EMPEROR: Good. I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Take your weapon! Strike me down with all your hatred, and also your journey in the direction of the dark side will be finish.

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If the Emperor just wants to ensure a fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader by informing Luke to "strike me down," (he knows that Vader will block Luke"s swing) then why does he say the expression in bold? You"d think that that would actually make Luke LESS likely to swing at him, which would certainly expect there would be no fight in between Luke and Vader.

Turning to the Dark Side must have nopoint to execute with the Emperor ssuggest wanting Luke to swing at him and Vader to block it, therefore beginning fight. Right?



If the Emperor can gain Luke to take a swing at him, even while telling him exactly how evil such a thing would be, I would say that it would be proof enough to the Emperor that Luke is at least willing and able to accept the Dark Side to get things done.

The concept is that the Emperor does not desire Luke to just be mad, he wants Luke to understand the results and to decide to usage the Dark Side. As DavidS put it, "He"s not trying to trick Luke into swinging at him, he"s trying to make Luke CHOOSE to kill him, through complete expertise of the consequences."


The Emperor is trying to rotate Luke to the Dark Side. By explicitly informing Luke this while simultaneously playing on his emovements to get him to react in anger, he"s setting up a long-con. In brief, his goal is to have Luke gain mad, kill Vader in a rage (utilizing the Dark Side in the process), and also then feel remorse and also guilt.

Keep in mind that Luke has been constantly told that tright here is no going ago as soon as you begin down the course of the Dark Side. Ben & Yoda have actually both told him, in no uncertain terms, that Vader can not be conserved. They"ve both told him that if he fchanges, also for a moment, he will be lost to the Dark Side for all time.

Sideous knows this is a common teaching for the Jedi, and also would certainly intend Kenobi and also Yoda to teach this to their newest student.

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By working Luke up via anger, and leading him right into guilt and also remorse, Palpatine seeks to foster negative, Dark Side eactivities within Luke. It would certainly make it much easier, in the long run, for Palpatine to mold him into a appropriate Sith.