Continuing our MATRIX series, what happens when you cost-free your mind, and speak doubting yourself?

The prior scene (Matrix component 3) Morpheus says

I’m trying to complimentary your mind, Neo, yet all I deserve to carry out is show you the door. You’re the one that hregarding action via. Tank, pack the jump program.

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I love this philosophy because it’s the ideal method to teach — display others the door, however don’t super impose the alternative onto them.

Jump program


Loading the jump program: you complimentary your mind, bereason in the Matrix, legislations favor gravity aren’t actual.



To make the jump, you have to commit 100% to it. And not to simply ‘think in yourself’, yet to know you deserve to carry out it.

Kind of like the metaphor of “burning your ships”; all or nopoint.





But if you even have actually an ounce of doubt, you’re not gonna make the jump.

Neo doesn’t make the jump the first time, and also falls level onto the concrete.

He then gets unplugged from the Matrix, and finds he is bleeding from the mouth. He’s perplexed and also asks, ‘Why am I bleeding? I believed it wasn’t real’. Then Morpheus states, ‘Your mind provides it actual. The body cannot exist without the mind.’



Lesson: In life, it’s frequently are afraid and self doubt which holds us earlier. But acknowledge, it’s generally our very own self doubt and fears which hold us back, not others! In other words, our very own mind is the only thing holding us back.

Many people aren’t prepared to be unplugged from the Matrix (or maybe, don’t want to be)

Or getting unplugged from the Matrix could be as well traumatic for the majority of people.

I prefer the cinematography here, specifically the comparison of red vs green colors.












Nice low swarm of Morpheus with Neo reflected.

Why perform civilization live for their stomachs?

The following scene you check out Cypher (bad male, traitor) talking to Agent Smith saying exactly how he knows the steak isn’t actual, but it’s still so delicious — and also he doesn’t treatment whether it’s genuine or not. He just cares about the taste.

Which renders me wonder around real life as well –we optimize so much of our resides around food. But why?

My philosophy: food is obviously vital for survival. More-so in today’s world, the best component of food is simply bringing human being together — for us to have actually the opportunity to socialize and share our spirit through others.

But I still mirror Socrates sentiment:

Others live to eat, I eat to live.

But then you view the “actual world” through the crew eating this snotty goop. Obviously we wouldn’t want to eat this — also if it did have all the nutrients to sustain us.

But still — despite exactly how shitty the food is, the crew is loyal to one another and also merged. Almost looks favor a scene from the last supper through Jesus. And it’s type of true — a lot of of the crew gets betrayed by Cypher (that is Judas):

Meeting the oracle for the first time

Love the minimalist and easy, yet reliable cinematography here.

First, closeup on Neo looking worried.

Then pan out, Neo on left of the structure, and Morpheus on the right of the framework.

Then the cam totally turns roughly, they switch spots. You view from Neos perspective, currently looking at the back of Morpheus head:

Elevator opens, they walk out. Then a nice hallway swarm with leading lines, from the opposite side:

Then the camera is on the left of the corridor, leading lines to the door about to open:

There is no spoon

Then one of the greatest and a lot of memorable components of the film — there is no spoon!

The principle is the boy states somepoint like:

You think you’re bending the spoon, but you’re just bending yourself. There is no spoon!

Now this viewpoint is super exciting to me bereason it signifies that in fact, we shouldn’t only adjust the exterior people, we should seek to readjust and bfinish ourselves!

Time to check out the oracle

Neo then sees the oracle, and also finds out that he’s not “the one”. Interelaxing that Neo is an anagram of the word, “oNe”.

I love the palette of the room through the oracle: the lovely oselection and also greens. Also surprising to see the Oracle was an old black lady:

The scene I uncovered fairly substantial was this idea of “temet nosce”, which implies “recognize yourself” in Latin. The idea that true wisdom isn’t discovering others, however truly understanding ourselves — our own desires, our very own tastes, our own worldwatch, our own biases, and also our own life philosophy and also beliefs. The idea that we have the right to dictate our own beliefs.

Neo is a little disappointed to hear he’s not the one, however Morpheus motivates Neo to save what he heard from the Oracle to himself. My interpretation is that Morpheus believes so strongly that Neo is the one, that he doesn’t also treatment if the Oracle told Neo otherwise:

The betrayal

Then the betrayal by Cypher:

First, there’s a glitch in the matrix as displayed above by the “deja vu” of the 2 black cats:

Then Cypher unplugs and also kills the crew one by one. I especially discovered the lighting in the eyes of Trinity absolutely beautiful — as she still believed that Neo was “the one”.

Neo and Trinity are the last ones alive, and they then are planning to conserve Morpheus (that gets kidnapped by Agent Smith).

Camera panning up, reflection of helicopter

Nice cinematography:

Agent Smith trying to hack the mind of Morpheus

Morpheus in the actual world

They’re not certain whether to unplug him and kill Morpheus, because if they hack his mind, the robots will certainly have actually the access codes to Zion, the last living huguy city:

I uncover this framing absolutely beautiful — perfect balance, spacing, and also different placement of the subjects:

Tip: When you view shots favor this, first of all, view wbelow the subjects are placed, and what directions they are likewise facing/looking! See how all the arrows are dynamic, suggest in different directions, yet balance themselves out!

Anyways, note the crew is dead. I favor this shot, with trinity in the much left, and also the dead bodies in the background, covered:

Then a basic cinematography method I liked: the transition of Trinity from the much left of the framework, relocating to the center, then to the right of the frame:

Tank is about to unplug and also therefore, kill Morpheus, however Neo stops him.

How are they gonna conserve Morpheus? It’s basic —

“We need guns, several guns.”- Keanu Reeves

Dynamic Composition

Really excellent and also dynamic compositions here:

First, the triangle complace here:

Then, the beautiful and also minimalist side silhouette of Morpheus confront, with the soft blue edge lighting about his face:

Part 5 coming soon…


MATRIX Philosophy and also Cinematography:



matrix notes

you are special.. the rules don’t apply to you.‘i can’t perform this’ // gets recorded.‘you are the one, neo’i don’t like the idea that I’m not in regulate of my lifethe civilization pulled over your eyes….to blind you from the truthtruth:’you are a slave’you were born right into bondageprison…for your mindyou need to see it for yourself (truth)exactly how deep doe the rabbit hole go? —truth/philosophy? seeking truth?’time is constantly versus us’dream world vs actual world?

-rebirth‘welcome to the genuine world’‘why do my eyes hurt? bereason you’ve never provided them before’

what is real? how carry out you specify what is real?

actual is simply electric signals taken by your brain…if we don’t perceive something… is it not real? does it not exist?

‘you’ve been living in a dream world’

constructed to keep us under control

turn a huguy right into battery?

not easy, yet the reality.– once you go uncover the truth…u can’t go earlier. however would certainly you also desire to?

‘the mind has trouble letting go’

change whatever you want inside matrix; whatever before you watch fit!

humale race needs to be totally free.

we require training.

‘you want some more? hell yeah!’

’10 hours straight; he’s a machine’

what rules have the right to be broken…besides physical regulations prefer gravity?

what rules in life deserve to we break…what social rules have the right to we break?

what are you waiting for? you’re faster than this. you’re more powerful than this!

don’t think you are; recognize you are!

sheight trying; just perform it.

‘I’m trying to totally free your mind, neo’

how to totally free your mind // but i deserve to just display you the door–youre the one that hregarding walk through it

you have to let it all go; are afraid, doubt, and also disbelief. totally free your mind.

‘i believed it wasn’t actual. your mind makes it real’

The body cannot live without the mind.

The system is our enemy

Most world not prepared to be unplugged.

Fight the gatekeepers.

Agents; based on rules…break from the rules! The rules don’t apply to you!

Agents will never before be as strong or rapid as you an be // because others are held down by rules!

You have the right to dodge bullets//you won’t need to dodge bullets!

Bulallows can’t injury you! ***

Don’t run versus agents; stand your ground and fight!

‘Ignorance is bliss’

What does food really taste like…and also why?

‘To deny our very impulses…is to deny the exceptionally thing which makes us human’

Are you your memories? What if your memories aren’t real? // or what if you mis-remembered?

Try not to think of appropriate or wrong; she’s a guide.

Assistance uncover the path; however tright here is no appropriate and wrong

I have the right to only display you the door; you have to walk through it ***

The truth: ‘tright here is no spoon’

It isn’t the spoon that bends; just yourself! ***

Do you think you’re the one?

Temet nosce: recognize thyself (latin)

Without him,…were lost.

Im a guide; save helping guide others *** // but others should uncover their very own way , just display them the door.


Film as a much more engaging viewpoint ?

Make movies that have philosophy?

FIRST MATRIX supposed to be perfect huguy world

How to straight your very own evolution

‘I think in something’ — we all need somepoint to think in!

Neo; Nobody has anyone done anything like this… ‘thats why its gonna work’

Agent smith: I have to get out of here…I need to end up being free!

Can you fly that thing? Not yet. ***

Symbolism of breaking chains?

I kbrand-new it; he’s the one!

You’re the one!

Theres a distinction in between discovering the route and walking the path

Everypoint the oracle has told me has actually become true; except this!

What is he doing? He’s start to believe!

My name…is Neo!

‘Neo; im not afraid anymore’

See whatever is simply green code???

‘You’re afrassist of change ‘ // why be afrhelp of change?

A people without controls or borders or boundaries. ‘A people wbelow anypoint is possible’

Wright here we go from tbelow, is an option I leave to you.


‘you need to focus, trinity’

‘thats impossible’


‘follow the white rabbit’

‘simulacra + simulation ‘ – ON NIHILISM‘yours my savior; my own jesus christ’

‘are you ever before sure if you’re not awake or dreaming?’

all the time — MESCALINE — its the only way to fly.

‘it sounds to me like you have to unplug’

My name is trinity — THE trinity?

‘you’re in search of morpheus?’

‘i was as soon as trying to find the same thing’

—I was trying to find an answer; it is the question that drives us.

Window wiper; false reality?

‘You have a difficulty through authority=- you believe you are distinct and also the rules execute not apply to you’

Cubicle hell.

‘You take a possibility either way — I leave it to you’


‘What excellent is a phone call if you’re unable to speak?’


prichild for your mind//born right into bondage right into a slave?

once pay taxes, etc?

nobody have the right to be told what matrix is; you have to experience it for yourself

all i’m supplying is the truth; nothing more.

‘welpertained to the actual world’

‘why execute my eyes hurt? you’ve never offered them before’

‘watch for yourself’


‘real’ — what is real? simply electrical signals to your brain?

‘you’ve been living in a dream world’

what is the matrix? CONTROL!

save human beings under CONTROL//for battery

the mind has trouble letting go

male can remake the matrix as he sees fit!


10 hours right training!

some rules have the right to be bent..some damaged.

carry out you believe me being much faster or stronger has anything to carry out through muscles in this place?

‘you think you’re breapoint air?’

‘what are you waiting for? you’re quicker than this.’

don’t think you are faster than this— know you’re much faster than this.

‘i don’t think it’

‘I’m trying to FREE YOUR MIND neo’

yet i have the right to display you the door— you must walk through it.


‘you need to let it all go neo—fear, doubt, and disbelief’

don’t fear, don’t doubt yourself, don’t have actually disbelief!

‘cost-free your mind’

‘i thought it wasn’t real’ — your mind renders it real’

‘The body cannot live without the mind’

save the minds of the people

‘the majority of of these people are not prepared to be unplugged’

so many type of people are dependent on the system; they will fight to remain component of the system

‘i am not going to lie to you’

‘where they have actually failed; you will certainly succeed’

agents; their strength and rate is based on a people built on rules. because of that— they will certainly never be as solid or as fast as you deserve to be.


‘when you’re ready— you won’t have to dodge bullets’

‘You’ve been dvery own that road; you recognize wright here it ends’

one item of advice— be hocolony.

Dont believe in fate; because I favor to think I deserve to manage my life!

Why didn’t I take the blue pill?

‘So you’re below to save the world’

‘I understand this steak doesn’t exist. The matrix tells my mind that it is juicy.’

After 9 years— ignorance is bliss.

’To deny our impulses— is to deny the very thing that makes us human’ — don’t deny my impulses?

‘I have actually all these memories from my life— none of them happened’

your memories cannot tell you who you are.

Symbolism for blind man?

I deserve to just display you the door; you must walk with it.

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‘You are appropriate on time’

Tright here is no spoon

‘Do not attempt to bend the spoon’

Dont attempt to bend the spoon— thats difficult. Instead, just try to realize the truth.