I’ve included, behind the cut, screenshots of all of the books from the brand-new Great Gubal Library instance. Enjoy!

The Boy and the Dragon Gay


Over the Horizon Redux


Proceedings of the Council of Magi



A.) Thanks to all of you that have spoiled Captain America #1 posting stuff about the end before the majority of of us have actually had actually a possibility to obtain to it. Esp. Those that didn’t bvarious other tagging their articles as spoilers.

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To you: ,|,, Two of em if you’ve made shrill comments about GoT or movie spoilers, which half of you have actually.

B.) This is the exact same writer who carried Bucky back as a murder and everyone similarly lost their minds. Now that story has a quite grand Winter Soldier movie. Have a little faith in the male.

He’s ceded on his off the wall bits before. Might be worth seeing wbelow this leads before deciding on the doom of Marvel.

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Semi spoilery I guess….

So I simply made it to Heavensward on Nef and also after the frustrating endure I just had actually to make my first meme… ever… enjoy!

The worse is that you know what is coming next and also you can’t do a thing about it.



So many kind of troubles can have actually been solved by critical use of a shiv on among this collection at an proper time.

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FFxiv 30 Day Writing ChallengeSEPTEMBER 1st - 30th, 2021

Welinvolved YEAR 5of our yearly FFxiv 30 Day Writing Challenge, folks!

In 2017 we saw 2,451 created pieces varying from three-lined haikus to multi-paged stories. 2018 saw3,641 created pieces, and 2019 ramped up also more with6,543 written pieces counted. And last year, in 2020, we had8,757 total counted entries!

That means that in 4 years you’ve collectively created 21,392pieces for this challenge!! That’s frickin’ amazing!

Here’s the gist:

Runs from September 1st - 30th, 2021. Throughout that time frame:

You have 24 hours to write somepoint for that prompt.Tright here are no length or skill requirements (short & sweet is fine!).There will certainly be no 24-hour deadlines for the initially week, September 1st - 7th.Makeup/extra credit days eincredibly Sunday.Eincredibly enattempt posted within its 24-hour deadline will certainly count towards a participation prize raffle at the end.You have the right to join any type of time with any prompt #! There’s no require for latecomers to start with prompt #1. Picking up with the many current prompt is A OK.

If you’re an artist and also you would prefer to volunteer to execute an easy black & white illustration as a participation prize at the finish of this difficulty, you have the right to volunteer here!

RULES & MORE INFO deserve to be found here:https://ffxiv-create.carrd.co/

(( banner art by
dantinmikannes ))

Rules & Info || Prompt List || #FFxivWrite2021|| kofi

I haven’t done any kind of writing in a lengthy long time outside of actual interenergetic roleplay, yet I figured I’d give this FFXIVWrite2021 event a try. Granted I’m behind the ball this week already. Ahh well.

It had been a touch over half a year considering that he the message was finally ceded. The distribution itself several years late, as the messenger was at risk to distractivity. The mottled, worn, paper had actually an extremely straightforward meaning to it. It had actually all the eloquence of a Zhwan matriarch, tright here was no mistaking that. It was straight, to the suggest, and had all the subtlety of a well thrown brick.

“Take my daughter, or I am going to put her in a sack and also drvery own her in the river.”

Erah’sae preserved the tiny item of parchment for reasons he still couldn’t rather area. Maybe as a receipt of the transaction? Maybe bereason of the implied threat that followed?

“I suppose her earlier in excellent condition, I’ll let you recognize when.”

And thus, he inherited one Jhansi Zhwan - cousin.

For all his failings as a guardian, he thought he’d done onething right. He promoted that spark ofcuriosity. He had actually tried to convince her that she could do anypoint in the human being. He had done this via the ideal of intentions.

“And, through luck, those intentions haven’t led her road,”he muttered to no one in certain.

And thus, he had actually turned his ward loose on the human being.

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The Shroud was always around the cycle of life.

The rituals preserved and stories told exoneprice the beginningof life. They celebprice the reaping oflife’s bounties in the harvest.

The guardians of life are pelevated and feared, weakenedassumed they are. The elementals thatexpress power over others; wind that erodes, water that cleanses.

Hearers dance to their songs. Offerings are made in supplication.

No one thinks about that which happens after Life has actually hadits method and moved on.

No one sings the praises of those of us that prepare forthe following cycle.

No one lis10s to our song.


Somewbelow deep in the Shroud, a tiny purple and black elemental reaches a tendril out. Itgrazes upon a fallen log, the lumber darkening.

A series of little mushrooms sprout from its surconfront.

The cycle proceeds.

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The altercation went as they typically execute. I’d seen this dance even more times than I have the right to count. It was always some greenhorn trader gettingthe brief end of this.

“What carry out you intend 11 ponze? I brought this thing myself! Ihad actually it checked and also documented!”

“Yeah, mate, yet that’s what it claims, 11 ponze. Yer manifest just said 8 for this one. What are we gonna find?”

Three whole ponze? This was going to be excellent.

“Box’s been sealed the entire way. I swear. Look, m’lord, please.”

Oh crap, he called a piprice ‘lord’.

“Do I look favor I’m on the bloody Syndicate? That I obtained all dolled up to sit in a chairall day just for you?” bellowed the Yellow Jacket. The Roegadyn seaguy was a rugged creature,towering over the smaller Hyur. I couldalmost feel the tradesman shaking from below.

“No, no… sir?” the Hyur meekly responded. “I guess tbelow should have actually been a mistake atthe last port.”

“That’ll be four hundred gil to cover it.” A hand also was available to the trader.

Tbelow was a pause. The hyur’s eyes actors roughly the docks for aid. “Four hundred… Theoriginal tariff was only supposed to be one hundred. This need to be around one hundred and also fortyat best?”

“It’s for covern’ the discrepancy and also paperwork-related we’ll have ta’resolve on account of you.”

The smaller male lastly realized the game. He grew a spine and met the Yellow Jacket’sgaze.

“This is absurd. I’vewatched the schedules. This is a scam! I won’t pay it!”

“You try and also cwarm Her Admiralty by tryin to skimp on taxes, and then you’ve got the gall to accuse us of cheating you? Go spenda night in the gaol then we’ll watch if your willin’ to pay in the morning.”

With a short burst of yelling and also scuffling of feet it wasdone. At first light, the scene wouldplay aacquire, however the coin would certainly readjust hands, and also not a word would be sassist of itafter. This was how company workedperiodically.

I looked over to the custom-mades officer who’d been waitingpatiently for me.

“The 10 gil was spanned for ya’ already. You know the drill. Just authorize the papers and also gain on via it.”

My stomach growled.

“Aww, common, Walking Smoke? Just put yer thumb on the range a little, just like that guy? I’ll make a good display of it!”

It was Sunday, the gaol would certainly be serving the unwantedparts of the capture tonight. It’d beendays considering that I had actually a good meal. My pleawas met through an exasperated sigh. Paperoccupational was shoved in my direction instead.

“Just sign the manifest, Zhwan. We’re not provided ya free board aacquire tonight.”

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Welpertained to all the new folksHop on in, the water’s fine. I hope you all uncover somewright here to make Eorzea house, and also tell some remarkable stories with each various other, no matter where you were formerly.

Venue Listing Interemainder CheckWe’re doing some interemainder checking on if a venue search feature would certainly be advantageous as component of the FFXIV RP Event Discord Bot and Website. What this is for is to carry out a method of finding real estate that world have created for others to usage as RP setpieces. Example: A warehome, a ago alley, an business office, or anything else. This is not for occasions, but just always (mostly) open up locales.

If you’re interested in having actually a area provided, please fill out the form at https://xiv.web page.link/newvenue

The new tagWe’ve had from time to time folks wanting to list points favor “roleplay tutorials” Traditionally we’ve skipped these because they’re not technically a roleplay occasion. However given that it’s come up again, we think that there is room for these on the calendar, so we’re trying the waters out. If this is favorably got, we may add a brand-new filterable category for ‘Meta’ occasions.

As always, if you have comments, suggestions, or just need a hand also finding your place in the people we tell stories in, we can be reached at the assistance discord or at ffxivrpevents

~ Erah"sae Zhwan / Erroch (Balmung)

Saturday - 2021.07.31

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Change Log
Keep in mind, given that tright here are even more non-adult-only dance clubs that are generally RP focused, we have provided them their very own category.I understand this has been a meacertain of consternation in the previous, yet, the discord bot does allow category filtering. This has immediately been had in channels that currently show all categories. If you have actually filtered your categories, and want to watch this one you will need to include it manually via the `!category include dance club`. Otherwise if you wish to remove it you have the right to usage `!category rerelocate dance club`.

See more: Centros De Detencion De Inmigracion En Houston Texas, Houston Processing Center

Any various other dance clubs in the other or bar/tavern category that wish to have actually their categorization adjusted, or one that wishes to be listed please fill out the develop at https://xiv.page.link/new

Also a reminder because we’re having a surge of subgoals aget that violate this. Due to legal factors we CANNOT advertise your event if you are providing and specifically offering ERP services. Subgoals doing so will proceed to be silently discarded.

Thursday - 2021.09.027:00 PM to 10:00 PM The Poppy Housage Mist Ward 17, Plot 29Rating: MatureSeasonal opening of an exotic tea residence and also eatery. Come and also gain handcrafted teas, some also containing a couple of surprises, and also our food selection of seasonal spirits and also foods in an upscale establishing. Docountries are always appreciated!Category: Bar/TavernContacts: Bebe Mire-moor

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FFXIV RP Event Calendar Change Log

As constantly the complete calendar have the right to be uncovered at https://ffxiv-rp.org

One time occasions for this week have the right to be discovered after the cut

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