workers are lhelp off.factories are idle.firms may discover they are unable to sell all they produce.sales and also profits fall.

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9. In the last fifty percent of 1999, the U.S. unemployment rate was around 4 percent. Historical experience says that this is
10. Throughout the last half of 1980, the U.S. joblessness rate was about 7.5 percent. Historical suffer suggests that this is
11. In 2001, the USA was in recession. Which of the complying with points would certainly you not expect to have actually happened?
genuine and also nominal variables are very intertwined and that money can temporarily move actual GDP amethod from its long-run trend.
18. Classical economist David Hume observed that as the money supply broadened after gold discoveries
quantity of domestically created products and services that households, firms, the government, and customers awide want to buy at each price level.
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