The price of a good 65-inch TV in the USA is approximately 40% much less than its price in India. So, it makes full feeling that you’d desire to lug your 65-inch TV from the USA to India. But, is it possible? If yes, is it feasible?

Here’s If You Can Carry a 65-inch TV from the USA to India –

Yes, you deserve to bring a 65-inch TV from the USA to India in flight or get it shipped via shipping cargo containers or many kind of shipping suppliers in a safe, affordable, and also quick method. Airlines allow you to carry as much as 300 cm (118 inches) huge TV. So, you can examine in through 65-inch TV on an Internationwide flight but it will certainly go in the checked luggage location. As a 65-inch TV is extremely fragile, you must pack your TV very very closely to protect it from any damage.

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In this article, we’ve questioned everything essential you need to know “before” trying to lug a 65-inch TV. So, execute read it with before taking your 65-inch TV directly to the airport in your automobile.

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Here’s If You Can Carry a 65-inch TV from the USA to India –
Shipping 65-inch TV via Flight
Maximum TV Size Allowed in International Airlines
Shipping 65-inch TV through Ship Cargo Containers
International Shipping Services
Use USPS to send your package.
FedEx is the ideal option for shipping.
UPS is the ideal choice for shipping.
Problems & Risk through Shipping 65 inch TV
Issues via voltage compatibility
Importing televisions carries a customs duty.
Differences in brand also and also price between the USA and India
Out-of-country servicing and guarantee coverage
Fees for shipping
Other Important Articles on 65-inch TV



Unmuch less you have actually an extremely solid reason to bring your 65-inch TV from the USA to India, whether it is a sentimental, financial, or rational reason, you need to avoid taking your 65-inch TV in trip from the USA to India.

Either think about a skilled logistics/moving company or simply buy a TV from Indian offline or virtual stores. Ala lot of all popular TV models are obtainable for Indian customers to buy from,, and the company’s website itself.

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So, I hope you are currently well-increated around both – just how to carry a 65-inch TV from the USA to India and also, whether you need to really do it or not.