It’s all fun and games on The Big Bang Theory, until Raj’s drone stops working. Fortunately his best friend is an MIT graduate with a degree in engineering. If anyone can manipulate the inner workings of a pilotless aircraft, it’s Howard Joel Wolowitz. And with Sheldon Cooper at his side, things are destined to go smoothly. Bazinga.

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After a suspenseful hours of toggling, rotating, and calibrating, the drone remains inactive. Howard has no choice but to open it up to assess the damage. The result is dozens upon dozens of electronic doodads spread across the kitchen bar. Warranty be damned!

Sheldon insists on testing Howard’s drone knowledge by playing a rousing game of, “What does this do?” Call me crazy, but a miniaturized integrated logic circuit sounds like a legit doodad to me. Before the truth is revealed, Raj enters the apartment, shocked that the contents of his drone take up more table space than Sunday brunch. His father has just cut him off due to his frivolous spending. What’s a rich boy to do?

Why he calls Mommy, of course. Raj works the divorce angle, subtly insinuating that his father doesn’t have money to spare because of his active social life. Raj’s mother will never let her baby go hungry! She promises to give him more money. Drones for everyone!

Howard continues to work on the project, even though the pressure of sending the drone back to the manufacturer in perfect working order is no longer an issue. Bernadette arrives, evaluates the situation, and makes a very logical suggestion: Why don’t they call tech support?

A hush falls over the scientists. Bernadette treads carefully, unwilling to wake the beast that lies just below the surface. Her husband explains that there are two types of people in this world—those who call tech support and those who don’t. A nips here, tucks there, and the drone is back in business. That is, until the thing starts smoking.

Bernadette is quick to hand Howard the tech support number. We watch as a sad group of defeated friends realize that they are officially old men. A piece of modern technology has rendered them useless. They might as well start yelling for kids to get off their lawn and stash butterscotch hard candies in their open robe pockets.

Moments later, the drone springs to life. It bullies its way around the apartment, dive bombing for anything that moves. Sheldon lures it out until the hallway, happy to divert the robot uprising.

Across the hall, Leonard prepares to give a commencement speech to the graduating class of his high school. Due to bad weather canceling his flight, he’s forced to Skype into the ceremony. Penny buys him a cap and gown from a party store. Unfortunately, the only one left was tucked away in the naughty adult section. Sexy graduate is definitely in Leonard’s wheelhouse. Even though the gown barely covered his nether region, I couldn’t help but notice that the man does have nice legs. It’s essential for pulling this look off.

Leonard’s speech starts off boring. When he sees that Penny is dozing off, he ditches what he prepared in lieu of a different approach. He admits to the graduating class that he hated high school. He encourages the “invisible” kids to keep spending time on their own. When someone finally does notice them, it will be a very cool moment. And it will be worth all the years they played the cello.

Sheldon: At the end of the ceremony all the students throw those pointy hats in the air. It’s all pomp and circumstance until someone loses an eye.

Howard: It worked fine. It just wasn’t designed for Russian cosmonauts and their potato-based diets.

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Howard: Give me the number. I’ll probably wind up talking to some foreign guy who’s reading from the same manual I have.


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