Superguy Just Killed Batguy With a Single Punch Comic book fans can argue if Batmale or Superman would certainly win in a fight, however DC simply settled it - via one punch from the Man of Steel.

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WARNING: This short article contains SPOILERS for Batman #42

DC fans recognize Superman has the power to kill Batman with a solitary punch - and also he just did. Not in an Elseworlds "what if?" story, an different timeline or dark future universe, however the existing continuity of DC Comics. The Man of Steel hasn"t gone homicidal, either, but fallen to Poison Ivy"s regulate prefer the people around him. Everyone except Batman, of course. And Ivy"s means of managing the Dark Knight"s resistance is certain going to put a crimp in Batmale and Catwoman"s wedding plans.

For those who may not be as much as day on Batman comics, the a lot of powerful villain on Earth has actually turned out to be the least alien menace in DC"s villain roster. By spreading her affect with all edible vegetation, Poikid Ivy has actually taken over the human being one meal at a time. Because Supermale is never before one to miss a square meal, also he has fallen under Ivy"s regulate (not the initially time). Which renders him Ivy"s a lot of powerful strike dog in bringing Batman under regulate.

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And while Superman might know just how to regulate his power... Ivy doesn"t. A point Bruce Wayne uses to his advantage, pushing Ivy"s temper until a punch from Superman puts an finish to his life - and presumably, offers Batmale the initially action in his arrangement to stop her (via one severe problem).

Apparently, the humiliation of Batguy beating Superguy via a whistle was a severe blow to Superman"s-- well, Ivy"s ego. Batmale and also Catwoguy had actually got to an unsimple truce to that point: Batmale and also Catwoman had provided a vaccine versus her manipulation of "The Eco-friendly," and also she was enabling them to go around their days in a human being effectively occupied by billions of Ivy"s directly-mind-regulated love slaves. But Batguy just had to push it by seeking out one more boy who remained cost-free due to a major allergy to greens. To the detective-minded readers, it appeared Bruce was looking for a means to reverse Ivy"s manage.

Which is wright here she stepped in, and also supplied the Environment-friendly Lanterns and also the remainder of the Justice Organization to suspfinish Batguy and also Catwomale from a skyscraper. It"s below, strung up and also powerless, that Batmale goads Ivy into lashing out, in the form of a Superman punch. A punch that immediately stuns Ivy and also Catwoguy... and also outcomes in a full-page from artist Mikel Janin showing the damages done to Bruce"s face.

An picture that we actually can"t display below, since its graphic nature would absolutely NOT be suitable for all ages. But make no mistake: writer Tom King and also Janin"s story answers the question "what would happen if Supermale punched Batman"s confront without holding back" and also the outcomes are about what fans would expect.

The short answer? It kills Bruce, seemingly, in an immediate. Fortunately, Poichild Ivy now has actually eextremely mind on Earth at her disposal. That contains surgeons... and sorcerers.

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Ivy confirms to Catwoguy that Bruce was eliminated, and also inevitably lugged earlier into the land also of the living by "magic. Science. Surgery. There"s someone for whatever." Hopecompletely the next chapters of the story will certainly administer more details on exactly who thrived in bringing Bruce ago to life, and healing his face (and brain). Nevertheless, the allude was made for any type of and also all that debated whether Batguy or Superman would win in a fight via the other - a solitary second"s lapse eliminated Bruce instantly. He"s still reextending from his severe head injuries, so it may be as well child for him to also realize that life was blasted out of him by one Kryptonian fist.

But via a genius like Harley Quinn dealing with his rehab, things are bound to gain better quickly... right?