Tip via the web into my life. Read the ramblings of day-to-day visibility. My life, though by no implies mundane in the in its entirety photo, possesses such poignant moments that sometimes I just shake my head and wonder where the camages are because it can not be actual. Then I realize -- THIS is what it"s all about!

It have the right to evoke feelings that you"ve forgained. Feelings that you have lengthy because buried deep within the fortress of your mind. You safeguard yourself from experiences of the past which have hurt you... or which haunt you... or which annoy you... or which leave your heart filled via pangs of emptiness from a damaging loss.

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You can be going through a turbulent patch in life, hear somepoint on the radio and also feel totally captivated that someone "got it"... they UNDERSTOOD!
It"s impressive the clarity you suffer when something you"ve suppressed is instantly brought to the forefront of your consciousness.
You"re not just surprised that someone out there knows specifically what you"re feeling or have felt, however also and possibly moreso, that they felt it and were able to compose around it using such vivid imagery and in terms tremendously clearer than you would certainly ever have actually been able to express. Words that immediately bring back that specific suffer or feeling that you"ve been hiding or going through.
It"s there. It"s fresh. It"s raw. It"s exposed through a mere strum of the guitar and a few lyrics from an artist.
I"ve never danced around the truth that music is a good part of my life. I gain it. I sing it. I memorize it. It"s component of me. I"m not sure I can attribute as a normal person without that outlet. I would fear the day of shedding my hearing understanding that sounds all to acquainted to me would certainly shortly begin to fade ameans until I no much longer remembered their melody... Benji saying "mama", Josh"s belly laugh, Drew"s snicker... the birds... my fingers on the key-board... the sounds of my grandmother"s voice which -- although she"s been gone years -- I deserve to still hear in my head. I fear the day it would all be a memory. But I digress...
So, as I was driving home on this Valentine"s day from dropping Benji off at college, I flipped through the networks on the satellite as I always do. Montgomery Genattempt was on. I love them. Counattempt music duo of two strong singers and also guitar players. They were belting out a familiar song titled "Somepoint to be Proud Of." Usually speaking, I can just sing along because the words are ideal tbelow. I understand them. I"m familiar through them. Only this day, this song took on an completely new interpretation for me. I realize that the writer of this song... he acquired it. For me... this song is me... ideal currently in life.
Like clockjob-related eextremely time he sees an openingIn a conversation around the method things supplied to beWell I"d just roll my eyes and make a bee-line for the doorBut I"d constantly wind up starry-eyed, cross-legged on the floorHanging on to eexceptionally wordMan, the things I heardIt was harder times and much longer daysFive miles to college, uphill both waysWe were cane switch increased, and also dirt floor poor"Course that was earlier before the warYeah, your uncle and also I made rather a pairFlying F-15"s with hostile airHe went dvery own but they missed me by a hairHe"d constantly soptimal appropriate there and also say...That"s somepoint to be proud ofThat"s a life you deserve to hang your hat onThat"s a chin organized high as the tears fall downA gut sucked in, a chest stuck outLike a little tvery own flag a-flyin"Or a newborn baby cryin"In the arms of the womale that you loveThat"s something to be proud ofSon graduatin" college, that was mama"s dreamBut I was on my means to anywhere else once I turned 18Cuz once you gotta quick vehicle you think you"ve acquired everythingI learned quick those GTO"s don"t run on faithI finished up damaged dvery own in some town north of L.A.< From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/m/montgomery-gentry-lyrics/something-to-be-proud-of-lyrics.html >Working maximum hrs for minimum wageWell, I dropped in love, next thing I knowThe babies came, the automobile got soldI sure execute miss that old warm rodBut you sure save gas in them international jobsDad, I wonder if I ever before let you downIf you"re ashamed just how I turned outWell, he lowered his voice, then he raised his browSaid, lemme tell ya appropriate nowThat"s something to be proud ofThat"s a life you deserve to hang your hat onYou don"t must make a millionJust be thankful to be workin"If you"re doing what you"re ableAnd placing food tright here on the tableAnd offering for the family that you loveThat"s somepoint to be proud ofAnd if all you ever before really perform is the finest you canWell, you did it manThat"s something to be proud ofThat"s a life you can hang your hat onThat"s a chin organized high as the tears fall downA gut sucked in, a chest stuck outLike a small tvery own flag a-flyin"Or a newborn baby cryin"In the arms of the woman that you loveThat"s something to be proud ofThat"s something to be proud ofYeah, that"s somepoint to be proud ofThat"s something to be proud ofNow that"s somepoint to be proud of
Aren"t the lyrics great? I understand you want to hear the melody now... so, here"s the video simply in situation you desire to listen to it.
So, I"m pulling out of the preinstitution parking lot and driving dvery own a vast residential street when I realized that I"d left the movie Cars on. It was the component where Mater is talking to Lightning McQueen when he is in the impound lot.
My name"s Mater. What"s yours?
You. You don"t understand my name?
Sure, I know your name..... is your name Mater too?
As I pull approximately the railroad tracks to revolve left, I hear nopoint however the click of the car"s blinker. I make my turn onto a 2 lane, tree-lined road in Colleyville. Million dollar residences are on either side of me. Sometimes I want to enjoy the tranquility, however this day, I wanted to enjoy the tunes. I switched the satellite radio on and began my incessant channel surfing. It"s a sickness. I didn"t have to go far, but, and also found Montgomery Gentry.
I turned up the radio and began singing alengthy... just to acquire choked up. I felt my eyes begin to burn as they welled with tears. I might feel the flush of my confront as it turned red. The sniffles were not far behind. I was moved.
I was moved bereason... in this minute... this song.. this IS me. And, I realized that I don"t provide myself fifty percent the crmodify that I deserve for what I have actually done or what I am doing. I think moms -- specifically the ones that continue to be at residence -- we don"t. WE DO NOT!
I tried to proceed singing the song yet I simply can not. I didn"t readjust the channel, however. I wanted to simply absorb the message and let it resonate within me. This was fuel for my spirit in this minute. I necessary to hear this.
I have never asked my mom or dad if I let them down... however I execute wonder. Who doesn"t? I"ve never asked them if they"re proud of me - though I"d love to know. I"d rather them tell me, but, because they felt compelresulted in quite than as a response because I asked a directed question. Unfortunately, I"m certain I will certainly never know and also I"ll most likely go to the grave resenting the reality that I won"t...however I just will not and also it"s a tranquility I"ve made within myself.
I do make a allude, but, to tell my kids that I am proud of them because, you recognize we tend to perform things for our kids that we missed out on. And that feeling of understanding that someone is proud of you... it"s powerful.
I love, however, in the song, he asked his dad if he was ever before let down considering that he didn"t go to college and also such... and also how his dad "lowered his voice and also raised his brow". Can you not see this playing out in perfect sequence... increasing his brow so that they have the right to check out eye to eye. Man to male. Perhaps his head tilted to one side and they continued to be with their eyes locked as his dad spoke the truth. A beautiful picture that stanza paints in my head.
Moving. What a minute to know exactly how validated your life is... not bereason you need that to go on and also live a happy life, however bereason someone you respect and also look up to loves you not only for who you are... yet greatly for what you are. Your core. Your heart.
I realize that I probably will not ever before go to law school though that"s been my dream. I"ve got a little guy that deserves simply as a lot of me as his brothers carry out. I pick now and will choose in the future so lengthy as I am able, to continue to be house via my boys to provide the sort of life I desire them to have. And that IS somepoint to be proud of.
Should I, yet, have actually regrets for making this choice? I guess that"s the just thing that troubles me because at times I perform. Yet, when I realize that they know that I am a constant here at residence for them... the lyrics ring true:
That"s something to be proud ofThat"s a life you have the right to hang your hat onI carry out the finest I have the right to via what I have actually and, again, the song writer "obtained it" via these lyrics
That"s somepoint to be proud ofThat"s a life you have the right to hang your hat onThat"s a chin hosted high as the tears loss downA gut sucked in, a chest stuck outLike a small tvery own flag a-flyin"Or a newborn baby cryin"In the arms of the woguy that you loveThat"s somepoint to be proud ofThat"s something to be proud ofYeah, that"s something to be proud ofThat"s something to be proud ofNow that"s somepoint to be proud of
I realized this morning that I deserve to still be the writer and also photographer that I desire to be. I deserve to still learn to make fantastically decorated cookies if I choose to. I don"t need to be in law school or an attorney because I chose a path that went in a various direction... and also by doing that it does not intend that I"ve missed out on anypoint. I simply decided to NOT miss out on out on so much more. And frankly, that IS somepoint to be proud of.

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Very Cool post!!! Songs execute this to me everytime!! Unfortunately I'm earlier in the heartbreak phase, and Sara Evan's A Little Bit Stronger is my song. I love music and my XM radio in my truck!

February 19, 2012 at 7:00 PM