You’ve watched the picture a dozen times. The treehome swing on peak of the mountain that leaves your feet dangling over what feels favor the edge of the people.

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The famed swing and also treehouse are situated in Banos de Agua Santa, wbelow I presently live. I’ll tell you just how to gain tbelow, why it’s worth visiting, and also just how to plan for it.

To be totally hoswarm, I always believed the pictures looked cool artistically, but thought the experience itself would be average. I guess I was worried that tbelow are too many kind of good photographers out there and also that I’d be let dvery own as soon as I gained tright here.

Man, was I wrong!

I really appreciated the visit. Some world have sassist that this swing is for adrenaline junkies and also is on par through excessive sporting activities. Personally, I disagree. The swing isn’t that huge and you’re swinging off of a steep slope, not a cliff. If it’s adrenaline you’re searching for, I defined a couple of the massive alternatives near the end of the short article.

Anvarious other benefit to analysis through this post is that I’ve gained the correct names for each swing. I’ve noticed that the majority of various other travel blogs and also reviews have blended up the names of the different swings, which has resulted in many confusion as soon as people have been dropped off by taxis in unmeant areas.

I’d absolutely rate Casa del Arbol (“Tree House” in English) as a must-check out if you’re visiting Baños de Agua Santa.

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Places to Eat Near the Casa del Arbol

When to Go to the Swing at the End of the World

As you deserve to imagine, this location is pretty well-known. I’d strongly advise against going on the weekfinish, in favor of a midweek morning. It’ll be waaay less crowded. Last time, we went on a Friday at 10 am and also tbelow was only a handful of civilization there.

Weather is also a major factor in the Casa del Arbol endure. Go on a clear day so you can enjoy the see. The swing is at such a high altitude that you’ll literally be inside the cloud on an overactors day, so you won’t see a thing.

If you want the Tungurahua volcano as a component of the view, you’re going to want to be added mindful to make certain it’s not spanned in cloud. This volcano is so enormous that it commands it’s very own weather fads. The sky could be entirely clear and blue, however still the Tungurahua is completely concealed by cloud.

Here are 2 locations within walking distance of Baños wbelow you deserve to examine to view if the Tungurahua is visible:

A small footbridge to the west of town. Walk down Luis A. Martinez and you’ll see a small road going downhill in between some houses on your right-hand also side. This will certainly take you down to the little bridge crossing the river. Once you get there, look to your left. If the Tungurahua is visible, you should view it towering in in between the two mountains on either side of you.A course to the north of Baños, on the other side of the Pastaza river. You need to walk throughout the bridge wbelow you’ll frequently check out human being bungee jumping. My wife and also I jog about here consistently, considering that it’s a nice cobblerock route. About a quarter mile past the bridge, look ago and also you must check out the Tungurahua if it’s not cloudy.

Two areas within walking distance of Baños to view the Tungurahua volcano

How to Get to Casa del Arbol

There’s a few ways of getting up tbelow.

The cheapest alternative is to walk. It will certainly probably take you about 3 hrs to get tright here from Baños, and also it’s reasonably steep in the majority of areas, so it’s a pretty good workout. This additionally allows you take some time to soak in the really impressive views alengthy the way – the hills and waterdrops in Baños are first-rate!

Another choice is to take the bus. There are consistent bprovides that leave for Casa del Arbol, and also it expenses about $2-3 for a round expedition. Because this is a self-guided option, you deserve to take it at your own pace once you’re there.

You can also perform a guided tour in a Chiva or a shuttle. This typically expenses around $5 round trip. Some people like this choice bereason they feel safer in a herd, others hate it bereason they feel ruburned and also Ecuadorians below tfinish to gain playing loud music once they’re having actually a good time.

My favorite means to obtain tright here is just to take a taxi. It costs about $7-8 each way, and also the taxi driver could ask a tiny additional if you want him to sit and wait for you.

The reason I favor the taxi is that you have the right to really go at your own pace and speak to check out all the sites alengthy the method. Tbelow are breathtaking “vistas” en course that showsituation cascading waterfalls and hills. I really enjoy taking a couple of minutes here and also tright here alengthy the means to reap the scenery. Take somepoint for activity sickness though, the road up winds fairly a little through the mountains.

One of many type of waterfalls by the road on the method to Casa del Arbol

Once you gain dropped off, you’ll have actually an extremely short (possibly 200 feet?) yet steep hike to acquire to the actual grounds. There’s a tiny route that leads as much as a booth wbelow you pay the $1 entrance fee. Tbelow is normally likewise a shop or 2 on the way that’s marketing souvenirs and jewelry.

The route on the left leads approximately Casa del Arbol

$1 admission to get to the swing. Little children are totally free.

The Swing at the End of the World

Once you pay the admission, you are nearly instantly on the grounds. I was pleasantly surprised by exactly how a lot they have actually done with the area – tbelow are a couple of consistent swings that go over the edge of the mountain. There are even some little ziplines that the youngsters really took pleasure in.

The grounds at Casa del Arbol are really nice! I’d love to spfinish a entirety afternoon here for sure.

There’s also a fish pond, a nice location for picnics, and a balance beam that extends over the side of the hill (at the highest possible point it’s maybe 5 feet off the ground). Tbelow are a ton of great pictures that you have the right to take that really provide that “edge of the world” feel. It’s a beautiful area.

This is also why I favor taking a taxis right here – you can really take your time and also soak in the suffer. It’s more than likely not frequently that you have the right to stand also on optimal of a large mountain with a view of a massive volcano and far amethod cities in the distance.

Ok – the part that you’ve obviously been waiting for: the swing itself.

The Swing at the End of the World

This point is over 8,700 feet above sea level. It’s over 2,800 feet over Baños de Agua Santa. This is as cshed to a bird’s eye check out that you’re going to obtain with your feet on the ground. Although, through the swing, the feet on the ground little is optional.

It’s a really cool endure. There’s a concrete ramp that you have the right to launch off of, which likewise provides it straightforward to sheight yourself if you gain vertigo. You deserve to also acquire really high on the initially swing, so the immediate feeling of “holy smokes I’m flying” is much more sudden.

Also, a note on safety: I felt really secure in the swing. The ropes are climbing grade, via an additional sabsence rope device in the middle in case of a freak accident. Tright here is additionally a “seat belt” through a carabiner that holds you in place in the actual swing itself.

They’ve been significantly doing some upgrading in current years to ensure that travelers are safe below. That’s why you’ll notice subtle changes in the swing itself over the years. It used to be nopoint even more that a little rickety tree house via a swing made from fiber rope via a solitary wood board as a seat.

They also beefed up arms on either side of the tree house so it’s a lot safer currently. Previously tbelow was only one swing so every little thing was cantilevered. A few years ago once they renovated it they included the swing on the second side. They likewise included the launching ramps so you have the right to gain some good air via less initiative.

Definitely not a rickety bit swing – it’s well kept and also safety is taken treatment of.

This is a cool place to spend about an hour or so if you desire to enjoy the watch. It’s certainly better once it’s not crowded, so setup your arrival as necessary.

I think that the next time we go it’d be really awesome to bring a picnic lunch. It’s really relaxed on top of the hill and it’s an excellent area to relax a bit.

Places to Eat Near the Casa del Arbol

Even though there’s a restaurant on-website that’s decent, I’d recommend taking the possibility for better expedition while you’re in the Runtun area.

There are two locations that I choose to go to in Runtun.

Really, it’s only about a half hour drive earlier into Baños, so you can eat wherever you favor. But since you’re already on optimal of the mountain, you could too reap what’s in the area. These options are absolutely no let-down!

Luna Runtun

My wife and also I looooove this location. It’s about 5-10 minutes away from Casa del Arbol, and also it overlooks the city of Baños. The grounds are immaculate. The totality facility is marketed as an “adventure spa”, and they sell rooms, massperiods, pools, you name it.

360 panoramic check out of a part of the grounds at Luna Runtun – it’s really nice here!

They have two places to eat. Both of them open at 1 pm day-to-day.

The Café del Cielo is a really nice little bit location that has actually a phenomenal see. They market sandwiches, specialty coffees and also desserts at a pretty reasonable price for the quality. The stuff they serve is top-notch. My wife and also I normally spfinish roughly $15-20 for the two of us right here. We could certainly carry out it cheaper, also.

The see from Café del Cielo at Luna Runtun

If you’re open to spfinishing even more money, they also have actually a full-blvery own restaurant on site. This is getting ritzy, though, so you’ll certainly be spending even more right here. Last time my wife and I went on a date right here we invested about $50 for the two of us, drinks had.

Las Orquideas

This location is a tiny little of a concealed gem. Not most human being understand about it, yet it’s about a mile downhill from Casa del Arbol. It’s a little hostel via a restaurant. It’s in an extremely quiet and also calm location, and also the as a whole feel is very rustic.

Las Orquprinciples is a quaint, homestable kind of restaurant/hotel that we love to visit!

It’s a humble family members that run the facility, however they’ve been doing really well newly and also are widening. They simply put in a really significant pool and also warm tub, and they’re structure an outdoor patio and grill. I can’t wait until it’s done!

My kids absolutely love below. The #1 reason is that they have llamas! They likewise have actually a little orchid garden that generally has a couple of hummingbirds hanging approximately.

The llamas and other animals are a major perk for my kids!

The food is really great here as well. On a warm day I love to get a trout and a beer at this place! It’s a really excellent way to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the Adendeavor Capital of Ecuador.

Trucha a la Plancha

Pechuga a la Holandesa

Mean plates right here are approximately $8-9 for an entree, and also you have the right to pick up what the locals contact a 2-perchild Pilsener for $2.25.

Inside Las Orquprinciples restaurant

The evening can also be a really nice time to come by. They have actually a fireplace inside the restaurant which gives the area a cozy and also serene feel. The owners are even more than happy to make anypoint that you want, as long as they have the ingredients. It would certainly be difficult to find more hospitable human being.

Ok, so I promised even more swings. Casa del Arbol is certainly not the just swing in town. Recently, they’ve built a few choices for the true adrenaline junkies.

El Vuelo del Condor

This is partly on the method to Casa del Arbol. It’s a much pricier task – $10 to $20 (yes, prices have actually gone up) relying on the size of the swing you pick – yet it is much more intense.

You have the right to tell it’s the more intense swing once they strap you in to a harness and offer you a helmet. You walk on to a tiny platcreate that drops like a trap door and also you rocket off the side of the mountain into open air.

Definitely even more intense.

Overall, this has actually a theme park kind of feel rather of the quaint little bit tree home ambiance of Casa del Arbol.

If you’re going to do this one, I’d recommfinish a GoPro or selfie stick if you desire some awesome shots.

To acquire here by bus, you’re really going to must pay attention. They normally don’t stop below, so talk to the driver beforehand also that you desire to go below. Otherwise, you’ll have around a 2 mile walk downhill from Casa del Arbol.

El Vuelo de Fantasia

This is equivalent to el Vuelo de Condor, just bigger. Actually, this one is typically confused by tourists via el Vuelo de Condor. They are two exceptionally different swings. At night you deserve to actually check out this from everywhere in tvery own. It’s the significant purple light on optimal of the hill to the southern of Baños that’s visible at night.

This is presently the biggest swing in the area. The launch is just plain astronomical. The locals describe it as a fatality trap, yet they do harness you in. The see of the city from below is phenomenal. From down listed below, you deserve to actually see human being shooting out of the swing over thin mountain air.

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Personally, I really think the watch at night is spectacular.

View of the city of Baños at night from el Vuelo de Fantasia

Rope Swing – Mirador de la Virgen

This is a smaller swing that you deserve to hike to from Baños. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. It’s literally just a rope. Definitely more for the junkies that have something to prove