Optional Objective/s
1. Steal a carriage without entering the courtyard.

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2. Don’t let the imperial carriage’s problem drop listed below 50%.

Part 1: Steal a Carriage¶

To begin this mission we’ll need to move up the street to discover the big restricted location containing our next objective marker. The carrieras that we have to steal are Royal carrieras and also are situated in a large courtyard on the western side of the compound.


To finish the optional objective, we should steal among the carriages without setting foot in the courtyard. To carry out this, we’ll should make our means as much as the top of the wall neighboring the compound, and also feel complimentary to kill any kind of snipers while you are at it.

From the rooftop, you’ll view 3 carriages in the courtyard and any kind of of these will certainly execute. If we enter the courtyard, or even jump directly onto one of the carriages from the trees in the facility of the location, we’ll fail the abovementioned optional objective. Instead, we deserve to pressure the carriages to leave the location so that we can hijack them elsewhere.

To perform this we’ll want to spook the horses. We deserve to execute this in a couple of ways:

Throw a smoke bomb near a steed.Throw a voltaic bomb near a horse.Shoot a equine.Use a hallucinogenic dart on an enemy close to a steed.


Use a smoke bomb to spook the equines (left) and also hijack among the carrieras once it reaches the road (right).

Once a steed is spooked it will certainly run anywhere a little crazily and although it can smash right into a wall or two, ultimately among the equines will make their method out to the roads external of the limited location, allowing you to hijack the cart.

If you acquire spotted, you’ll must become anonymous prior to we have the right to continue.

Part 2: Escort¶

Now that we are in possession of a Royal carriage, note the wellness meter that has actually appeared in the center of the display. This is tied right into the second optional objective.


The second optional objective for this memory calls for us to store the carriage’s health above 50%. This will certainly end up being energetic now and reprimary active until near the extremely finish of the mission.

With the carriage in hand, drive on over to the objective marker to pick up our frifinish.

At this suggest we’ll have to perform a series of three ‘taxi’ style goals in which we must go and also pick up a perchild of interemainder and then take them to their location within a collection time limit. Unfortunately, the roads are a small crowded during this segment as coincidentally, a fire will have damaged out adjacent so there will be fire wagons, pedestrians and even more than a couple of spooked horses pulling carrieras around for the duration.


Drive your passengers to the areas specified making use of the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS line (left). Watch out for obstacles such as the fire (right) as you go.

Depending on how damaged your carriage was after spooking the horse initially, you might not have a totality lot of room for error via your driving, you must note that whilst the time borders are not overly generous, there is still plenty of time and also no actual have to rush – simply take it slow-moving, follow the collection GENERAL PRACTITIONERS route and also encertain you minimize damages to the carriage! At a moderate pace, ensuring that you don’t crash into anypoint you must regulate to complete each leg of the taxi run with around 40 seconds to spare.

After completing the 3rd drop off a scene will play.

Part 3: Rerevolve the Carriage¶

Following the scene, we’ll have to re-enter the carriage to continue the memory. Once in regulate when again, follow the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS ago to the compound where we lifted it from originally. This time about we deserve to follow a series of wayallude markers which will certainly provide you a path directly into the compound and to the courtyard where we should drop it off.

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Once we have went back the cart, we’ll have to escape the area. Upon coming to be anonymous, the mission will be completed.