Evidence through individual attributes can result in a determination of widespread origin (single source). Which type of evidence CANNOT yield such results? a. Random striations on toolsb. Fingerprints c. Wear trends on tires d. Single-layer paints
The likelihood of finding course physical proof is ______ the likelihood of finding physical proof via individual characteristics. a. The exact same asb. Less than c. Greater than
Physical proof is taken into consideration to have _____ as that of eyewitness (testimonial) proof.a. The same valueb. Greater worth c. Less value
The corroborative use of physical proof indicates that it have the right to be used to: a. Provide a cause provide the investigation direction.b. Establish a definite identification.c. Support various other investigative findings.d. Rule out a specific suspect.

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b. The typical referral sample (control) does not share qualities through evidence at the crime scene
Physical evidence have the right to be used to exonerate or exclude a perkid from suspicion if: a. It is gathered in accordance with the 4th Amendment.b. The traditional recommendation sample (control) from the perkid does not share attributes with proof at the crime scene.c. It does not have actually a well-recorded chain of custody.d. Evidence taken from suspect is obtained voluntarily.
Forensic databases are preserved for every one of the complying with EXCEPT: a. Fingerprints b. Dental impressions. c. DNA. d. Automotive paint.
The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) came to be totally operational in what year? a. 1998 b. 1991 c. 1978 d. 1999
A component of the National Incorporated Ballistics Indevelopment Netjob-related is called:a. PDQ.b. CODIS. c. IBIS.d. a and also b
When a forensic analyst determines the chemical complace of preparations that may contain illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or barbituprices, this is an instance of: a. Individualization. b. Identification. c. Category. d. Compariboy.
The examicountry of a paint chip discovered on a hit-and-run victim"s garment side-by-side with paint rerelocated from a vehicle suspected of being affiliated in the incident is an example of: a. Compariboy.b. Identification. c. Group. d. Individualization.
Evidence having class qualities can:a. Exoneprice an innocent suspect. b. Link a perkid to a crime through a high level of certainty. c. Always be fitted together in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle. d. Have no evidential value.
If the laboratory have the right to piece broken glass from a window or headlight together, then the proof has actually _____ characteristics. a. Identification b. Comparative c. Individual d. Class
A comparikid evaluation subjects a suspect speciguys and a manage specimales to the exact same tests and also examicountries for the ultimate purpose of determining: a. Whether or not they have actually a common origin. b. If they are identical in chemical composition. c. If the exact same perkid tackled them. d. If they are alike in molecular structure.
Determining that an explosive mixture includes dynamite is an example of the procedure of: a. Identification. b. Comparichild. c. Class characterization. d. Individualization.
The computerized database offered to store DNA indevelopment is: a. AFIS. b. CODIS. c. NIBIN. d. Drugfire.
To calculate the as a whole frequency of incident of a blood form in a populace, the _____ deserve to be applied by using a collection of blood determinants that occur separately of each various other.a. Locard"s exreadjust principleb. Multiplication tablec. Tangent methodd. Product rule
The worth of class physical proof lies in its capability to:a. State with certainty the identity of the perpetrator.b. Corroboprice events through information in a manner virtually without bias.c. Determine the probcapability of the incident of an occasion.d. Determine the quality of forensic analyses lugged out on the proof.
Which of the adhering to is a nationwide fingerprint and criminal background mechanism preserved by the FBI and launched in 1999?a. NIBINb. PDQc. IAFISd. SICAR
19. Paint chips, random glass pieces, and also man-made fibers all exhibit: a. Individual attributes. b. Class attributes. c. Identification features. d. Compariboy characteristics.
The database that contains chemical and also shade indevelopment pertaining to original automotive paints is the: a. PDQ. b. NIBIN. c. SICAR. d. IAFIS.

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The database that consists of even more than 300 manufacturers of shoes through even more than 8,000 different single fads is the: a. PDQ. b. SICAR. c. IAFIS. d. CODIS.
Which resource of CODIS contains DNA profiles from unresolved crime scene evidence? a. Offender index b. National index c. Forensic index d. DNA index