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Feeling spontaneous? It’s never as well late to book a pilgrimage. Here’s our pick of the best last minute flights.

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Direct flights from Sydney to Hong Kong

Want to fly non-stop to Hong Kong? We’ll assist you discover your right path.




Currently, you deserve to only travel from Sydney to Hong Kong if you're a citizen of China, or acmuzic-ivan.infoplish other strict enattempt demands. However before, the human being is reopening and things are altering rapid. Check our live COVID-19 map for China travel limitations and sign up for updays.
The ideal price found on for a flight from Sydney to Hong Kong is $609. This was found by aggregating across various carriers and is the cheapest price for the totality month.

Which airlines fly from Sydney to Hong Kong?

You can take direct flights from Sydney to Hong Kong with:

More airlines sell connecting flights through 1 or 2 stops, which can sometimes be cheaper. All flights arrive at Hong Kong Internationwide Airport (HKG).

Is tright here a time difference in between Sydney and Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is 2 or 3 hours behind Sydney, relying on once in the year you're flying.

What is the weather favor in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has mild, dry winters and also warm, humid summers with many rainfall. The hottest month is July, reaching 29°C on average, while January is the coldest month at 16°C. The shoulder seasons sell the ideal balance, particularly the clear skies of autumn (October to mid-December).

How expensive is Hong Kong?


Hong Kong

Median expense of a meal



Median cost of a coffee



Average cost of a taxi from the airport to the CBD



Essential travel indevelopment for Hong Kong

A visa is not required for Hong Kong. You deserve to stay approximately 90 days.

Departing from Sydney

Sydney Airport (SYD) is Australia's busiest airport. Internationwide flights usage Terminal 1, which is numerous minutes away from the domestic terminals. This terminal is the last sheight on the Sydney Metro, taking 13 minutes from Central.

Terminal 1 has a big selection of shopping and also dining choices, business infrastructure and various other solutions you may require before your trip to Hong Kong. You should arrive 3 hrs in breakthrough of your trip to leave sufficient time for check-in, defense checks and making it to the gate.

Arriving in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Internationwide (HKG) is the just airport in Hong Kong, developed on an island 40km from the city centre. Flights from Sydney arrive at Terminal 1, among the biggest passenger terminals in the world. You'll discover everything you need to obtain acclimatised after your trip, including ATMs and also international exchange.

When you're ready to head to your hotel, you have a choice of slow-moving but affordable boffers (45-65 minutes, HK$35-HK$45), the quick Airport Express rail link (20-24 minutes, HK$100-HK$115) or expensive taxis (35 minutes, HK$225-HK$310).

Return flights from Hong Kong to Sydney

As the airport is far from the city and also have the right to get crowded at height times, you must allow plenty of time to gain there and also check in. Aim to arrive 3 hrs before flights from Hong Kong to Sydney.

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