I waited a crazy amount of time to try out Stila Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm ($10). Blame it on the truth I’m fairly happy through Mally Face Defender, it’s the just factor I might think of for not picking up Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm sooner!

But I’m glad I waited as I was able to acquire it on sale for $7.50 recently throughout Stila’s 25% Off sale.

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Stila Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm is a solid primer slash touch up balm that’s formulated like Mally’s Face Defender and Covergirl Tru Magic Skin Perfector Mattifier. If you’re tried either of these assets you’re fairly acquainted currently with this formula.

Stila Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm comes hooffered in a dual compartment which holds the primer on optimal and a sponge under it.

This is formulated for use in one of two ways either under makeup as a primer or over it to perfect makeup and also curb shine. I’ve always defined these primer balms as being a solidified version of a silicone primer. To me it looks favor someone poured liquid primer right into a compact and also left it to harden. So I think of it as simply a various formulation of a liquid silicone primer! Now I’m not a large silicone primer fan since I have actually drier skin however, I acquire on fairly famously using Mally’s Face Defender after applying my makeup. It softens the overall look of my makeup, perfects it, and also just gives it a smoother more airbruburned appearance. I perform not prefer it under my makeup all that a lot however over it, it works extremely well. I tested out Stay All Day Primer & Anti-Shine Balm both methods for this testimonial.



Technically, the balm-favor texture is the very same as Mally’s version. It’s a transparent formula that has actually a smooth, velvety consistency that practically feels choose a silky powder as soon as applied to skin. Sadly, that’s where the similarities finish. To pills horribly on my skin. It can be best suited for oily skin yet simply as a note I perform not have pilling worries via Mally’s formula. This simply kinda rolls off in huge old chunks on either bare skin or also over makeup.


I couldn’t aid but express happiness I didn’t pay the original $30 price tag for it. Where as Mally’s formula perfects and creates flawlessness, this formula simply creates a large old hot mess. I wouldn’t offer up on it completely as it might exceptionally well occupational for oily skin however if you have actually drier skin you could desire to prevent it. I’d recommend Mally’s over this for certain.

If you are curious, Stila Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm is obtainable on sale at stilacosmetics.com.

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