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In the world of Video Game of Thrones, family members is everything. It ties human being together despite their differences, uniting under the literal banners of honor, loyalty, and also tradition. It’s part of why arranged marriages are so necessary to the world of Westeros—not necessarily an expression of love, however rather a “joining of houses” that serves the mutual benefit of both families. Dragon-owner and aspiring queen Daenerys Targaryen views her dynastic surname as a imperial birthideal, while everyone else views her as an endangered species, a lone branch sprouting from a long dead family members tree. In Telltale’s Video Game of Thrones videogame series, you watch the people of Westeros via the eyes of a number of members of the Forrester family members, a minor Northern home watched falling on hard times in the first episode. What episode 2 provides clearly clear is that even though each Forrester has actually their very own individual drama and story arc, inevitably you’re not playing as individual characters so much as the family members itself.

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“many of the decision points you’re confronted through don’t bear the exact outcomes they might imply”

And as “the household,” you’re greatly invested in self-preservation; a goal that appears ever before bleaker the even more time rolls on. Episode 2, entitled “The Lost Lords,” picks up instantly after the shocking conclusion of the initially, however proceeds to expand also the reach and complexity of the Forrester’s connection with the various other family members of Westeros and beyond. Former Forrester squire Gared arrives at the icy Castle Black fortress as a reluctant-but-dutiful brand-new recruit in the Night’s Watch: an ancient order of realm protectors that has actually concerned double as a priboy nest. Mira Forrester stays in King’s Landing as queen-to-be Margaery Tyrell’s handmaiden, doing her ideal to balance saving face via subtly advocating for her family’s health in court and behind closed doors. The Forresters continuing to be in Ironrath are scrambling to come up with a plan of action against their current occupiers, that simply occur to be their archrivals, the Whitehills. Lastly, we’re likewise introduced to Asher Forrester, the long-shed sibling that fled/was exiled from Ironrath after falling in love through a daughter of Whitehill. Asher is a hotheaded sword-for-hire, slumming it in the distant continent of Essos with only his comrade Beskha by his side as they attempt to escape a treacherous mercenary firm.

And via the Forresters stretched so thin, any kind of wrong move feels prefer the one that might close the door on the family’s main asset—their harvesecure Ironhardwood forests—for good. Because of this, once the game puts you in a place to make decisions that could stand to advantage the family over the individual it’s hard to justify picking a selfish alternative as soon as that perhaps provides life more challenging for the rest of the characters whose roles you also play. Now, there may be some “method” players out tbelow that are able to take on Forrester duties via an extra hoswarm hand, stealing your friend’s tricks and ratting out servants, yet this goes so staunchly versus the videogame logic of doing all of the correct and also honorable things to ensure you obtain the “best” finishing the game hregarding market. However before, it’s to Telltale’s crmodify that the majority of of the decision points you’re faced via don’t bear the exact outcomes they may suggest.


Telltale’s usage of multiple protagonists in Game of Thrones is distinctive within their recent directory, however also plays via the various points of watch presented in the TV and also book forms of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy people. In seaboy 1 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, the solitary protagonist, Lee, is charged via protecting various members of his survivalist group, yet you’re never offered control of anyone else in a means that might diverge from or straight conflict the selections you make as Lee. Spanalysis the player personalities throughout the land also in Video Game of Thrones has actually the included advantage of leaving room for ambiguity between exactly how concretely, say, giving half of the Ironwood forest as component of a dowry in Ironrath impacts negotiations in King’s Landing. Even a string of altruistic, good-belief initiatives to boost the family’s standing have the right to possibly undercut itself as soon as choices in one area are ignorant to decisions made in a distant city in the scene prior. This contrasts with the TV display and also publications, wbelow readers and also viewers have no firm in the proceedings, yet are rather available perspectives external of one specific family via one specific household agenda. Telltale’s Video Game of Thrones leans on players’ existing book and TV display expertise to flesh out its civilization as one laden via moral gray locations, but puts you in manage of characters that are nearly completely sympathetic, because of their close familial bonds and also the general spreading of the Forrester family members as a “good” house.

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In “The Lost Lords,” the gears start to rotate in the decentralized arrangement to unify the scattered siblings’ and also loyalists’ powers and also restore the Forrester seat at Ironrath to its former prestige. While their hometown nurses its injuries, Gared, Mira, and Asher are all bound in some method from an easy go back to Ironrath, and they all feel some degree of guilt for their absence amidst the family’s tremendous trials. Even the youngest Forrester, Ryon, is held hostage by the Whitehills and also denied attendance at a Forrester funeral unless demoralizing political terms are met. What has occurred to the Forresters is framed as unjust and cruel, and also pushes players to similarly unite their protagonists’ agendas under a singular banner. What continues to be to be viewed is whether tright here is such thing as a redemptive arc in Game of Thrones, or if feebly limping out of a string of unfair comguarantees is truly as “good” of an finishing as Westeros hregarding offer.