Nearly a half a million civilization clicked on my story yesterday about the Facebook giraffe riddle.

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Today, there"s a trouble. An dispute. Seems social media can"t decide what"s the appropriate answer. Is it door or eyes?

For those of you that slept with yesterday, here"s the riddle again:

"It"s 3 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unintended visitors! It"s your parents and also they are below for breakrapid. You have actually strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and also cheese. What is the first point you open?"

When I first saw it, I shelp door. And the perboy who posted it told me I was correct and therefore I did not must readjust my profile photo to a giraffe. Door makes perfect feeling. You aren"t going to leave your parental fees external and have breakfast, are you? (Hmmm. Let"s ponder that for a minute. Never mind.)

Then civilization began saying with me.

"Eyes! There"s just one acceptable answer and it"s eyes. Case closed!" created one perchild on my Google Plus page.

Eyes! There"s a situation for that. It"s 3 a.m. You have to open up your eyes before anything else deserve to take place, right?

No. Not really.

First of all, the means the riddle is phrased, you are currently up. So if you are up, your eyes are open up. And therefore you open the door initially.

But also if you do not check out it that way, who claims you have to open up your eyes to attain anytihng in the riddle? If I made a decision to save my eyes closed or was unable to open my eyes for any kind of factor, I might still let my parental fees in and also enjoy breakquick.

Right? Sure. And for that factor, the answer is door.

Although there are some compelling services that additionally work-related.

Another answer from the Chicago Tribune Facebook page that acquired most likes yesterday was wine. Opening the door to your parental fees at 3 a.m. could call for several wine.

And below in the newsroom, someone said mind. You need an open mind to see what your parental fees want at 3 a.m.

All excellent, all artistic. But as much as I"m pertained to, tbelow is one answer. Door. You have the right to argue for somepoint else, however if you respond to me via anypoint various other than door, I"m going to make you readjust your profile photo.

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