Hello to everyone. And give thanks to you to everyone that answers. Ok te quiero, te adoro, te amo.Which is OK to say and when???I have actually a Cuban friend that I have actually talked for the last 2 years. She is my bestfriend now.as soon as I end a convo I constantly write I love you cause that is what I feel. In the previous she constantly said te quiero mucho or te adoro. Now she claims te amo mucho, te amo. My first question is it OK to say te amo to a friend? Like in English you deserve to say I love you to anyone. And is te quiero, te adoro, te amo are equal or are they different in strengths?

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They are all expressions to present affection. Te amo and also te quiero deserve to both be translated as I love you though te amo is higher than te quiero. For example: you wouldn"t say te amo to a perchild you"ve been in a connection via for a few weeks, you would tell them te quiero. But as the relationship grows more powerful, that te quiero might revolve into a te amo. It"s somepoint you"d say to your girlfriend/boyfrifinish if your partnership with them is serious and you love them. Telling friends te quiero is exceptionally normal. Now, friends can say "te amo" to each others also. Although to me, this is more common in between girls than between guys. Te adoro implies I adore you and this is somepoint you can say to you friends as well.

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Te quiero - Friends, lover, boy/girlfrifinish, spouse, parents

Te amo - Someone you"re truly in love via. I"ve likewise checked out it provided with parental fees, that"s more than likely a local point as I"ve watched some world say you wouldn"t use this via parents. Typically I would say use this via your lover, boy/girlfriend, spouse

Te adoro - Any romantic relationship, someone you"re trying to flirt or become associated via, whether it be forever or a one night stand. I would certainly imagine you can usage this via friends as well

Hope that helps

I am from spain and i think that below in spain , it is just the way you say yet the latine world may have a diferent point of viewe - 000a35ff, JUL 19, 2015

The conmessage might be various among Spanish speakers, however "te quiero" translates right into English as "I desire you" and also to me, the connotation is, well, quite a little beyond liking or even loving someone. It sounds as though it has a sexual connotation to it, and also not an expression that a gringo favor me is going to toss approximately loosely to mi mejor amiga. But in between two Latinas, maybe it deserve to be a term of affection.

"Te amo" and also "te adoro" are comparable to each other, probably "te adoro" is a tiny more powerful, however I do not watch either one as somepoint whose meaning can be misconstrued.

I view you uncovered the thcheck out. I would certainly like to hear what Julian Chivi has to say about this--he's Mexican, then Soybeba- Argentinian, then Txustaboy, a Spaniard I am of the exact same opinion as Kiwiano. - Daniela2041, JUL 18, 2015
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I think it really relies on conmessage, location and also tone... In Mexico I"ve heard just around every instance offered so far supplied interchangeably relying on context and also tone.

If the case is romantic and you look the various other in the eye and say slowly through deep conviction... "te quiero" "te amo" or "te adoro"... they all interact nearly the specific very same thing. Someone is going to tell you one implies even more than the various other, then one more perkid will certainly tell you the opposite.

Now if you hug your friend quickly and say "te quiero" or "te amo" it does"t matter, it just depends on the conmessage and the tone in which you interact it. Perhaps "te adoro" would certainly be a tiny stronger, however again, relying on just how you say it could just be interacting that you think really very of the person.

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