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To get the "max your ability tree" obstacle I expect, otherwise it simply increases the spirits you have actually which have the right to then be turned right into SP and used to summon various other spirits.
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Assuming you decided Easy or Normal, picking a harder challenge level? I do not know if playing on Hard offers more rewards though.But assuming you gain more rewards for not using any kind of Spirits, you might perform a Spirit-less run possibly.

Stole from websiteAll unlocked fighters, activities and also adventure abilities bring over.You’ll have the ability to earn eextremely World of Light heart for the second time.New Game+ playvia have the right to be saved on another file.20,000 Spirit Points are rewarded to you because founding New Game+ is one of the game’s difficulties.
Squidiot posted...Stole from websiteAll unlocked fighters, tasks and adendeavor abilities lug over.You’ll have the ability to earn eexceptionally World of Light heart for the second time.New Game+ playthrough can be conserved on one more file.20,000 Spirit Points are rewarded to you since founding New Game+ is among the game’s challenges.around the just thing I have left to perform in Adundertaking mode challenge is execute it as Ganondorf, get a skill tree finished and also do not get KOed in the final battle.

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