Remember, when shipping a forced item to Westvery own make certain that your shipping bin location is configured to ship to Westvery own.

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Rank E Lock

Ship Some Crops

Ssuggest grow some vegetables on your farm and ship a complete of 10 to Westvery own.

Complete Some Part-time Jobs

Talk to the task recruiter by the buffalo statue in Westown (North) and also complete 3 part-time tasks from villagers that live in Westown.

Rank D Lock

Ship More Crops!

This time you"ll be asked for to ship a full of 30 plants that you"ve grown on your farm to Westown.

Complete More Part-time Jobs!

Complete at leastern 5 part-time jobs from villagers in Westvery own.

Renovate the Bridge!

Talk to Megan to learn about her goal to upgrade the bridge that leads to Westvery own (North). She will certainly repursuit that you carry her 10 Small Lumber and also 10 Lumber. You deserve to usage your Axe to chop Twigs and also Branches to develop the building and construction materials. On the next sunny day in Westown, Megan will certainly greet you at your farm home door to aid usage your gave products to repair the bridge. You"ll additionally earn +3 Affection Points via the Westvery own marital relationship candidates.

Rank C Lock

Ship Some Fish!

Either use your fishing pole, the fish trap spot in Lulukoko, or raise the fish yourself making use of the Fish Hatchery boxes on your farm. Ship 50 total fish to Westvery own. Anypoint in the fish category will certainly count such as Sea Urchin, clams, and Octopus.

Ship Goods Worth...

Earn 100,000 G by shipping anything you have the right to to Westvery own.


Build the Bell Tower!

There"s an empty spot by the Garden Grill that might use some type of decoration. Talk to Megan to get a request for 30 Lumber and also 3 Gold. The Gold ore originates from hitting the mine node by the Postio in North Westown; the other 3 nodes in town do not develop Gold. You will should upgrade your hammer"s performance quality to level 3 or greater to be able to hit the node. The ore deserve to likewise be purchased from the Log Housage shop in Westvery own for 11,000 G each or 7700 G in Seedling Setting. Bring the products earlier to Megan so she deserve to construct the bell by Garden Grill. On the following sunny day in Westown, Megan will certainly visit your home in the morning to recruit you to aid construct the bell. Once built, the bell quietly stands next to Garden Grill. You can"t ring it. You"ll also earn +3 Affection Points through the Westown marital relationship candidates.

Collaboprice on a New Menu Item!

Talk to Brad to learn he desires to create a new menu item with you for the Garden Grill. He will research that you bring him 20 Flour and also 20 Sweet Potato.

Flour have the right to be bought at the grocery store, Bon Charme, in Westvery own.Sweet Potato is a Fall seaboy chop. You can buy Sweet Potato seeds from Hinata at Ra Man"s once Tsuyukusa reaches Rank D or greater. Ittetsu additionally sells Sweet Potato chop during Fall if Tsuyukusa is Rank C or greater and you have shipped at leastern 10 Sweet Potatoes.

Bring the ingredients back to Brad. On the next accessible morning (no stormy weather) he"ll fetch you to work-related together in the restaurant"s kitchen to make the brand-new Sweet Potato food selection item. You"ll get the Candied Sweet Potato cooking recipe.

Rank B Lock

Ship Some Byproducts!

You will certainly be shipping milk, eggs, and wool to finish this lock criteria. You simply need to ship a complete of all animal commodities to Westown; you will not need to ship 500 eggs, 500 milk, and also so on.

Ship Dairy and Wine Products!

Use the Dairy Factory and also the Winery to procedure 100 products each to ship to Westown. These handling Farm Circles have the right to be crafted at Ludus" shop in Lulukoko. You have the right to ship any kind of combicountry of each machine"s processed items to complete the need.

The Dairy Factory needs 30 Iron, 20 Stone, 20 Milk, and 20,000 G. Iron can be discovered at any of the Westvery own mining nodes except for the one close to the Postio. The Dairy Factory converts milk right into cheese, butter, and also yogurt.

The Winery Farm Circle is at Ludus" shop for 20,000 G and 30 Lumber, 15 Coconut, 15 Vanilla, 15 Rosemary, and also 3 Platinum. Most of the materials you have the right to easily collect on your own, yet Coconut is a tiny trickier. You can not buy the Coconut fruit from any type of shop, and also the tree seedling does not unlock till you have actually got to Rank B with Lulukoko or you have actually shipped at leastern 200 tree fruit to Lulukoko. Processing tree fruit right into wine takes 48 hours for each bottle, so remember to put the fruit in one-at-a-time for fasterprocessing instead of as a large single stack of fruit.

Clean Up the Tvery own Symbol!

Megan thinks the huge buffalo statue in tvery own looks a little stormy for wear. She will certainly research that you carry her 70,000 G. That"s all she will certainly ask for! Later on, the tvery own buffalo will certainly look shiny and also new. You will likewise earn +3 AP with the Westown marriage candidays.

Collaboprice via the Flower Shop!

Lisette desires to start crafting bouquets and perfume at her shop but she"s in require of some materials. She will certainly research that you bring her 20 Hibiscus, 20 Sunfreduced, and 20 Pink Carnation. Sunfreduced and Hibiscus are Summer seakid flowers, and Pink Carcountry is a Fall season chop. You deserve to buy Sunflower and also Pink Carnation seeds from Hinata"s shop in Tsuyukusa, and Hibiscus from the Polepole stall in Lulukoko. Once you bring her the compelled materials, you"ll aid her craft some samples. Later on, Lisette will certainly offer flower bouquet and perfume crafting at her shop. You"ll likewise earn +3 AP through the Westown marital relationship candidate.

Rank A Lock

Make Friends in Westown!

Have at leastern 40,000 Friendship Points (four hearts) with each of the Westvery own villagers. If you currently have actually the compelled friendship level then you"ll instantly have this requirement completed when you receive it. You deserve to see your friendship levels by going into your farm house bookshelf, then check your farm information and also testimonial your villager data food selection.

Ship 1,000,000 G Worth of Goods!

Ship a complete of 1,000,000 G or more worth of products to Westown considering that the beginning of the game. Anypoint you ship will count towards meeting this goal. Just remember to have actually your shipping bin location collection to Westown!


Build the Statue!

Megan desires to create a big Dessie statue at the base of the waterfall. She will repursuit that you carry her 30 Stone, 10 Babsence Stone, and also 10 Pearl (white only). The rock is straightforward enough to collect, but the pearl can"t be purchased all over. To grow pearls you will certainly should area a Pearl Oyster into a Fish Hatchery box, and also you"ll receive a colored pearl 7 days later. The pearl color you receive is random from the 6 colors available: white, yellow, green, red, blue, and gold. To pressure your oyster to develop a white Pearl, location the Ice Light Farm Circle alongside its Fish Hatchery. This object is obtainable at Ludus" shop if all three communities are at Rank C or better and also you have actually harvested at least 50 pearls. He"ll need you to bring 10 Crystal, 10 Stone, 50 Ice, 5 Silver Linen, and also 1 Adamantite.

After you hand over the products, on the next sunny morning Megan will carry you to the waterautumn to assist with the building and construction. The statue of Dessie will certainly then be put in the middle of the pond. You will additionally get +3 AP via the Westown candidays.

Collaborate on Another Menu Item!

It has actually been some time, however Marco desires to dust off his cooking abilities and also make a brand-new menu item for the Garden Grill. He will certainly repursuit that you bring him 50 Dried Fruit, 50 Oselection, and 50 Grape. Dried Fruit is an object processed at the Jam Factory machine, Orange is a Summer seachild tree fruit, and Grape is a Fall seachild tree fruit. Ovariety and Grape can also be purchased from the Santo carry out Mango fruit stall in Lulukoko if you are at Rank C or greater via Lulukoko; Oselection is a year-round inventory item, and Grape is accessible in the time of Fall if you have actually shipped 50 Grape. Marco will certainly fetch you the next non-stormy day to occupational together to cook up a tasty treat. Marco will certainly reward you through the Minced Pie cooking recipe.

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After you have actually completed the Rank A lock and also reached Rank S, walk right into your farm home between 17:00 and also 21:00 and your rucksack is not complete. Megan will repursuit that you go through her to the Garden Grill, wbelow you"ll discover all of the Westvery own villagers gathered together to celebrate your tough work. Everyone will spend a great evening together, chatting and eating. When it is time to rerotate residence, Megan will offer you a flower bouquet that everyone functioned together to craft. You"ll additionally receive +2000 FP through the Westvery own villagers.