Star Wars Rebels seachild 2 appears to be all around looking backwards. When is it going to move the crew of the Ghost forwards?

By Megan Crouse | February 9, 2016 | | Comments count:0

This review consists of spoilers.

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2.12 Legends Of The Lasat

Like last week’s episode, Legends Of The Lasat is just one of many kind of this seachild that explores the crew’s backstories. This time, it’s a story around faith and also loss featuring Zeb. The episode is a auto for a beautiful new vista and also some of the first Force magic that actually feels global and bigger than life. This season’s episodes still feel oddly dislinked from one an additional — Legends Of The Lasat doesn’t resolve every one of the technological worries that were exacerbated rather of smoothed out in seachild two — yet it is an uplifting look at how Star Wars touches on spirtuality.

The episode starts with a firefight: Honperform has actually tipped Ezra off to a distribution of Imperial contraband also, which turns out to actually be 2 Lasat, Chava and Gran. Zeb is shocked to view them alive (he actually looks in the direction of the ‘camera’), however they are looking to the future: a mythical world wright here they think the Lasat deserve to start again. The physical risk comes in the form of Agent Kallus, that holds Honperform captive.

Tbelow still isn’t a ton of continuity this seakid, and what tright here is comes from Ezra’s understandably long-lasting problems through his parents’ deaths and also not Sabine’s household, whom we met last week. The designs for the new Lasat are all best, through Chava comprised of rounded forms and pure grandmotherliness while Gran looks more like a sideburned Zeb. The deindicators don’t draw away much from Zeb’s own look, and also while that provides them recognizable, I would certainly have favored a tiny extra detail — some hair out of place right here, a less cosmetic svehicle tbelow.

We never before uncover out just how Chava and Gran endured the Imperial massacre on Lasan, and tbelow isn’t a lot of a sense of a broader culture external the three of them. Although Gran was in the guard the same as Zeb, the two don’t reminisce.

However before, the society that is present and plot-relevant is absolutely enjoyable. We’ve seen plenty of forms of magic in Star Wars exterior the renowned Jedi abilities: Nightsister magic deserve to create zombies or supersoldiers, and also the Mortis realm exists as a physical manifeterminal of the balance of the Force. Chava’s Lasat magic works extremely well at a smaller range. She lays out a Lasat prophecy that is also a crash course in archekinds, via an alien twist. Her magic feels very Disney, pointing as it does to a (metaphorical) surprise treasure in what can too be Never before Never Land. Zeb follows it right on ’til morning.

At first, he appears more embarrassed than pleased at the reappearance of his fellow Lasat. I thought this was a strangely low-essential reactivity for someone that observed their civilization masspiritual (and also we do gain even more information of that event), however I realized later on that what looks choose embarrassment can also be emotional exhaustion. Ezra helps Zeb open up up about his guilt and get a 2nd possibility. In the finish, there’s a significant difference in between the Zeb who believes in and also understands the prophecy and the Zeb that doesn’t. This episode is a story of Zeb rescuing himself, and being rescued by his very own world. Now we’ll view whether his characterization changes in a meaningful way going forward.

His emovements might have actually been explored a little bit even more deeply if the episode had actually been much longer, although I think that, specifically for a half-hour animated display, it did portray his guilt and his resistance to his very own healing well. The episode was weighed down in the beginning by fight and chase scenes, which appeared favor they were contained in order to fill quotas — the episode had actually to start out through a bang, however the fights felt a little bit phoned in, particularly because Hera escaped the Imperial Star Destroyer so quickly. (On the plus side, Hera is completely respanned from her ordeal last week, and with all her skills intact!)

Putting Zeb, Kanan, and Ezra all at the forefront of the episode allows Legends Of The Lasat to feel more prefer an ensemble story than the others have actually lately. Although Sabine doesn’t have a lot to carry out, she’s offered well, whether that’s her flashy moves in combat or her utterly serene posture as she lounges on the Ghost. The ship itself felt even more like a house in this episode than it has in a while; despite the show’s initial promise of a uncovered household story, Star Wars: Rebels had actually been tfinishing ameans from that till the character interactions in this episode brought it ago. The episode likewise has some of the finest music and best visuals of the show, including the first seakid — the triumphant, mystical music at the end perfectly frames some gorgeous artoccupational, and also goes quiet at just the ideal moments.

A few weeks earlier I talked around exactly how it was an excellent point that Agent Kallus had taken a back seat and also let one more Imperial drive an episode, given that Kallus appears to keep repclimbing the very same duty — that of the administrator that mirrors up simply in time for the Rebels to gain away — over and over. Unfortunately, he goes ideal back to develop in Legends Of The Lasat. The potential risk to Honperform hasn’t played out (yet).

However before, both voice actor David Oyelowo and also the computer animation team ramp up Kallus’ few important moments; it isn’t tough to imagine that he feels a particular glee about being able to trap the Rebels in between the Realm and also an also more effective danger. The truth that he has Hondo fundamentally at his mercy is frightening, yet even moreso is the truth that he has actually the Star Destroyer at his mercy also. I might practically believe that he would certainly let his own ship be destroyed just so that he can extend his own anticipation and revenge. He wasn’t an reliable commander in this episode, however he did display the dark, virtually insane determicountry living under the Empire’s shining surchallenge.

I can’t aid yet notice that, yet aget, the only guaranteed through-line from this episode to the rest of the seaboy is a character from The Clone Wars, considering that Honexecute is presumably still in the hands of the Empire. The Lasat could play a duty in the seachild going forward, yet it’s a negative sign as soon as the divide in between old characters and also new characters is still so stark that tallying it matters. Star Wars: Rebels has been doing a lot of looking backwards — at Sabine’s family, at Zeb’s civilization, at Ezra’s parental fees. In many type of ways, it feels choose it’s trying to catch up via its very own promise instead of carrying even more and also even more. Seaboy two needs to really move the Ghost crew forward. If it can execute it with the visual inventiveness, insight, and also heart that this episode showed, it will be just about perfect.

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