commander division. The commander department is turning out to you understand come to be a tiny little bit more interesting via the introduction of the borg sphere project bereason the you recognize everybody is utilizing greatly for some of the better ships.

They are making use of the the the the bird of prey. The cavort. This is one more this is an additional good ship right here. The iss enterpclimb for admirals.

It has actually a higher amount of strike you recognize much less much less you recognize much less ship haul abilities than the bounty. But more power you recognize we deserve to look at this one and a lot of civilization still use this one. And you have the right to still use this one to try to make your means approximately initially location. It has actually a greater crew training than the the discovery and also the bounty shield rejuvenation is equivalent evasion power not as a lot as the body.

But the accuracy power is better and the attack and the crit bonus is almost as excellent as the bounty. This one right here is kind of a tricky. I suppose i ve actually had actually some trouble on this one and also you recognize through some of the ideal characters that have actually been playing the the arena. I think the strike power is comparable.

It s much better than than the bounty strike speed is sreduced. But some human being deserve to easily usage somebody choose tempted data. And that deserve to really increase the your assault rate accuracy. Power is really great so this one right right here is much better than any type of of the various other ones.

I ve viewed invasion power is kind of low rejuvenation is equivalent quit rating has actually greatest of the existing ratings. But a really low crit bonus and so that one does offset a little little bit. So let s go ahead and also relocate on i just desire to go over this coming a small little really quick the borg spright here is the borg spright here is is certainly a great ship this is really turned out to be the ship of choice currently for all captain encounters. It has actually the majority of abilities that most of the other ships don t have and also it has the majority of healing abilities.

If you want to look at it that means the strike speed is one allude one it s one of the highest possible in the game. If not the highest the sheer renewal is exponentially great..


It s instrumental rating is a tiny bit in the normal. It s in the middle its crib onus is decent. But its accuracy and asian power are great for captains. I mean you can virtually get this ship if you might gain this ship to fight battles against admirals.

I think that it would certainly actually go good versus many particular personalities. If you have the right crew this one permits for you recognize shield ability for repair. I think this one has actually whole ability to repair and also then this one allows for crucial rating rise. So this will certainly allow your crucial rating to go up.

So. This is actually really a great ship to have and also so it s the method. It s currently the ship of option for captains and also used to be the romulan. The dara decks that one is being i think phased out quite a little and this is the ship that i currently have best that i use for arena battles.

And this one has the abilities below and let me explain why i usage it and also the extang s strike power is remarkable for 16900. It has the greatest capacity of strike powers that i ve checked out so far in the strike speed is 091. Which is similar to various other ships. It s actually better.

But let s i want to talk about that a tiny bit. Due to the fact that i m gonna go ahead. And display you my my layout for the crew that i have actually that deserve to change that greatly. I have done one more video on arenas.

You understand and so that video type of highlights. The abilities that i have on the bounty plus. Several of the crew stats and some of the crew sets have continued to be the very same some of the crew members excuse. Me have remained the exact same.

But not not all of them. I have made some changes. So i m gonna go over that here on this video. Evasion power is not all that excellent and also i think the exoften tends significant weakness is the evasion power that has actually i think at the end of the day that s the one point that you need to store in mind also another of the weaknesses that the extol has is the shield s over all shields and shield renewal.

They don t necessarily reobtain that a lot shields. But it s definitely reduced than the bounty a hundred thousand also shields is certainly reduced. But once you take into account the overall worth of the hall plus. The shields.

It is the highest possible that i watch that i have actually so far. I don t necessarily understand if any type of of the other ships have actually greater stats. But this one is the greatest one that i have yet let s talk around let s talk about that below for a second the each stone has actually some great hall abilities. And it allows you to be able to heal up to 3 times per fight and also then of course.

It has actually the cloaking capacity. But i think that tbelow is a glitch on the extol. Tbelow is a glitch that i would certainly probably choose to raise up with disruptor beam. And that is that the glitch that i have actually noticed specifically once i have fought the egg song.

And i have actually actually been utilizing it the glitch on the egg. Strong is that as soon as you cloak on the egg. Strong and also you are in cloak condition. Wow.

You are cloak the ship will certainly actually fire and also so at the end the day you cannot depend fully on the capability to cloak on an x tone. Whether you re fighting or whether you are the ship itself bereason of the reality that it will certainly pressure you to fight prior to the duration of your cloak standing ends. And so let me recognize if you ve proficient that if that s somepoint you think need to be adjusted and then lastly. I it also has actually the magnetic pulse.

Which basically deels 350 damages to anypoint so. This one transforms out to be a really excellent point and so these 3 stats make for the abilities and the extolling to me..


I think probably the overall ideal fight overall finest ship that you have actually yet it s my opinion. I still think the bounty is excellent i still you recognize i can still beat in each storm via my bounty. You understand it s kind of favor saying you understand i m you understand gene hackmale and i m i have the right to you know shoot excellent through either my left or my right hand also. So you recognize i m talking smack.

So as soon as you decide to fight me in the arena. Put your finest crew versus mine. And let s watch that wins all ideal the other ships that i have below are basically maxed out ships that are level 3 or level. 4.

And then some that i don t even have any type of schematics for here s the borg cube. I don t usage the bore cube. I don t prefer the borg cube. It has actually such a low evasion as a whole.

It s almost as good and also solid when it involves this shield. Plus. The hall. But it s evasion is really negative.

But some civilization still usage the for cube and also the bore cube can execute some significant damages quickly rendering you incapable of fighting with one hit and also so for respond to for leaders the majority of human being still use this one. And i think it s being phased out slowly bereason getting the cubes are the spright here schematics are difficult to acquire and also so everybody starts off via this one so this one is you know my initially little ship. I was happy once i got it maxed out and now we re functioning on gaining on with others. I ve never before bought anything in regards to ships.

So i don t have any type of of the newer ships that have come out the only one that i have actually that i virtually had actually sufficient schematics will certainly see uss reliant that i finished up gaining all these schematics for i don t have actually the new var. So i don t have that one i don t have actually the orion syndicate interceptor. But even for a level one or level zero the level core shields. Plus.

The totality is really low. And the exact same point for the navarre. I expect the assault accuracy and also evasion is nearly favor a level four. You know and also then of course.

I don t have actually an andorian fight cruiser so i d love to get your feedback on some of these warships. The iss avenger. The fight cruiser for and oriya. The orion suggest.

Syndicate interceptor and the navarre absolutely would favor to acquire those i have actually not viewed those ships in fight. And i would love to obtain your opinion on finding that out without any further aperform. Let s try to perform some battles below really quick. I m going into a battle and then from tright here i m gonna go ahead.

And just sindicate talk about my crew layout and so this is my ship. I m gonna do admiral department. I m ranked 69 here and also so we can fight some various other eeks dogs and let s do this one. I m gonna carry out a rank 10.

I don t necessarily want to execute rank 1. Just yet you know i just desire to execute a rank and also say let me show you how i do my brothers i m still acquiring offered to the eight storm however my general weakness on this one is i can t really do anypoint until i actually play so as you have the right to check out being attacked. And it s an easy it deserve to really be that simple as soon as you wouldn t fight below on this specific battles. If you recognize what you re doing so i relocated as much as my area looks look at the damage.

Don t one and also a half million damages versus 453 damage. 95 of my house. I gained much less shield renewal. But that doesn t issue i suppose you recognize the a lot of necessary thing you want to have is you desire to have capability to assault to hit of course.

And then of course damages dealt and also that s what the majority of civilization focus on currently so briefly let s go ahead and also talk around the battle stations and also that i have and it s i m still tweaking it out. But for currently this is my out this is my this is my layout..


These are the crewmembers that i have and also i have scott lists. We re gonna work-related our way appropriate to left and also scott is my all time favorite character in terms of having accuracy. Tright here is a reason why i use scott because number one scott has he s a 5 first of all he s my 5 star character. So he s currently maxed out his accuracy is significant.

So once you do as soon as you execute the numbers think about what distinctive rock has in terms of what it already has so what you re doing is you are including the abilities that these crew members have to the in its entirety condition that the ship has actually so a plus b. Equals c. And you want to walk in via the highest possible amount of c stats that you have the right to have for the. Ship and also so the accuracy power is 13500.

Without any crew members whatsoever. But you add the accuracy of scott and that automatically jumps. It approximately about basically sixteenager 5 and also then of course a crib onus is a twenty five not not excellent. But the crit rating is good so that offers your character a 20 present rating.

Which indicates a 20 opportunity to hit and also that s just what scott scott is among the finest personalities you have the right to have for arena in the game next. I have dana dana basically influences the assault speed as well as your accuracy crit composing an evasion so overall even though crit. You understand even so information has an strike increase of just seven your assault rate goes up by twenty percent. So 20 percent of that is gonna take it to about one allude away.

So this right below gives your capacity of the eke stone. The very same firing ability as the the hms bounty. Without having any type of kind of additional added crew members or boosts. So it s practically like you re having a hms bounty character you re adding 1365 and also you re adding 975 to evasion so i m trying to execute every little thing i deserve to to include as much evasion.

The next character. I have actually is i have dr. Laforge. A knocker labuild is still one of the ideal personalities for having in arena.

It gives you a 5 hall increase in regards to repairs okay not excellent. But the actual bonus has come from the accuracy that you include and also you re currently with these 2 men you have an accuracy power of basically 20000. So it s literally favor having an accuracy of 20 or 21 on your ship s abilities. Plus.

An evasion of one more thousand also so that ad set your present rating is not poor you know and then this male is the man that i would favor to work on in regards to altering that at some point in time. This is kind of like the one character that i think that needs the changing on the board. I might adjust him to this he would automatically deal 375 damage. But his duration for the battle is just five secs.

You know you have the right to use him twice per battle. But at the end of the day his strike span is about 5 secs and so his cooldvery own is 12 seconds. And so most battles are basically done within 15 secs or much less so you only have really one opportunity of using him. And so i don t have him at 5 stars.

I d favor to try them out later on for 5 stars. But for the most component he s not the character i m really wanting so i m gonna put him back and i m not really gonna save the transforms. But that s kind of prefer what i have shelp well you understand what you re managing so that s why in my opinion. I think this is among the ideal ships that i have actually i beat most people in arena and so let s do an additional let s try to check out if i have the right to execute number one.

I expect you know i have the right to t guarantee you that i ll you know win number one. But i ll attempt to be optimistic on that all appropriate so below s our number one character. Another inkstone ship. Let s check out how we do and then after that that pretty much concludes.

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