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Founded in Santa Clara County in 1928, Goodwill of Silsymbol Valley is dedicated to enhancing employment avenues, enhancing criteria of living, offering economic independence, and restoring our clients’ sense of self-worth. We execute this through workforce creation, vocational training, and also eco-friendly stewardship. With 18 retail stores, an virtual store, a comprehensive reuse/recycling procedure, and our Contract Services department, we assist civilization get rid of obstacles to employment, build sustainable livelihoods, and transdevelop their resides and also areas.

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Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s mission is to assistance our employees, our customers, and people through challenging obstacles to employment; to raise their standard of living and also enhance their resides via our services and also social enterpclimb.



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Our Neurodiversity Pathways regimen provides neurodiverse people via the skills, tools, and also assistance required to accomplish systematic, rewarding, and also continual employment.

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I first started as Case Manager with the NOW Program in July 2014 and after two years I transitioned to an In Custody Instructor . The suffer has been exceptionally rewarding bereason I had actually the possibility to work-related via the population that I’m extremely passionate for, the re-entry population. Alengthy the method, I’ve learned so much and felt supported by my managers and also team members. Thank you Goodwill certainly for the opportunity and also assistance throughout my four years in college.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Goodwill certainly and every one of the people that believed in me and offered me a opportunity. Not only did they think in me, however they trusted me. The outcome was a very effective area regimen that I am beyond proud of. I will certainly remain in communication with Goodwill and watch the little seed we planted grow into the redtimber tree it’s bound to become.

I first started as Case Manager via the NOW Program in July 2014 and after 2 years I transitioned to an In Custody Instructor . The suffer has been exceptionally rewarding because I had actually the chance to job-related via the population that I’m very passionate for, the re-entry populace. Alengthy the way, I’ve learned so a lot and felt supported by my managers and team members. Thank you Goodwill for the possibility and also support throughout my 4 years in school.

I will always have a one-of-a-kind area in my heart for everyone below at Goodwill, as this was the first project wright here I felt choose I belonged. It did not feel prefer a project, for the last 3 years it was my second home! I would certainly prefer to thank everyone bereason you all assisted me learn so much and gain this new job!

I am a better male for my suffer here Goodwill. I have actually learned a lot and grown much in my brand-new life bereason of my Goodwill certainly family. The chance to help so many type of folks along the method has aided me preserve the mindset of gratitude that I strive to have actually overview my direction later on.

Moving forward will certainly be an additional complicated experience that I have to take however I am confident because of my time with Goodwill. I desire to say thanks to the entire Goodwill certainly of Silicon Valley Family for the wonderful suffer and also great assistance that you all have actually offered me. I will certainly forever before be grateful for that and thank you all aacquire.

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I want to give thanks to everyone that played an integral part in both my skilled and also personal breakthrough, I might not have actually done it without you! Goodwill certainly has been my residence amethod from house and also every one of you have actually come to be my family.