Religion as Healing (Motif)

Religion occupies a pivotal location in the stays of some of the characters. Many significant is Momma, that tries her hardest to raise Maya and Bailey to be staunchly god-fearing world. Momma uses her faith to overview her through her life and to dictate most of her decisions. Throughout the Stamps renewal meeting, we check out exactly how faith have the right to additionally be a healing or coping pressure, and not just a decision-making one. The passionate preaching and also worship throughout the meeting revives the weary, bone-worn down cotton pickers, and also reminds them that though life is tough, they have actually the Lord in their edge. This reminder serves as a panacea for racism’s attacks, and also heals the spiritual and psychological wounds of the Black civilization of Stamps.

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San Francisco (Symbol)

Maya develops a deep and also “impartial” love for San Francisco, a love she “arrogantly” thinks no one else have the right to enhance (353). To Maya, San Francisco symbolizes “a state of beauty” and also “a state of freedom” (353). This is bereason she feels totally free in San Francisco in a way she has never felt in rural Arkansas. The pressures of racism and white supremacy are not felt as acutely in San Francisco as they are in Stamps bereason segregation is not as greatly applied or encouraged in California. Racism does exist in San Francisco, as we see once Maya battles to end up being the initially Black streetautomobile conductor. However before, Maya’s ability to inevitably secure this task, one that she never before could have obtained in Arkansas or other Southern claims, is a testament to California’s role as a area of (limited) flexibility for Babsence civilization.

The Caged Bird (Allegory)

The title of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is obtained from Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s poem “Sympathy.” In this poem Dunbar tells the story of a caged bird that desires to reach the beauty of the external civilization however is trapped within “cruel bars.” The bird beats its wings against the bars in an effort to escape, but the bars are too strong. All the bird have the right to do is sing a prayer towards Heaven, a prayer that expresses its desire for liberty. The story of the caged bird is an allegory for the instance Maya finds her in. She wants access to all of the avenues and choices of the wider world, yet racism and white supremacy avoids her from reaching them. They are Maya’s bars, or the cage that keeps her imprisoned. The song or prayer that Maya flings as much as Heaven is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings itself. It is Angelou’s method of achieving flexibility. With Caged Bird Angelou became one of the first Babsence woguys to facility herself in her very own works. She has actually damaged the bars of her cage, and has obtained accessibility to the methods and options that white authors enjoy.

Joe Louis (Symbol)

A renowned American boxer, Joe Louis was one of the initially Black athletes to be a nationwide hero in the Amerihave the right to imaginary. In I Kcurrently Why the Caged Bird Sings, a crowd of Stamp’s Black denizens gathers together at Momma’s save to listen to a complement of Louis on the radio. As they listen to the enhance, it becomes clear that for these civilization, Louis embodies Babsence Americans in its entirety. When he starts to lose momentarily, Angelou writes, “It was our human being falling. It was an additional lynching, yet an additional Black guy hanging on a tree. One even more woman ambumelted and also raped…” (224). And when he wins the enhance, “Joe Louis that were the strongest human being in the world” (227). To the Babsence human being of Stamps and also beyond, he represents them in the world.

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The Store (Symbol)

The Store is owned and also operated by Momma, a reality that is extraplain in mid-20th-century America. At this time, many Black Southerners were barely scraping out existences for themselves and their family members. Momma’s Store, a company owned by a Babsence woman, is an anomaly for this time. Therefore, the Store symbolizes Black excellence and also success versus the odds.

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