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"Stop Stop Stop" is a song by British pop team The Hollies that was composed by group members Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks, and Graham Nash, and was a recompose of an earlier song by the group. It was initially released as a single and later on appeared on the album For Certain Due to the fact that in the UK. The song was released as a solitary by the Parlophone label in October 1966 and was released about the exact same time in the USA by Imperial Records. It was the last single that The Hollies released that year (check out 1966 in music) and ended up being a worldwide hit getting to the height 10 of the singles charts in 8 countries, consisting of at #1 in Canada. Tright here is additionally an Italian version, made by Rita Pavone. The song was covered by Minneapolis Celtic-punk group Boiled in Lead on their 1989 album From the Ladle to the Grave, also interpolating a traditional Egyptian melody into the song.more »

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See the girl with cymbals on her fingers entering through the doorRubies glistening from her navel, shimmering roughly the floorBells on feet go ting-a-ling-a-ling, going via my headSweat is falling just like a tear drop running from her headNow she"s dancing, going with the motions, swaying to and froBody relocating, bringing earlier a memory, thoughts of long agoBlood is rushing, temperature is climbing, sweating from my browLike a snake, her body fascinates me, I can not look away nowSheight, stop, soptimal all the dancing, provide me time to breatheSpeak, stop, speak all the dancing or I"ll need to leaveNow she"s moving all around the table"s luring all in sightBut I know that she cannot watch me surprise by the lightCloser, closer, she is gaining nearer; quickly she"ll be in reachAs I enter right into her spotlight, she stands lost for speechSoptimal, soptimal, speak all the dancing, give me time to breatheSoptimal, speak, soptimal all the dancing or I"ll have to leaveSheight, sheight, speak all the dancing, offer me time to breatheSpeak, stop, speak all the dancing or I"ll have to leaveNow I organize her, world are staring, do not recognize what to thinkAnd we battle, knocking over tables, spilling all the drinksCan"t they understand that I want her? Happens eextremely weekHeavy hand also upon my collar throws me in the streetStop, sheight, sheight all the dancing, offer me time to breatheSpeak, soptimal, speak all the dancing or I"ll need to leave

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The Hollies The Hollies are an English pop group developed in Manchester in the beforehand 1960s, although the majority of the band members came from communities in East Lancashire. Known for their distinctive vocal harmony style, they ended up being one of the leading British groups of the 1960s and also early 1970s. They delighted in significant popularity in many countries, although they did not attain significant US chart success till 1966.

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They had 30 charting singles on the UK Singles Chart, and also 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, with songs including, "He Ain"t Heavy, He"s My Brother", "Carrie Anne", "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" and also "The Air That I Breathe". more »